Red, White and Dog

Red, White, and Dock
Red, White, & Blue

So, you may have seen this outfit in this post. But, I didn’t go into too much detail of the outfit because I wanted to tell you about it here! Denim and denim or denim and white is one of my favorite outfit pairings. Throw is a little red and I’m all about that outfit choice. It screams spring and summer to me.

First, let’s just talk about the elephant in this post. How cute does Dock look in these pictures? He was totally posing for us in between running off to go sniff out the birds that were trying to take part in this shoot. You know I love any excuse to share photos of Dock. He matched me. Nate even said, “Dock, you have to stay here,” as we were walking out the door. I slowly turned around  to say, “wait. he can go! We match!” So, in that moment I hired a second model to be featured on the blog! 😉

Memorial Day Festivities

I don’t know about you but I cannot wait until memorial day weekend. You get an extra day added to your weekend which means a shorter work week. Everyone packs in festivities of all sorts and you get to genuinely enjoy summer before you have to start worrying about it being SUPER hot. It’s like that final step to getting everyone on board and ready for summer! This outfit pairing is perfect for the events. If you’re not one of those over the top people in your red, white and blue or american flag bikini; Red, White, and Denim is a great alternative if you want to show your patriotism. I paired this chambray tank with white shorts and my favorite black sandals. Chambray is wonderful for summer because it’s light weight and so cool to wear in the heat of the southern summer. This Gap tank I actually scored for $8 at a store called Dirt Cheap. Although, I couldn’t find this exact tank top, I did find these.

White Chino Shorts you NEED in your closet for summer. They’re a summer staple. You can wear them with basically anything. Old Navy, Gap, and J. Crew have my favorite ones. They all wash up well and are comfy! If you watch you can get Old Navy’s on sale! (Old Navy is currently having 30% off) All these brands have their shorts in different lengths so, you can purchase based on your preference! I’m ready for memorial day, and lake, and patio dinners, and swimsuits, and all the summer fun. I hope you find some outfit inspiration for memorial day or just everyday!   Xo, Signature

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Black on White

Simple and Monochromatic are my go to with fashion; most often Black and white. It’s easy and pretty almost always. Simple, polished looks are my favorite. I wish I was a minimalist with a lot of things in life. I would say that I am board line minimalist in my fashion choices. for the most part I wear basic and simple outfits. If they look polished and put together thats an even bigger perk!

I tend to follow along the pattern of black and white and grey. Anything in those three color draw me to them. I find myself wearing all too often black and white. I had put myself on a “no-buy” with these colors in an attempt to brighten my wardrobe. As I try to get away from these colors and go for more bright shades and more summery colors, I stumbled upon this tank. I’ll cover more on that later but, as soon as I saw it I couldn’t pass it up. I had to have it.

Of course, I went simple. I snagged this top at WALMART for $3.00!! I bought two actually. ( and one is floral! ) I paired this tank with white chino shorts and sandals. Chino Shorts are always a summer simple go to! You can wear them with anything. Even if you’re feeling lazy you look put together, I live for that kind of outfit!  This is a great outfit for brunch or even a day shopping. This entire outfit cost me less than $50! That’s prefect, am I right? I love a cheap outfit. I popped on this pink belt and pink Lipstick to add some color to my outfit and stick to my goal of brightening my wardrobe!

Black & White Favorites:

These tanks for summer are some of my favorites. I have a striped one, a white one, a floral one, and this black one!

Old Navy Chinos are my favorite. I always ruin them throughout the summer. I don’t feel bad when I stain them since they’re so cheaply priced!

Target has figured out the way to make cute, cheap sandals! These are actually pretty comfy and so stinking cute! It’s always my first place to shop for trendy sandals!

Black Tank | White Shorts | Sandals | Belt | Lip Stick |

Of course, Summer is for florals and brights. This week try out some monochromatic outfits! Plus, there’s much less white material that you have to worry about staining with white jeans! Where them fearlessly!



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Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is RIGHT around the corner. For whatever reason, there’s a lot of pressure that comes along with getting ready for a Valentine’s Day Date. It’s kind of funny really; Nate has seen me without makeup before. Nate has seen me without my hair fixed and in comfies. My boyfriend has seen me, like you other girls, at my “prettiest” wink wink. Why is there so much pressure for Valentines day?! I’m going to be doing 3 posts on ideas for Valentine’s Day hair, makeup, and outfits.

Valentine’s Day Outfit

Valentine's Day

I love a simple outfit with accessories and added cuteness. Simple outfit allow you to add your own bits of personality without being overstated and loud. I know a lot of people aren’t comfortable drawing attention to themselves. A basic wardrobe staple with added accessories can give you a creative outlet without bringing too much attention to you and your outfit. The subtle touches keep you looking cute and not boring. Simple is my favorite!

Valentine’s Sweater

Starting with the sweater, how simple and cute? It’s a twist to your tradition cream sweater. I love to find things that are traditional with a twist. The fit of this sweater is a little more boxy than traditional sweaters and that turtleneck had me drooling!

I LOVE the look of a turtleneck sweater. I don’t know about you but I think it dresses up an outfit so much! The turtleneck trend is so great to me. It makes any outfit look more put together. It looks so cozy and comfy! I had to have it.

My mom has always loved winter white. She has always spoken of its class and beauty. She’s right. It looks so good on everyone! Also, I just think it reminds me of her and it oh, so classy.

Turtleneck & Winter White.. The combo of the two is so beautiful, in my opinion. Ya know, According to Lynlee. This sweater I got for a steal at forever 21 for $7!

Similar Sweater at Target 

Valentine’s Pants

Secondly, these pants. Another twist to your basic black pant. I paired this adorable sweater with black corduroys. These pants dress up this sweater just a tad bit more than your standard black jean.

Black pants are a wardrobe staple! They can change up any outfit and make it instantly dressier. This outfit is no different. This sweater was cute with jeans but trade those jeans for black pants. It is immediately much dressier for the occasion! That’s what we all want for date night, right?

I love the way these corduroys look with this sweater. I can’t get over how much I love this outfit

Valentine’s Booties

Of course I reached for my leopard ASOS booties. They are just everything I need in a shoe. These booties provide comfort, a pop of print, and all around cuteness. It gets no better than that. None.

These booties are so versatile. I can wear these with literally anything!

Extremely Similar to mine at Charlotte Russe

Not so Basic

This is a basic outfit, I understand. I love basic outfits. They just speak to me for some reason. I can’t say why. There’s easy ways to make basic outfits cute! I added this necklace that I got fo free from Forever 21. This sweater was clearance. Forever 21 was running a special buy one clearance item get one for free! This headband was also a freebie from forever 21 as well. I’m not mad!

Adding a couple accessories can completely change outfits. These few items added such a statement to this outfit. This whole outfit cost me under $50. My purse not included. How much cuter did this outfit just become!? 100% Cuter! Who doesn’t love a cute outfit for cheap!? I do!!

Creating looks on a budget is so fun for me! Looks that are cheap and classy for big days are even better! Let me know some steals you guys have gotten recently!

XO, Lynlee*

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