Everything You May Need at the Lake

Time seems to just stop and speed up when you’re at the Lake. It goes by so quickly but at the same time it passes so slowly. It’s a rush and a peace all in the same. It’s chaos and serenity all at once. There’s something about being beside a body of water, in any form, that makes you feel a flood of different emotions. In the summer, I live for that flood.

So, as you probably noticed I am an over packer. I will always be an over packer. I pack about 4 pairs of extra panties, an extra sweater, and two pair of extra pants. Just in case you know? Even though I know from experience, the extras I packed will not be worn, they end up tossed in my suitcase anyway. I’ve come to know that’s just the person I am; the over packer. And, I’m okay with that. I always ALWAYS worry I’m going to forget something or worry I will need something and not have it. Going to the Lake you almost have to take it all. Just like being at the beach, you’re not going to want to run to the store if you forgot something especially if you’ve already gotten settle. So, you gotta take it all. Once you’re out on the water you better have what you need.. or else. 🙂

Lake Necessities

You know, there’s that list of things you HAVE TO HAVE..

  1. Swimsuit or Two – Probably two. No one likes putting on a wet swimsuit. Last year, I left mine at home when we went. I’ve also linked some swimmies here.
  2. Sunglasses – Two pair of cheap sunnies. So, if you lose a pair you have a back up.
  3. Beach Blanket – a la Suite 41 Boutique.
  4. Beach Towel – Vera Bradley towels are my fave. The Easter Bunny ( my mom ) got my sister and I towels for Easter
  5. Hat / Head Band – Hair out of the way. Sun out of you face.
  6. Flippies – No need to ruin good shoes.
  7. Sunscreen – See –> this post. Physical Sunscreen.
  8. Jacket – I detest being cold. On the water, it’s extra chilly; even on the warmest night.
  9. Pony Tail Holders ( This would be number 2 right under swim suit if these were numbered in order  of importance. )
  10. Beach Bag – To keep all the items in one place. 🙂 I love a tote like it linked. Waterproof and sandproof + they hold a ton.
  11. Kimono / Swimsuit Cover up – I love a kimono for swim suit cover up.
  12. PFG Columbia – I almost always take mine. See Sunscreen post. They’re soft, light weight, and protect you from the sun
  13. Air Dry Cream – I don’t know about you but my hair is REAL cute when it air dries naturally. ( Not really )
  14. Chapstick – Burnt Lips. Chapped Lips. No thank you.

Other Lake Necessities

Then, there’s that list of things your have to have..

  1. Jean Shorts – They go with your jacket, your swimsuit, your tee shirt. Just take them you’ll need them
  2. Take Me to the Lake Tee – obviously. There’s 2 Styles. See also this one.
  3. Life Proof Case – Water + Cell Phone = expensive Life Proof = $100
  4. Polaroid Camera – Just for fun!
  5. Pizza Float ( or other #BASIC floaties ) – So, you can be cool
  6. Fun Cup – Because you need it
  7. Sour Patch Kids – because you should never go on a trip without them.
  8. Aloe Vera and ibuprofen – Sun Burn relief, ya know?
  9. Phone Charger – No one ever leaves without these
  10. Head Phones – because I take headphones everywhere
  11. Water Proof Mascara – Water + Mascara = Mess. Water + Water Proof Mascara = Pretty
  12. Makeup Wipes – Get that sunscreen off your face AND I always travel with makeup wipes
  13. Coconut Oil – Rehydrate your sun dried skin while you see
  14. Wet Brush – Lake Water hair is just unmanageable.
  15. Chrystal Light Packets – Stay hydrated with flavor

More Lake Necessities

Then, there’s this list.. The fun stuff, the cute stuff,

  1. Monogram Coozie – You need a cookie and you need it to have your monogram on it
  2. Cooler – nothing cooler. ( no pun intended )
  3. Bendy Straws – Just for fun
  4. Flash Tats – Just for more fun
  5. Cute PJs – Should I elaborate or..?
  6. Nail File / Top Coat – I have a hang nail and chipping nail polish. Somethings you just always have. These are two of mine
  7. Baggy T-shirt and Lose Shorts – for if (or when ) you get sun burnt
  8. GoPro – no commentary needed.
  9. Swimsuit bag – travel home with your wet shimmies and not worry about getting the rest of your clothes wet.
  10. Waterproof Watch – because I always wear a watch and feel lost without it.
  11. Cute Choker – More just for fun

Did I forget some things? Probably, let’s be honest here. I always forget something! But, I covered a lot of bases. So, next time you’re on the water. Remember to check out my list to make sure you’ve grabbed everything! Until next time.


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Spring Break Needs List

Spring Break is the happiest time of the year.. after Christmas. Its like the ultimate welcome to summer. (that is until you come back to the frigid Arkansas Spring) I think Arkansans are wired to want to go to the beach for spring break.. I know I always want to be at the beach all the time but particularly around Spring Break.. because being in the adult world we aren’t allotted an actual “Spring Break” But, it’d be cool if we were.

In Arkansas most people go south for spring break. Beach people live here in Arkansas. We are equipped to deal with humidity. Our bodies are made to love the sun, our brains programmed to love the sand, and our souls crave the salt. It is what it is. There’s no way around it. We love the beach. And, granted, maybe I’m just talking about myself and if thats the case and you hate the beach.. I have plenty of other posts you can read that don’t involve my love for the ocean. 

I’ve packed for the beach a million times. I wish I was packing for the beach now! But, in my experience heres a list of the things you actually need when you go to the beach!

In your Travel Bag

Spring BreakBackpack | Swimsuit | Dry Shampoo | Sunnies |

I love to carry a backpack when I travel.. That way everything is easy to get to AND its super easy to carry. When its time to unload I don’t have my hands full trying to carry my travel bag ( Carry On if you will ) and suitcase along with everything else..

  1. Purse

    Usually, when I travel this acts as my purse and I put my actual vacation purse in my suitcase so That’s one less bag I have to carry.

  2. Makeup Necessities

    Just the necessities.. Foundation, Mascara, and Blush. Just in Case. If it fits in my 5 minute morning routine it fits in my travel bag.

  3. iPad

    Because no one travels without them anymore

  4. Swimsuit

    If I’m flying the swimsuit goes in my travel bag.. Just in case my luggage gets lost, I’ll at least have that!

  5. Headphones

    I cannot travel without headphones

  6. Dry Shampoo

    Because I don’t go anywhere without it!

In your Beach Bag..

Which BTW: Should be a cute one..

Spring Break

Swimsuit Top // Bottom | Hat | Sandals | Cover Up | Graphic Tee |
Shorts | Sunnies | “Lynlee” Cup | Beach Blanket | Notebooks |

  1. Swimsuit

    I mean, hello! If you’re going to the beach and you were to only take one thing this would be the one thing you should take.  Luckily thats not the case. Everything else is optional but a swimsuit is nonnegotiable. I love Giani Bini Swimsuit from Dillards. These bottoms are GB Highwaisted Bottoms. This top is from target and I’ve had some good luck at Target.

  2. Towel

    To lay on.. to dry off.. You must take a towel. This fell under the obvious category for a reason..

  3. Hat + Headband

    Your hair in your face.. or sunburnt face & Ears.. Nothing is more annoying than your face getting burn on day one. Put on a hat and put on your sunscreen.  See number 6. Also, this hat is from one of my moms friend’s embroidery company; A Blessed Mess. I linked her Facebook page under the picture or check it out –> Here

  4. Sandals

    Because sand and ANY OTHER shoe don’t mix. I love these birkenstocks they’re comfy and easy to walk long distances in.

  5. Cover up

    If you do end up burn sitting in the sun knowing your just adding to your burn is the worst. There have been trips that after I burnt I would still want to enjoy the beach life. Insert Cover up here. This tie dyed cover up dress is adorable over any swimsuit. it’s lightweight and flowy and will dry so quickly! I also love the columbia PFGs because they dry quickly and they aren’t hot at all! Plus, how cute are they with your monogram? So cute! Also, I love the free people trapeze dresses over my swimsuit.. they dry quickly and are comfy!

  6. Sunscreen

    For your body and your face.. Wrinkles are real. Sunburns are miserable. Put on the Sunscreen.

  7. Floaty

    I’ve got a Pizza Slice, Its oh, so fun and its so fun in the water!

  8. Denim Shorts + Cute Graphic Tee

    Just a good basic outfit. Plus super nice to pull on after a day at the beach. This is the Spring Break Uniform.. and Lets talk about how cute this Preach Muscle Tee is! You can get it at Yaya’s!

  9. Sunnies

    Do I need to elaborate? Plus, These are TOO cute!

  10. Speaker + Headphones

    Let’s just make the beach more enjoyable by adding some tunes..

  11. S’well Bottle

    We cannot be getting dehydrated while in the sun and on vacation. Grab you a bottle or cup that’ll keep your drinks cold through the whole day of sun bathing. I love my swell bottle. It’s great for the beach because it has a screw top. You won’t have to worry about getting sand into your drink and your beverage will stay cold for hours!

  12. Lifeproof Nud Case
    Nothing worse than being somewhere far from home and ruining your phone. A waterproof case is almost as necessary as a swimsuit. This Nud Case is so slim and easy to handle. I love it!
  13. Chapstick

    My lips get so chapped when I’m beach side. I always take chapstick with me. Also, there are few things more painful than sunburnt lips.

  14. Magazines, Good Book, iPad

    Oceanside entertainment. One can only lay still getting a tan so long before they need to do something.

  15. Beach Blanket

    A towel is such a small space to put all your stuff if you’re like me and don’t want sand in EVERYTHING. A beach Blanket allows you to kind of stretch out and have extra space to put your stuff.

  16. Snacks + Drinks

    I’m a snacker! Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Cuties, Crystal Light Packets all get dropped into my bag as I’m running to the beach!

  17. Wallet // Wristlet

    If you’re staying far away  from the beach you’re going to need to carry your dollars.. just in case. If you have a functional purse you can throw a wristlet from one bag to the next.

  18. Notebook

    I just always carry notebooks with me everywhere. If a thought strikes or something I need to remember crosses my mind..

Fashion Items

Spring Break requires you to take multi-purpose outfits because of the weather! You have to be practical but keep in mind that we still want to look cute and springy. It’s crazy you can go from tanks to sweater in a matter of hours.. I love dresses in when I’m at the beach. You look cute and feel cute but you’re comfy! So comfy! I wish I was a reasonable packer but, I’m not. I pack everything except the kitchen sink. You never know what you might need.. Heres a list of some things you’ll definitely need!

Wardrobe Essentials
  1. Flowy, Lightweight Dress

    If you’re burnt, its so horrible to have to wear jean shorts and a shirt. I love throwing on a flowy dress when I’m burnt. It helps avoid some of the pain.

  2. Sweater

    This beautiful sweater is SOOO cozy and the color makes it transition into spring without a hitch! I’ll be rocking this with shorts as the seasons start changing. This sweat would be perfect  to wear walking along the beach at night or dinner out! Plus, one those chilly nights you’ll be grateful for something cute and warm!

  3. Jacket

    The Weather during spring break is tricky! It may or may not be warm at your destination. I’ve been twice when it was too cold to even get in the water and the wind was blowing so hard you didn’t really want to be on the beach at all. Of course, we endured the cold and sat out there anyway. A Denim Jacket goes with almost everything and they’re not bulky to pack.

  4. Light Weight Pull over

    A light weight pull over is a necessity. Any time I travel anywhere I pack a sweatshirt. Whether it be an over night trip or a vacation. It’s almost like a security blanket.. or Jacket.. See this Post –> Here.

  5. Comfy Denim Shirt

    This is also great to throw on over your swimsuit but also great for sunburnt days too! Denim on denim or denim with colored jeans is always cute plus layering with denim is cake.

  6. Cute Jammies

    If you’re staying with a group of people.. Jammies are always good to pack for the late nights or watching movies or lounging around.. or early morning breakfast before you get ready for a day in the sun!

  7. White Jeans + Blue Jeans + Blush Jeans

    First of all, all three of these colors of jeans go with EVERYTHING. Secondly, they instantly brighten up any outfit. So, while you’re beaching and wanting to look bright and extra colorful.. Plus, all three of the shirts I put in there coordinate with all the jeans.

  8. Wedges + Closed Toed Shoes

    Cute Healed Sandals or wedges are a must pack. These soft wedges are SOOO comfy! A pair of camel wedges are so easy to throw on with everything in your suitcase. I love camel because you can easily wear them with black or brown! You’re going to want wedges for dinner or night out. Then, of course, the closed toed shoes for nights it gets extra chilly, shopping or you’re walking a little more than usual. I adore these tennies. This style shoes can be worn with basically everything.. like everything else I love.


  1. Strapless Bra + Regular Bra

    Dragging out all your tanks for the Spring weather you’ll be glad you packed a strapless bra AND if your shoulders are super burnt you may can get away with wearing a strapless bra to keep the pain away.

  2. Functional Purse

    You’re going to need a bag that is multi functional. I hate packing multiple purses. Pick a purse that goes with all your outfits and is easy to shop with, wear to dinner etc.

  3. Simple Jewelry

    In an attempt to not have to worry, costume jewelry is the way to go. Cheap Jewelry that you don’t have to worry about breaking, losing or ruining your vacation is the only thing I take. I love Walmart and Forever 21 for cute cheap jewelry. Also, Rue 21 has some super fashion piece that you won’t wear a lot but at the beach you can get away with everything so rock that wild jewelry!

Beauty Items

  1. Lotion

    Your skin gets so dehydrated from the sun and the salt. It’s such a great feeling to put lotion on your dry skin after a day in the sun. 

  2. Moisturizing Face Masks

    This is just a fun one with a huge perk. Your skin is dehydrated and so your face isn’t getting skipped in that. Moisturizing Face Masks are great to put on at night to keep your face moisturized and avoid peeling and flaking!

  3. Shampoo, Conditioner, + Leave in Conditioner / UV Protectant

    UV Protectant isn’t spoken about enough in my opinion. Especially if you have colored hair this is like a sunscreen for your hair. It keeps your color from fading and getting damaged from the sun!

  4. Detangling Comb // Wet Brush

    After a day in the sun, sea, and wind you’re going to be grateful to have something to brush your hair out with!

  5. Waterproof Mascara + BB Cream

    Along with the rest of your makeup bag don’t forget waterproof mascara. You don’t want to have black running down your face when you’re caught by an unexpected wave. And you may want a little coverage for your face but not wanting a whole face of makeup. Grab your BB Cream for a light coverage but still beach ready look!

  6. Glasses + Extra Contacts

    I love taking my contacts out after a day at the beach. It feels so refreshing!

  7. Pony Tail Holders + Bobby Pins

    You do not want to be caught at the beach with your hair down.

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