Bare Faced Makeup

Bare Face Makeup

Bare Faces and great complexions are another beautiful perk of summer time. Have you caught on that I love summer yet? Being able to leave the house with barely there makeup makes me want to dance the night away.. and I’ll have time because I didn’t spend an hour doing my makeup.

My freckles pop out, my dark circles start to disappear, and my tan face is welcomes with open arms. Lucky for all of us, we can partake in bare faces under the premise of fashion. I love a good excuse not to wear makeup. If I can get away with it I’m out on spending the time to put on a full face of makeup. Plus, in the summer I don’t want to spend all that time putting on my makeup and then turn around and sweat it off. That’s unattractive on so many levels!

Bare Face Makeup

If only men knew what girls go through to looks effortless. It’s seriously takes more effort for me to look effortless than it do for me to look like I actually put in effort! That’s bad! Bare Face Makeup is still makeup. It may be take less time but effortless isn’t actually effortless. This may take less time but it still takes time! Also, I’m by no means the Queen of Bare Face Makeup. I would say I’m self-proclaimed queen of full faces of makeup and HAND DOWN Queen of NO Makeup. But, I know what I like and this is a list of things I use for No makeup Makeup.


Color Correcting Primer

Because we want this to appear like we’re hardly wearing any makeup a Color Correcting Primer is a great start to this look. If you’re like me you have some discoloration on your face. Mine happens to come in the form of VERY rosy cheeks. I look like I always have on blush. It’s a gift really. jk. it’s annoying. You can always tell when I have rubbed my cheek against something because you can see that redness start peaking through! If you’re skeptical of this product, try L’Oreal Studio Secret if you are convinced go for the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer. A color correcting primer will balance out the discoloration and cancel out those colors to create a more neutral canvas.

BB Cream

( Applied after primer because I stand firm about using primers. ) A light coverage BB Cream to kind of Bare Face Makeup’s Love Language. If you’re uncomfortable with wearing this light of coverage light – medium foundation will work just the same. When I wear bare makeup I like for my freckles to show through my foundation. I don’t mind some imperfections sneaking out into the look because it shows I wasn’t completely trying to hide everything. So, a light coverage will do. I love and use the Smashbox BB Cream. It’s a nice coverage and I like the way it feels on my skin. It sets down nicely and isn’t tacky. You know I hate that. Some BB Creams cover little to nothing. Also, the NYX BB Cream and Maybelline BB Cream are two I’ve used a loved. Plus, this girl WILL be using some concealer you better believe it! If I’m going for this look I like to look like a real girl with flaw and all not a real girl with instagram makeup. You know what I’m talking about. I love instagram makeup, don’t get me wrong but it has no place in Bare Face Makeup. Ya feel me? 


What’s a makeup look without concealer? Do you even wear makeup if you don’t wear concealer? My undereye circle don’t COMPLETELY disappear as my skin gets more tan in the summer. They just slightly disappear. Obviously, Concealer is a must. I’m not talking Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. That’s some instagram makeup stuff. That’s photoshoot ready makeup. I’m talking, Nyx HD Photo Concealer is more along the lines of the coverage I want / need. It’s one of my favorites. ( You can read about it here. ) Not too little but not too much either. Somewhere nicely in the middle. Medium Coverage, yeah?


I love a good contour. Personally, I believe my cheeks should be etched out. There should be no doubting where my cheek bone is and where the hollow of my cheek is either. You know RIGHT where it is. No assumption necessary. But, with this look, I’d look a bit ridiculous with “Bare” makeup and totally carved out cheek bones. So, I’ve been loving some other bronzers instead of my Kat Von D Palette. Don’t get me wrong; I love her still. Lately, I have been reaching for the Physcian’s Formula Butter Bronzer. And it smells like a vacation in the tropics! <– for that reason I’m using it all day everyday! It gives a beautiful subtle bronzing without overdoing it and still gives you a little bit of the contouring effect I know and love.


Of Course everyone would say the Cult Favorite instantly, Nars Orgasm. I would too, normally. I have worn this blush off and on for years! As a matter of fact, one year for christmas I asked for this blush and perfume from Victoria’s Secret called Pure Seduction. ( Do they still make that? That would take me back! I’d be 16 again. ) My mom laughed when I opened them saying she couldn’t believe she bought those for me. Anyway, it is great for my complexion year round and I do love it. But, in the fun and spirit of new things, I’m recommending the the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette. First off, it gives you such a wide range of options. Secondly, for the price the quality of these products are great! ( It’s only TEN DOLLARS!! )


Okay, again, let me brag about Makeup Revolution. I love this palette and I mean LOVE it! This is the only palette I travel with anymore. Lately, I am just loving warm colors for my eyes. This palette covers that but, I can also make a neutral ( I see what you did there, Makeup Revolution ) New-Trals vx Neutrals covers all my bases as far as palette goes. I don’t even need anything else. But, this look is also great when you use the Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay. Which is how I achieved this look!


Obvisouly, I’m going to be using L’Oreal Primer because hello, I love it. Then, Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I’m not usually an advocate for High End Mascara. I’ve tried all kinds and I’m just eh on most but, this mascara is so stinking good! With Bare Makeup Makeup, we don’t want full on High Volume // Max Thickness Lashes. ( Actually, we always want that. ) That doesn’t compliment the look correctly. What we really want to go for is volume. This mascara will rock. your. world. Great volume, great staying power, and just great mascara.


I bought into the hype, you guys, and I tried out the Anastasia brow wiz bologna. I hate to say it but I was really unimpressed. My brows didn’t stay filled in and beautiful like I expected they would ( because my drug store does at least that) It wasn’t super was to apply and I felt the formula was really waxy. I got on the bandwagon and it was no fun! Maybe I’m the only one and I’m okay with that but, it wasn’t for me. So, I’ll safe myself $10 and use L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer. Having perfectly drawn on brows also isn’t something you want for this makeup look plus, lets be honest thats not easy which IS something we want out of this look. This pencil lasts, the formula is nice and easy to apply. It doesn’t drag as I apply it and it doesn’t smear.

| Shirt – Forever 21 Red | Necklace – Beaucoup Designs   | Choker – Walmart ( in store ) |

If you’re like me, you know doing barely there makeup isn’t the easiest. It’s really easy to go above and beyond. And by that, I mean, it’s really easy to get a little heavy handed with your makeup. Even when you’re doing no makeup makeup it’s easy to over do it! With these products, I’ve found it’s really easy to stay light handed and keep the bare makeup look! I hope to see your looks. Let me know which products YOU love!


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Favorites Roundup


I have always loved checking out everyones favorites. It’s my favorite videos to watch on youtube. Reading blogs about peoples favorites gives me new products to try and I am always down to try out new things. Seeing what people are purchasing, using and loving is so fun to me. So, I decided I’d write about some of my most recent favorites.

// Fashion // Favorites

Over sized Blush Pull Over

Forever 21 RARELY disappoints. Am I too old to still like forever 21 clothing? Possibly. But, who cares? This sweatshirt is one of those items you know immediately you should have bought two. Unfortunately, Forever 21 Red is what is nearest to me. You can’t shop them online. 🙁 But, lucky for you guys this thing showed up at your regular Forever 21! You can purchase it –> Here

It’s super soft and lightweight. And the color.. you already know I’m obsessing over anything blush. I absolutely love the shape of this. It’s extremely boxy but it’s so flowy you’d never know it. I’ve worn it every chance that I get! Like.. I’m wearing it now! It’s so comfy to wear. And we all know forever 21 is cheap! This sweatshirt was $22!! Does it get any better than that!? I can’t wait to wear it this spring with baggy distressed shorts and sandals! 

Blush Sweater

As soon as I laid eyes on this sweater I knew it had to be mine!! Blush of course. It’s the epitome of comfort and fashion. I have lounged in it and dressed it up. It’s pretty lightweight so you can wear it without having to worry about getting too hot. That’s a huge bonus for me because I’m super hot natured. Doing hair is not the time you want to wear clothes that make you hot either! 

The v-neck makes it so easy to wear off the shoulder or with a cute chunky necklace. I like to wear it both ways! My favorite way to wear this sweater though, is with my leopard booties! IT’s reasonably priced for a good quality sweater and you can come pick it up at Yaya and visit me too!

Holey Jeans

Because everyone needs shredded denim. You included! These are also a Yaya Clothing Boutique Special. I mean.. working there and seeing all the clothes all the time what do you expect?! Plus, if I like something I want it! And I want it now!

I’m actually not usually a fan of the boyfriend style jeans. I just think they don’t fit my body right but these changed my opinion. I love the vintage denim wash on these. What I like to call “old school Levi” style. They remind me of the jeans my grandpa wore when I was younger. Minus the holes.. My granny would have already patched them! But, the wash is the similar. These hit right at my ankles so I can wear them down or cuffed to change up the look. They washed so well, which I was concerned about. Holy Jeans don’t always come out of the washer and dryer in great shape but these jeans definite did! 

I look forward to wearing these jeans ALL SUMMER! I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of them but, I plan on getting MUCH more wear out of them. Finding a good pair of holey jeans you just love is hard to do but, I did it and I couldn’t be happier.

// Skin //Favorites

Virgin Coconut Oil

Okay, I’ll start with a disclaimer.. I have always had good skin. I didn’t fight acne as a teen, My skin was never exceptionally dry or oily, it wasn’t overly sensitive. But, I’ve taken advantage of that good fortune. At 27, I don’t really know how to properly care for my skin because I never HAD to do it. I would wash my face with whatever face wash or face wipe was handy. Still, I’m not sure what my skin TRULY needs. When I walk up and down skin care aisles I feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I think a lot of the skin care products out these days are a bit gimmicky. What do I REALLY NEED? I’m still not sure. But, as soon as I find out I’ll let you know,

Now, I am starting to see wrinkles on my forehead. So, I’ve changed up my moisturizing habits tremendously. For a while I used Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream and I will say, that does the job. But, I think my skin was dehydrated beyond belief. I started using coconut Oil. And to be honest, I’m floored at how different my skin looks. Even just after a couple of days my skin showed more life and brightness. It was no longer dull and matte looking. It looked hydrated and felt even better! I have been completely astounded by the results of this! 

I wash my face at night and apply a small (Very small amount) on my face and neck. I’ve not ventured too far into using it all over the rest of my body because the scent is SO strong. But, I have put some on places on my body that are showing extra dryness. I even give a small amount to my dog to help his skin issues too. It’s shown to be very effective. Plus, Dock LOVES it!

Fake Bake Skin Polish + Self Tan

There’s a post coming soon about this combo. I’ll be sharing how I self tan. This stuff is fabulous. I haven’t ever been much of a self tanner. I either just show off my white legs or avoid skirts and shorts in public until I get a decent tan. This self tanner was recommended to me and its SO SO easy! If I’d known it was this easy I’d probably have started using it along time ago!

The application process is so simple! Once you have prepped your skin tanning your body is a cake walk. The prep work is the hardest part and its easy too! The Skin Polish is an exfoliant that prepares your skin for the self tanner without leaving oily residue. It makes your skin so soft! As you’re using it you can tell the product isn’t harsh on your skin. It’s not a rough exfoliant at all! After I shower I moisturize and then self tan.

This Particular Self Tan is the easiest self tanner I have ever used! IT’s in a pump spray bottle and comes with a mitt. You simply spray it onto the mitt and buff it into your skin! That easy. Let it dry and carry on with life as usual! One and Done!

You can also pick this up at Yaya Clothing Boutique!

Make Up Wipes

Who doesn’t love a good makeup wipe? I love the easy of a makeup wipe. The removal process of your makeup is made 1000x easier by using makeup wipes. Guess What. My favorite ones are the Equate Brand makeup wipes from walmart. Life made easy. My preference is the wipes that come in the small travel size packs. I find they don’t dry out as quickly and they’re much easier to throw into your bag when you travel.

I was SO excited when I stumbled upon this box of wipes. Loving the travel size packs, my day was made! You get 125 wipes total. Unfortunately, Its about $3 more than the 2 pack and you get 120 wipes with that. Honestly, for me, its worth it. I have used the big packs before and I end up having to use two wipes as I get 1/2 way through so, I get more days out of the box.

I’ve posted about them in my 5 Minute Morning post.. you can read that –> here.

// Makeup // Favorites

L’oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation 

I have been struggling with wrinkles lately. I turned 27 in February and it’s like my body gave them to me as a birthday gift. Thanks a heap. They just seem to have popped up over night. My heavier foundations have started settling into said wrinkles, and ladies we just can’t have that. I’m only 27.

Personally, I don’t need heavy coverage. This foundation is very light coverage. Other than some redness on my cheeks, dark circles, and scattered winter freckles, I’m not trying to hide too much. This foundation covered exactly what I needed it to and didn’t settle into my fine lines. It’s tacky to the touch so, setting it is a must! That’s a very easy step if that’s the only downfall for this light coverage foundation, right? 

To give a little extra coverage to some dark circles I simply put conceal (see below) to cover them and add a little brightness under my eyes. 

Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette

If you have not tried out makeup revolution you TOTALLY should. I discovered them while watching Nicole Cutler on YouTube. She did a look using this particular palette and I had to have it! It’s perfect if you love warm toned shadows (me). The pigment and lasting power are great for a budget friendly. Ulta runs specials on this line all the time! I bought two palettes at 50% off. Right now the special is buy two get one free!

The drugstore often lacks in palettes with lots of color options but the brand helps makeup for it. I’ve created so many different looks with this palette. For that, it’s great for travel! There’s a row of neutrals and a row of more shades. Fun Fact: if your eyes are blue warm tones (shades of orange) will make your eyes POP!) I love this palette. At first I was a bit skeptical but, it has blown me away! 

Maybelline Master Conceal

I know. I’m late to the party with this one. But, I have arrived no less. AND it made it to the Favorites list so… Like I have mentioned earlier in this post I’m dealing with wrinkles. Even fine lines under my eyes. Finding a concealer that doesn’t settle but has nice coverage has been quite the chore. 

I try to avoid thick concealer. The feeling of product on my face isn’t my favorite. I prefer more natural looks. This concealer gives GREAT coverage and doesn’t sit heavily on my skin. Another perk, it’s super easy to blend out. Sometimes I find higher coverage products to be more difficult to blend but this one is an exception to the rule. It gives me great, long lasting coverage! This is a great option if you’re wanting a drugstore concealer. 

// Hair //Favorites

Amika Un.Done Texture Spray

Being a Texture Spray Girl, I’ll try them all. So far, this one takes the cake! It’s not at all drying.. which if you followed along for very long you know that’s something I pay attention to. It gives GREAT texture and roughness. I love this texture Spray for its ability to texturize my fine hair and give me body and the beautiful mess I so desire! It’s in an aerosol can so it’s dry on the hair and never gets tacky. I. Am. Obsessed. 

I sprayed it on my hair after I had curled it so I’d have the lived in look. I also used it on a client who has silky soft hair. It held her curls so well and gave her a tiny bit of texture. It’s definitely my new go to texture spray.

Amika The Shield Style Extender Spray

I believe everyone should have a UV Protectant in their hair routine. This one is a new favorite. It protects your hair from heat, sun, and frizz. In Arkansas Summer you know we face heat, sun and frizz. This will protect your hair against all those; Damage and color fade from the sun and frizz from the heat (and humidity). This Style Extender helps keep your style for days on end and keeps you looking GREAT! It’s a perfect summer product to add to your routine. 

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Like Texture Spray, I also LOVE dry shampoo. I always want to try new dry shampoos. This one is a great one. It gives a slight powdery feel but, makes my hair look and feel SO clean! It absorbs my oils and gives me soft texture. I have used this daily since I purchased it. You can’t be too mad about dry shampoos when they make your hair feel clean. I know I have said, ” I love _____ dry shampoo,” so many times already on this blog but, I really do love this one. I love all dry shampoos as long as they make my hair feel clean and don’t leave a nasty residue. This one fits the bill and it smells so nice. It’ll be a repurchased item and staple for me. (I love it more the IGK and I love IGK) 

Picking out my favorites is hard sometimes and other times I can name my favorites without a second thought. Some of these items made it through a long list of other favorites I had. Most of these, were an automatic answer. I knew right away which products would make the list. Some topics I had too many favorites to count. I have some new favorites, I can’t wait to share so, Stay tuned! If you try any of these let me know OR I’d love to hear some of your current favorites!



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