Accidental Weekend “Haul”


 Ever have an accidental haul? Where you don’t even realize until you get home and pull all the stuff out. That happened to me this past weekend. After wrecking my vehicle Friday morning I lost / misplaced a ton of my make up that I use when I apply makeup for clients. So, Saturday morning, in preparation for prom hair I had to grab some makeup. Then, after I got off work my parents and I ran to Little Rock to get my phone fixed at the Apple Store.

Conveniently, the Apple Store is dropped right in the middle of the cutest little shopping center Arkansas has ever seen. There’s TONS of good shopping and eating there which makes the hour you spend waiting for the Apple Geniuses go back extremely quickly. We ate at the big orange and while I sipped on a delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake we browsed.

Madewell Jeans

I’ll just say my mom and I have discovered Madewell and we are OBSESSED! I have followed Madewell on instagram forever but I didn’t really know much about them. They’re owned by the same company as J. Crew ( if I understood correctly ) but they are a little more casual. They’re known for their denim and I now know why. I picked up these Red High Rise Jeans. These jeans are great because one they’re comfy and two, they were $30!! Just go ahead and grab you a pair for that price because I promise you will not regret it! I’ve worn them already 3 times and I might just decide to wear them again! I am IN LOVE. They’re so soft and comfortable. Comfort in a pair of jeans is my FAVORITE thing to find. These things are like jammies; which I also love.

Charming Charlie’s

We also stopped in Charming Charlie’s. That store has ALWAYS been overwhelming to me. There’s just so much going on. I walk around in there with serious sensory overload because theres so many things catching my eye. I slowly wondered around while my mom looked for something she needed. As we were checking out I spied 3 things that I needed. 2 of which are these sun glasses. I love cheap plastic sunglasses. After losing 5 pairs of Raybans I decided cheap was my way to go.

These two pairs of sunglasses were 2 pair for $15! The Black Pair and The Pink Pair. Uh, you cannot beat that. I love these because they’re not your typical sunnies but also they don’t have rubber nose pieces to get caught in your hair. In the summer, when I’m poolside or at the lake  I hate when my hair is wet and my sunglasses rip my hair out. I cannot stand that. These are nose piece free and I am smitten over that blush pair. The other items I had to have was the pony tail bracelet that was floating around pinterest for a pretty penny. My mom found Logan and I both one for only $10! Just a couple of goodies you can never have too many of.

Flower Beauty Shimmer and Shade Eyeshadow Palette – Intense Natural
Let me preface this by saying, I have wanted this brush in this palette for, basically, ever. I wasn’t all around stunned with the colors of the palettes I just liked the brush. Secondly, I should have known by the title of the palette is was shimmery. With that being said, I wasn’t all around impressed with this palette and that really makes me sad. Last but not least, I do like the palette.
Small Rant:  It’s really hard to find eyeshadow palettes at the drugstore. I love a good palette that I can create multiple looks with plus, it makes traveling with makeup 100x easier.
Like I just said I do like this palette. The color are beautiful and they wear well throughout the day without getting creasing or moving around ( if you use Primer ). The pigment in the shadows is nice and there are a lot of great lid colors. But.. I can’t create a full eye look with this palette because all the shadows are shimmery. There are stunning colors in this. But, I have to dip into other palettes to make this one work for me. There isn’t a transition shade which makes blending difficult. This palette has a lot going for it. I can’t say I’d repurchase this knowing what I know now.
P.S. The brush though.. it’s a wonderful drugstore blending brush.
Real Techniques Beauty Sponge

ALLLLL the beauty bloggers I follow talk about how much they love this sponge. “It’s a dupe for the beauty blender,” they claim. I’m one of those people who repeats the things I like. I have sponged I like so when it’s time to repurchase I always buy the same ones. Well, it was that time again. So, when I went to pick up these other miscellaneous items I grabbed a pack of these sponges to give a test run. I love them. I’ve felt of them before and thought they were a little stiff. I don’t know if they have redesigned them or what but, oh, man!

I wash my sponge every morning before I put my makeup on. They work better damp and clean so it’s just a habit I have. They wash so nicely and apply my makeup even better! This sponge is so soft and easy to work with. one end is flat while the other is pointed. I use the flat side to apply my foundation all over my face and it works perfectly. Then, obviously the pointed end to apply concealer and such. I cannot believe I have waited so long to get on the bandwagon with these!

L’Oréal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream – Anti-redness
If you read mybare fair makeup post, you probably saw I recommended green primer and BB Cream. Both of those product, which I love, are not cheap. When buying two that is even harder on the budget, right? I stumbled upon this BB Cream and I am loving it. I struggle with redness in my cheeks and around nose. Almost all BB Creams require me to use a Concealer of some sort to hide the redness that peeps through the coverage.
This green primer goes on green to reduce redness but blends out and turns to a shade to help give coverage too. Funny Story: I was applying this at work one day. I just put it one with my fingers and was going in to add a little Concealer and I noticed when I touched my face it was changing colors. A coworker and I were mind blown until I discovered that it changed colors.. which took a few minutes to realize. Anyway, I thought it’d be something I could use to minimize redness in my cheeks and then I’d apply my makeup on top. The coverage is great for everyday. I am absolutely loving this product.
Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Oh, girl. I always try out new mascaras then go back to the ones I REALLY love once I get tired of trying out different ones. This mascara I used to use a LONG time ago. I was in a hurry and forgot so I just snatched this up while in the check out line. I always forget how much I love mascaras until something like this occurs. The brush is really fluffy brush. It gives GREAT volume and length. Colossal makes my lashes fat without taking away their length which is something I struggle to find. MY lashes are long but not super thick so I need something that will thicken them up but not shorten them too. This mascara.. if you decide you need anything from this haul.. let it be this one!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer : Shade – Fair
This is a repurchase for me. I love this concealer. It is said to be a dupe for NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.In my opinion: it’s much creamier and the consistency isn’t as thick as the NARS. Lately, I have been trying different concealers because the people request it and I want to deliver. All the concealers I’ve tried in recent months are great for different things but this is still one of my favorites. I love the consistency of this Concealer.
I have problems with concealers settling in my undereye area and between my forehead (because ya girl needs a little Botox) Fit Me Concealer doesn’t seem to get crepey in my fine lines under my eyes, it’s not drying, and it doesn’t settle or separate. This concealer is one of Maybelline’s Best Sellers. It has natural Coverage, is lightweight and Oil-free.  My undereyes look very hydrated rather that powdery and dry. You know the look I’m talking about. If not I can link ya some pictures of me looking a little dehydrated. The Fit Me Concealer is extremely light weight and the blendability is wonderful. If you don’t feel like your blending skills are that of King Kylie you should give this a go. The coverage is very nice without it totally giving away the fact that yes, actually, I have concealed my undereyes.
Wet N’ Wild Mega Glow Highlighter : Precious Petals 
If you’re like me and you prefer a softer highlight this is your girl. Mega Glo is a powder Highlight / blush that will give you a beautiful glow. It gives off enough of a sheen to let your skin glow but not too much. And I believe in too much highlight. Ya know? I have caught myself thinking, no one is fooled by all that glow on your face. But, for the most part, I like my makeup to be fairly natural. Natural might be a stretch of the word but I don’t like it to look overdone. You know what I’m saying. Mega Glo gives your skin a glow rather than full on holy cow highlight. It has a teensy bit of glitter that I noticed dusted off pretty quickly then your left with a beautiful shimmer. This is a great drugstore highlight.
I have been SEARCHING high and low for a good highlighter from the drug store none just awed me. The cream ones seem to separated and we’re extremely intimidating to apply on top of your dressing foundationed skin. While others didn’t do what I was hoping. This one did. Wet N Wild never lets me down. I apply it at the top of my blush, almost overlapping my blush at the apple of my cheek. And, of course, on the tip of my nose and Cupid’s bow because.. Kathleen Lights told me to. It looks beautiful whether I wear a lot of makeup or barely there makeup.
Maybelline BrowPrecise Micro Crayon : Dark Brown

Usually, I go for the L’oreal Brow Stylist. I picked this one up by accident and I have been pleasantly surprised. The consistency of this is very similar to the consistency of the Brow Stylist and really like the Anastasia Brow Wiz. I was let down by the Anastasia Brow Wiz. This Micro Crayon is so easy to apply and use. It’s a really creamy formula and applies so smoothly. Once my brows are filled in they stay all day. That was part of my let down with the Brow Wiz. It didn’t stay well and smeared easily. This one ( and the L’Oreal Brow Stylist ) last all day!

This is hardly a “haul” in comparison but I some newly purchased items I am liking and some I’m not. I have tried out several new items and I am continuously looking for new stores and brands to share with you guys. Even new styles I think you guys would like are always in search. I am loving most of the product especially the jeans! Have you tried anything new lately or are you loving something you’ve loved for a long time? Let me know!


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I love a good tousled look. Messy hair is my favorite look. It’s easy and fun yet, so easy to recreate! It would be impossible for me to create this look without Texture Spray!

I used to always use Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray. I believe they have since quit making it. That spray was my FAVORITE texturizing spray. It smelled great, it gave me wonderful texture, and made my hair style last. I loved it. On day, after using Salt Spray for months, I noticed my hair was EXTREMELY dry. My hair was really long then but it was pretty much all virgin hair. I should be healthy. It should be soft and touchable. I racked my brain trying to figure out what was making my hair like this. Was it something I was eating or not eating? Is my body dehydrated? What is going on? Finally, I realized my salt spray was drying my hair out! BAD.

PSA: I still use this spray. I use it sparingly. It’s still a love of mine!

After my discovery, I tried all kinds of texture sprays to find one that compared. Most sprays I used didn’t give me the same texture the salt spray did. I was so sad. I couldn’t get that say volume and tousled look with any products I tried.. Since then, I have found several sprays I love and adore.

Amika: un.done Texture Spray

A texturizing finishing spray for sexy, tousled, undone hair with extreme texture and volume—all at the push of a button. This invisible, dry formula uses zeolite, a natural mineral, to build unbelievable volume for full-on glamorous hair. Obliphica extract combined with an exclusive polymer blend bonds to the hair, imparting incredible texture without being stiff or weighing it down. The end result is fuller, wilder hair with a matte finish.

I love this texture spray because…

Texture Spray

Amika’s Texture Spray is an aerosol texture spray. It is a dry formula that gives you matte tousled texture and great volume. Some sprays create a tacky feeling. It separates my curls and gives me a bed head look. This spray gives life to your hair and fun to your style. It’s salt free as to avoid drying and fights frizz. It absorbs oils and dirt to give you extra volume and added texture. I don’t have to use so much dry shampoo when I use this texture spray.

A little goes a long way. I don’t have to use a lot of product to get the kind of texture I desire. Some sprays I have used to had to use a ton of product to compare to Session Series Salt Spray. This one, however, takes hardly any! It smells great! The smell of anything is a giveaway. It sells itself if it smell delicious! This does.

Choose this product if:

You want “pinterest curls.” If you like the straight ended, very loose, hardly “curled” look this would be a product to choose. It will give you the separation and the appearance of messiness. If I’m going for a more bedhead look, this is the product I always reach for. I use a flat iron most often when I curl my hair ( at least for now ) there’s more of a bend than curl. It creates effortless looking curls.

IGK: Beach Club

Want that surf-and-sand kind of hair? This breakthrough aerosol delivers that salty, windswept look in seconds without heaviness, stickiness or drying. Works on all hair types for an undone look that screams Tulum getaway. This versatile texture spray can be used on wet or dry hair for your specific needs. Formulated to add volume and texture to hair to create a sexy, wind-blown look, it also adds fullness, hold, and a cool, matte finish. Glycerin helps to lock in moisture, preventing hair from drying out, while hydrolyzed wheat protein adds natural body to the hair.

I love this texture spray because…

Beach Club

This is a great texturizing spray for me. I no longer need the texture and roughness for my curled style because I have lightened it since I post my 8 Hair Products I can’t Live Without. I used to use this everyday. But it still gives me great separation and messiness. It’s aerosol like the Amika Spray. Similarly, it never leaves my hair feeling wet and tacky. This spray doesn’t have such an intense matte finish. It’s semi-matte, I’d say. It gives great texture without the drying elements of Salt spray.

I love this texture spray for different reasons that I love Amika: un.done texture spray. It gives me a completely different style texture. It’s less roughness but, I don’t want to say less texture. Just different. My hair isn’t as soft when I use the amika. With the IGK my hair is still really touchable and I can run my fingers through my hair. The two are like comparing apples to oranges.

Choose this product if:

You want to wear your hair in loose curls. If you like the look of messy hair but still the look of styled, curls this is the product for you! If I curl my hair with a curling iron, I use this spray. Curling with a curling iron gives a little more uniform curls instead of the “bend” like a flat iron gives you. This spray will give you a slight shine but not shampoo commercial shine.

Living Proof Instant Texture Mist

Get tailor-made texture with this weightless texturizing spray. Powered by our three-dimensional technology containing magnetic texturizers plus our patented Thickening Molecule (PBAE), Instant Texture Mist creates any type of tousled style effortlessly. It is instant & revivable for up to 48 hours. This texture mist is not stiff, sticky, dulling or dirtying. It works on damp or dry hair, with or without heat styling

I love this texture spray because…

Texture Spray

More similar to a salt spray, it gives me crunchy, tacky texture in a good way though. I love the messiness this product allows. It gives me a completely different texture than most texturizing sprays. It’s most comparable to a salt spray. I love use this product when I have tight curls or used a beach waver. It doesn’t dull your hair like the other two mentioned. They have a mattifying formula. Those two products are designed to give you a matte end result. This one doesn’t. The benefit of this one is use can (and I did) use it on my hair damp. To style more smooth but voluminous, this product is great to use on wet hair and blow out. It helps keeps the style and holds.

Choose this product if…

You want volume and polished curls. This product is great on wet hair to dilute the product in a sense and lessen the amount of texture you get. It’s great to spray into your hair and blowout for weightless volume and texture. I like to use this if I wear my hair straight. Often time, I don’t like to wear my hair sleek and smooth because it doesn’t stay that way but, if I spray this into my hair prior to blowdrying it gives me enough texture and volume to keep my style all day.

I wish I could compare these three products and rate them 1-3 on which I liked most to least but, I can’t. Texture sprays all give you different end results. Depending on what style you’re wanting will determine what product you’d choose. What look are you going for? What style do you want to have? Who do you want to be today?



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In my Purse


Maybe we’re all just nosy or maybe just searching for reassurance that we’re not really as weird as we think we are. Either way.. Girls love knowing what other girls are using, loving, and for some unknown reason what they’re carrying in their purse. If you’re anything like me I carry everything but the kitchen sink with me. It’s always funny to me what is important enough to make the cut when I switch to carry a small purse.

My small purse carrying days are short lived, always! There’s just not enough room in there. I wish I was a girl that carried a small purse but, I just can’t be that girl! There’s a lot of stuff in my purse. Stuff I know I won’t use throughout the day, most likely. You never know when something is going to pop up and you wish you had something! Am I right? Generally, I carry a backpack. Nate always says, “do you have to carry that inside?” Uhm, excuse me!? Yes! Because, obviously, I might need my iPad while we eat dinner..? No, Lynlee you won’t but I carry with me always anyway. So, what.


Any given day you will, for real, find my iPad in my purse. As well as a wide array of other useful items. Such as tennis balls, phone charger, my lappy, 10 lipsticks and empty water bottles.

I need a pure that’ll carry all those things. My favorite purse type is a structured tote! I found this Vera Bradley bag in teal at H+S in here in Searcy. It sits up on its own and hold all the things I need. AND for the most part it’s easy to get my stuff in and out without digging for it. This bag is big enough even my laptop fits in it! ( Which I also carry with me pretty frequently ) It has 3 pockets on the inside and one on the outside to help ease organization for this chaotic girl.  It’s, hands down, one of my favorite bags. Bonus, it matches my planner.

My planner is definitely one of those things I classify as important and is definitely useful. Raise your hand if you can’t remember anything. My mom says she was much older ( and raising two children ) when she realized her memory was failing her from time to time. It hasn’t taken me children or age to realize everything needs written down. Not to mention my business is RAN on a schedule. Not just my schedule but other peoples so, if I leave the house without this beautiful thing it’s really a miracle! My life is in this planner and after years I have found a planner that I absolutely love. Thanks, Erin Condren ( and Christie Hensley )


There are of course some things less businessy that are alway in my purse. Including Top Coat, lipstick, and energy packets. These Great Value energy packs from Walmart are my favorite. Try out the Dragon Fruit for a midday pick me up! Personally, I cannot stand my nail polish to chip. I keep a top coat to keep my manicure last longer. Once it starts chipping I will proceed to pick it all off until I am back to my natural nail. So good for your nails, not. Among other things I can’t stand, a hang nail and/or long nails in general, Nail File is a MUST. And, if I’m being honest, I usually have it in my wallet and there’s another in my vehicle and beside my bed.

Of course bobby pins are a must. Let me let YOU in on a secret. Sally’s Beauty Supply has the BEST bobby pins! You get a whole pound of bobby pins for like $7 AND they are the very best. They are my all time favorite bobby pin; a ride or die, if you will. Last, but not least, a scrunchie. Now that my hair is short, I don’t wear it up in a pony tail much, if ever. When it was longer it was ALWAYS in a pony tail. I opted for schrunchies to help relieve some stress and damage from a traditional pony tail holder. *shrug*

Blogging isn’t all fun and games. Mostly, but not always. I keep sticky notes, a small pocket notebook, and a sharpie pen ( always sharpie because they are my fave! ) at all times just in case an idea strikes. Ideas come up at all kind of times and inconvenient places. As I mentioned above.. I can’t remember anything and I HATE that feeling of, Oh, I had a thought.. Then, not remember that thought. So, to keep up I write them down on a sticky and insert into planner or in this cute little journal if there’s extra details that I have in mind!


A purse is like a glimpse into someone’s life. Seeing and knowing what they carry tells a lot about them and their personality.. You can tell by my purse I enjoy technology and attempt to be organized (and fail). I am definitely one of those people who overpacks even in my daily life. I have a fear of what I’ll need and not have. Carry a big bag and you’ll always have everything, right?

What do you ALWAYS carry in your purse? Share in the comments.

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Wet N Wild Product Review

First Impressions.. They’re a little uhh.. scary sometimes.. But, Wet N Wild is a really cheap brand for what you get and their products are almost always great quality. They just recently launched some new products I wanted to test them out and do a product review for you all! Also, I just learned they’re cruelty free. You know I’m an animal lover. Them being Cruelty Free just adds to my love refund love for Wet N Wild Products. Not all the products I tried are new but, they were all new to me! This is the honest truths about what I thought about them.


1// Wet N Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer

Rated: 2 Stars. That’s being a little forgiving too.

I’ll start with the bad: This is a very thick, dry feeling concealer. It was troublesome to blend out. This concealer did blend into the rest of my foundation.. eventually. It took a little extra work. It feels a bit heavy and dry under my eyes. I didn’t bake my foundation because I thought that was a little out of the question.  For someone who doesn’t consider themself “good at makeup” I would highly suggest you try something else.
The Good: It is a very full coverage concealer. It did blend out nicely into my foundation. Even though this concealer has a thick base it’s not cakey looking. It covers well and doesn’t look dry! It’s just really thick and very full coverage. With that being said.. I have dark eye lids and the darkness comes down around the outside corner of my eye so I need a little extra coverage in my shadow primer. As a shadow primer, Blended into the skin with a very damp beauty sponge so nicely. I set it with a little powder before applying my eyeshadow and I wasn’t disappointed. My discoloration in my eyelids was completely masked. My shadow didn’t crease or fade and the pigments were great. If you’re looking for a shadow primer and don’t like using your normal concealer this is a good, cheap alternative.

Application: I don’r recommend for concealer. Shadow Primer: Apply small amount onto each lid buff in with damp (very damp) beauty sponge. Set with powder brush. I use a powder brush that I used the day before. There’s still enough product on the brush to set my concealer without changing the color. Then, I proceed to apply my eyeshadow.

2// Wet N Wild photofocus Foundation

Product ReviewRated: 4.5 Stars

Shade: Buff Bisque
This is a lightweight, medium coverage foundation. Its $5.99! The Coverage it gives is amazing. For me, it’s not too much coverage but it’s just enough to notice I have evened out my skin tone and smoothed out my complexion. It really light weight and super comfortable on my skin. It doesn’t feel tacky at all. As a matter of fact once it settled it feels so soft and natural on! It dispenses so easily!

Most drugstore foundations have to be poured or squeezed. This has an applicator that you can dip into the product and apply directly to your face, brush or sponge. A couple reviews said that they felt it dried quickly. I didn’t experience the product drying too quickly to properly blend it in.and its supposed to eliminate the appearance of your foundation being WAY too light for you when you take a picture sometimes, ya know what I’m talking about? We all hate that so, if this works like it says that alone is worth it!

Application: I have used a sponge and plan on using a brush also. I almost always apply my foundation with a sponge so that was how I tried it first. It’s probably my favorite way.

3// Wet N Wild photofocus Concealer

Product ReviewRated: 4.5 Stars

Shade: Light Ivory
I am loving this concealer too! I haven’t baked it yet but I did find it settled ever so slightly into my fine lines. Almost all concealers do this to me so, that isn’t enough reason for me to downplay the greatness of this concealer. It was super easy to blend and not at all heavy like the Come Correct Concealer. This concealer was comfortable to wear and didn’t make my under eyes too bright. It, too, was tested under 7 different lights. Concealer gives you those raccoon eyes? Testing this under those lights helps prevent that “flashback.” Can’t hate that!

Application: Like always, I applied to under eyes, nose and chin and blended out with my damp beauty sponge.

4// Wet N Wild Coloricon Brow Pencil

Product ReviewRated: 3.5 Stars

Shade: Brunette’s Do It Better
I, like every one else, am a brow girl. I was late to the wagon but, I’m still here and very present. My brows aren’t as killer as some. I’m not as good at filling them in as others BUT, I try. I’ve tried lots of different products. Loved some; hated others. This product goes on so smooth. Whether you have tot draw them on or fill them in this product gives you a great brow look. The formula isn’t waxy so it doesn’t drag or pull. It’s super smooth. Being super smooth can be a good or a bad thing. Since it is so smooth you have to watch how heavy handed you get or you’ll make them too dark. There’s a spooky on the end to help diffuse those over powered brows and make them more natural.

5// Wet N Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner

Product Review

Rate: 4 Stars

Shade: Never Petal Down
The Consistency is really, really soft! It’s not waxy and doesn’t drag at all. When I first started to apply it the formula made me second guess it’s longevity. But it lasted through lunch and two bottles of water without fading.It’s VERY soft and feels so nice on. It’s extremely wearable and not at all drying. The pigment is really nice too. I chose a light pink shade. On the lips it held its shade. The color didn’t deepen once I applied it! I like to wear lipliner sometimes instead of lipstick. This liner is so soft and not drying to wear all day. However, it did settle into the cracks in my lips because they’re really dry.

Application: Apply Moisturizer before. Line lips like usual.

6// Wet N Wild Pout & Shock Lip Balm

Product Review

Rate: 3 Stars

Shade: Shock
Let me start by saying, Lippie are hard for me to love. I have a certain number of brands I love. I’m low maintenance with lippies and I don’t want to have to reapply over and over; thats too much effort to me. I don’t want to have to worry about bleeding or smudging. The consistency of this lip balm is very soft and hydrating. The color is a little bit deceiving because they’re not actually that pigment. I thought it was. *frown* For a lip balm it’s so nice. I love having a little color in a lip balm. Especially right now when we’re all battling dry lips. I am loving this!

7// Wet N Wild Color Icon Ombre Blush

Product ReviewRate: 4 Stars

Shade: The Princess Daiquiris

This is great if you want a very subtle highlight. It’s not super pigmented but it gives a nice light sheen. Ombre Blush’s shimmer in the blush is nice to give you a little extra in your blush. I use this over my blush to add an extra pop!

Wet N Wild is making a comeback. If you haven’t tried their Liquid Lipsticks you should try them too! I wrote a post about them. You can find it H E R E ! I’ve been using these Wet N Wild Products for a while now and I am loving them!

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10 Products Under $10.00

Makeup Products

Makeup Products a tricky thing, ya know? It’s hard for me sometimes to spend money on makeup. Even if it is “cheap” makeup, sometimes I think I am not spending $XX.XX on that! What if I don’t like that!? Then again, depending on my mood, other times I’m like heck yeah! $XX.XX! That’s a great deal. I do love trying new makeup. I love seeing how it lasts on my face and how it wears. I’ve compiled you guys a list of 10 Products under $10.00. This is an entire face of makeup for $50(ish)!!

10 Makeup Products Under $10.00!

1. Primer:
Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime – $7.19

10 under $10Application

You all know Nivea Post Shave Balm is my ride or die, tried and true makeup primer. It does all I need it to and more. BUT, for you all, I tried something new. I’ve actually been eyeing this primer for a while. I have watched several youtube beauty gals try the Master Conceal and loved it.  No one seems to be trying the primer. I love it. It feels so smooth on the skin and has a bit of a silicone feel. In my experience, silicone primers hold my foundation on the best when my face is extra oily.  The Blur + Illuminate (the pink) has 30 SPF in it. Don’t make me explain how important sunscreen for your face is!

Why Should I use a Primer?

Primer is very important. It preps your skin and smooths smooths out your skin. Many foundations have moisturizers in them to help keep your skin hydrated throughout the whole day. Also, sunscreen in a huge plus. This specific primer has sunscreen in it to protect your skin from damage. We often don’t think about our skin getting damaged from the sun if we’re not spending lots of time in the sun but driving, walking outside, even being by a window can expose you to sun damage. Primer also keeps your foundation on, helps make your foundation apply easier, and prevents separation on your skin. It takes no extra time. okay, like 4 seconds.
Application: Apply first. Small amount on tips of fingers apply all over face. Proceed with makeup routine.

2. Foundation:
Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation– $4.99

10 under $10I have tried lots of foundations because I rarely buy the same one twice unless I LOVE it. This foundation though… I have repurchased and repurchased. It is a little thick on the skin. It doesn’t feel thick; it’s very comfortable to wear. It’s definitely full coverage too. I like to feel like I don’t really have makeup on! This foundation does that for me.

My face it’s normal to dry. This specific foundation doesn’t make my skin look dry. It keeps a dewy look. Let me explain since the title of the foundation is Stay Matte.. it doesn’t get oily/ super shiny looking. It is a healthy, hydrated look. If you don’t like the dewy finish, simply setting your foundation with powder will mattify the finish. The Stay Matte Foundation doesn’t have sunscreen in it but, with the Master Prime we applied previously we are getting SPF from that. This foundation is under $5.00. In my opinion, your not going to find a better foundation for the price.

Why Should I use Foundation:

Depending on the amount of coverage you feel like you need, foundation will cover your blemishes and even out your skin color. If you’re like me my cheeks have a lot of redness, foundation covers, corrects, and “fades” out that redness to give me a neutral base to contour, apply bronzer and blushes without accentuating my redness.  Honestly, I don’t love thick foundation. I like thin, medium coverage foundation. UNLESS, my face is breaking out, my under eyes are dark, or I’m wearing a bold look. I’m often a BB Cream Gal. Lately, I have been using this foundation and I do L-O-V-E it. Even though it goes against everything I like.

: Use a damp beauty sponge. It seems to make this foundation less dense. Starting in my T – Zone I blend out toward my hairline and jawline. If you don’t get full coverage in your T-Zone its not serious because you go over that with concealer.
Note: If your eye shadow has a lot of fall out I would wait to apply foundation until after you have done your shadow. If you do choose to skip this step place it in after you have primed your eyes and applied your shadow. once that is complete, start with your foundation and work through the products for your face. Come back at the end to line your eyes and apply mascara.

3. Concealer:
Maybelline New York Super Stay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector – $7.82

10 under $10

I really prefer certain concealers. You could say I’m a makeup snob. I like the coverage, consistency, and longevity of many of the luxury concealers I have used. 1. they don’t fit in the under $10. 2. This concealer is pretty killer. The consistency of this concealer is very wearable. It’s not too thick but offers GREAT coverage. The wear factor is very nice and comfortable. It doesn’t sit uncomfortably on my skin. This concealer feels very moisturizing under my eyes and doesn’t separate between my brows. Whether I bake my under eyes or just set them, this concealer still feels so nice on! It also works fabulously as a shadow primer.

Why should I use Concealer:

Concealer is something I’ll use sometimes instead of using Foundation all over my face. If I’m rushing and don’t want to put on a full face of makeup concealer is a great grab and go. It brightens your under eyes. Concealer will also hide dark circles and even out coloring. If you choose a shade slightly lighter than your foundation you can use it to accentuate your nose, chin and under eyes.

Application: I always use a damp beauty sponge to blend out my concealer. It helps with blendability and uniformity of your makeup even though your foundation and concealer are different colors. I apply to my undereyes, the bridge of my nose, between my eyebrows, and my chin. Simply blend out into my foundation. I use concealer to prime my eyes as well. Instead of using a shadow primer, concealer is a great primer to use. If you don’t prime your eyes.. you should try it.

4. Shadow: Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette – $8.98

10 under $10
After you have primed your eyelids, start with this shadow. This is a great nude palette. It blends nicely without looking muddy (too blended and looking all the same color) With a primer you can really make the colors of this palette stand out. I think I primer is almost undebatable when using drugstore shadows. If you see your shadow creasing in your eyes or not lasting al day, primer is needed. I use this palette fairly regularly. It has plenty of shadow colors and finish options. I find that a lot of palettes I look at at the drug store have all shimmers. Not everyone (or every age, I’m sorry) can wear shimmers. It is good to have some matte shades to balance out a look. This palette has all those options.

Why Should I use Eyeshadow:

Eyeshadow carves out your eyes and accentuates your eye shape while adding color and pop to your makeup look.

5. Blush: Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush – Mellow Wine– $2.93

10 under $10

This Line of blushes (for the price) is to die for. I love these shades. I first tried out mellow wine. It’s a light bronze coral. This is pretty complimentary of my skin color. There are 5 different shades. I see myself getting them all before its all said and done. The 2017 blush trend is very bold and exaggerated. ( very 80s ) There are a few that I have my eye on Like this one and this one and yes, even this one. I love a bold cheek with barely there eyes. In my opinion these blushes are buildable. A little goes a long way. The first time I used the Mellow Wine shade I was a little heavy handed. These blushes are smooth and highly pigmented. They last all day and don’t move on my face.

Why Should I use Blush:

Blush adds color to your face that would naturally be there from the rosiness of your cheeks. It gives life to your makeup and brightens up your face. Too much blush could make you look like you’re living in the 80s but, 2017 bold blush is making a comeback!

6. Bronzer: e.l.f. Bronzer Palette – $6.00

10 under $10

There’s a lot of Bronzers I love. I chose this one for the longevity of the product, obviously the price and then one more reason. I use more than 10 products on my face but I wanted you to have all your needs (only 10 and all under $10.00) This palette in particular is multpurpose. There’s a wonderful array of shades in this SIX DOLLAR palette. The powder is smooth. It’s not gritty or patchy. There’s also 2 shimmers and 2 mattes. This doesn’t move on my face and it does the job. I love the shimmer bronzers because they kind of double as a bronzing highlight.

Why should I use Bronzer:

Your foundation and concealer has completely removed all of your color. Therefore, your face looks “flat” by using bronzer you’re adding natural color and life to your face. Bronzer helps carve out your face and give you a more 3D look. It helps give your face shape. Adding a bronzing highlight will bring a little attention to those areas such as your cheek bones.

I apply the bronzer (lightly) to directly under my cheek bones below my blush. You can always add more bronzer but you don’t want to look too bronzed. if you contour instead of bronze… heres a good palette for under $10.00..
I use my contour color in the same place as I would my bronzer but also on the sides of my nose and in my hairline.

7. Lip Color: Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick – $4.28
10 under $10

I have had this specific color ( Cherry Bomb ) for a while. It’s even been bought it multiple times. I love the Mega Last Lipstick. It’s a super matte, long lasting lipstick. It doesn’t bleed or stain my lips like some drug store brands I’ve used and this lipstick doesn’t stain my lips. It is slightly drying so I always moisturize my lips before using it and put on chapstick before I apply it. I love it however, you kind of have to work with applying it when you’ve had it a while because the formula drags a bit on the lips. Right after purchase, its glorious and applies great!

Why Should I use Lipstick:

Lipstick helps frame out your face in a sense. It finishes out the look. Lipstick makes you feel pretty.

8. Brows: Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Pencil – $4.61 ($1.99)

10 under $10

Oh, eyebrows. For a long while I avoided the trend. I didn’t want to be on the bandwagon. Then, I jumped on it and I jumped on it with full force. I love this brow pencil. I like that its a true pencil and must be sharpened. This brow pencil gives you the best of both worlds. You can make your brows feathery toward the middle and fill them in nicely as the pencil begins to dull. This specific formula isn’t waxy. It goes on super smooth and doesn’t drag or get patchy. I bought it for $1.99 at walmart but on their website it says its $4.61. weird.

Why should I fill in my eyebrows:

This is a subject I’m dying to speak about. I think I’ll even post about it. Eyebrows, like I said about lipstick, really does complete your look. It frames out your face and gives you more definition to your face. It gives you a nice transition into your forehead. Also, in photographs your makeup looks completed with your eyebrows filled in.

9. Liner: CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Self-Sharpening Eye Pencil – $4.94

10 Products under $10

I have used this liner for a long, long time. Although, it is about $5.00 if you love lash blast mascara you can get them together fairly frequently. I love this eyeliner because it glides on smoothly and smudges out nicely. It doesn’t irritate my eyes if I apply it to my water line. It lasts nicely and I can make it look blended and smoked out instead of harsh and dark. This is great for your lower lash line. If you want a more sharp distinct liner for your upper lash line this isn’t the liner for that.

Why should I use Eyeliner:

Using liner is tricky. Eyeliner can and should open up and define your eyes. I say IT’s tricky because if too much is used your actually working against yourself by making your eye looked more closed and less defined. You are going for a defined look not black holes. 🙂 I like a blended out look without a defined line on the lower lash line. On my upper lash line I want dramatic, sharp liner.

: I apply from outer corner to about halfway to my inner corner and blend out with the tip. I apply in my water line to define my eyes and make more of a statement.

10. Mascara: Maybelline New York Great Lash BIG Washable Mascara – $4.44

10 Products under $10

This is a mascara I find myself going back to often. I love L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black for dramatic bold lashes. But this is great to just toss in your purse and give you natural looking lashes. I love this mascara because it makes my lashes longer without making them super clumpy. That means no spider lashes here. It’s great to lift your lashes and open up your eyes. It comes off so easily but stays on all day without flaking.
These are all products close to my heart. Saving money is a perk, always! It’s even better if you’re saving money and the products are worth it! I think it’s a great feeling when you can find a cheap product that does the work of the higher product! It’s not always doable and rarely reasonable to spend between $20-$50 on one makeup item much less have a whole collection of high end makeup. I can justify spending money on makeup sometimes and other times I want the cheaper option. Some say you get what you pay for and I agree with that to some extent but with these products you’re getting more than you pay for! Let me know if you try these product out or what your favorites are under $10!

XO, Lynlee

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Wet N Wild Liquid Lipstick Review

Liquid Lipstick

Wet N Wild Mega Last Liquid Lipstick has been all the rage on the internet for a few months now. I first heard about their new products through one of my favorite youtubers, Kathleen Lights. She was testing out their foundation in that specific video. I did a little research and found Wet N Wild had launched several new products. Honestly, I’ll try anything Kathleen Lights recommends. The Wet N Wild Products struck me because they’re cheap and several other youtubers gave them high recommendations. I love Liquid Lipsticks so I have been searching for these products everywhere!

Why I love Liquid Lipsticks:

I have been STALKING Walgreens since I found out about these liquid lipsticks. If you haven’t tried out liquid lipsticks, you should. I am too lazy to continuously reline and apply lipstick over and over throughout the day. The longevity of Liquid Lipsticks is what keeps me coming back for more! I don’t have to be too cautious when I eat or drink. They don’t bleed around my lips. I love a matte lip. I know glosses are coming back in style, that and everything else from the 90s. I’m still on the matte lip train. Matte lips so beautiful with a bold eye! Even when I wear a simple makeup look I still love a matte lip.

Liquid Lipstick
Wet N Wild MegaLast Liquid Lipstick

The formula so nice! It’s super easy to apply. The consistency is thin so it doesn’t pull or drag when you’re applying. It applies like a lip gloss but dries down to a matte finish. The MegaLast Liquid Lipsticks give very vivid color. They’re nicely pigmented and offer great coverage! It doesn’t dry down completely but it’s not tacky enough to be uncomfortable.

Why I love Wet N Wild Liquid Lipstick:
Easy to Get:

The reason Wet N’ Wild’s new lip crazy grabbed my attention is because I can grab them at the drugstore. They don’t have to be ordered or waited on like my other favorite liquid lippy. I eagerly await anything ordered online. That’s the downfall of online shopping. I love being able to buy something and immediately be able to put it to use. Wet N Wild Mega Last, I can do that! If I need a certain color to make a look great I don’t have to settle for another less great lip formula to complete my look. I can just stop in the drugstore and grab the color I need.


The price IS unbeatable! I purchased these at Walgreens for $3.99. I’ve never seen a liquid lipstick cheaper then that! They are phenomenal for the price. You know I love a good deal. These are the epitome of a great deal. For the price, you won’t get anything better.

Liquid Lipstick
Wet N Wild MegaLast Catsuit Matte Lipstick

I did a little test. One day at the salon I swatched the lipsticks on my hand. I washed 3 heads of hair and washed my hands several times. By 6:00 that night they were still on my hand as if I had just applied them. These liquid lipsticks even lasted through a shower. I didn’t scrub them to try to get them off, nonetheless the stayed.


They felt very nice on my lips. They weren’t uncomfortable to wear like some liquid lipsticks I have tried. Liquid Lipsticks are not known for their moisturizing abilities. This lipstick is no different. I didn’t feel as though my lips were dry like the Sahara Desert but they weren’t feeling like they’d just been exfoliated and had a moisture treatment. Mega Last didn’t cause my lips to dry or flake nor did they feel dry or flaky once I removed them after wearing them.


I purchases four shades. The colors I grabbed went from one extreme to the other. Initially, I was looking for a good nude lip but there were too many choices. The color choices they offer is wide range. I believe there are 13 shades. Wet N Wild provides such great options. There are colors available for the makeup girls who error on the side of caution or the girls who pick lip color with reckless abandonment. I love them all. It was really hard for me to pick.

My Picks:

I couldn’t pass up Video Vixen; A deep burgundy that is so fun in the winter months. This color makes any look more dramatic. I love dark lip colors. I couldn’t say no! Berry Recognize was a great balance of “dark” meets bright. It’s not too bright for my taste but still has a darker twist on your typical berry lip colors. Coral Corruption may, shockingly, be my favorite. It’s such a bright fun color. I tend to stray away from bright colors for some reason. This color on is so beautiful and lively. Last, but not least, Nudie Patootie. What I was actually searching for. A true nude lip color is hard to find. I love this color. Nudes are so good for everyday. Wet N Wild killed it on this nude lip! I’m dying over all these colors.

Wet N Wild has made a heavy comeback. They’ve mastered the art of Liquid Lipsticks! Of all their new products I’ve tried this is one of my favorites. I’m reviewing their other products to do a review soon. Stay Tuned for that! Try them out and let me know what you think! Which are your favorites!?

XO, Lynlee*

Disclaimer: I am not a model. 😉

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