Saturdays are for..


April and May are busy times 1000 in all aspects of life. An empty Saturday is hard to come by these days. Kids are finishing up school and getting ready to start Summer. Teens are having prom and finals. Parents are trying to get a schedule in place for summer all while chasing their kids to every practice, ball game, banquet, and awards day the school offers. Kudos, mommas.

Even, around the cosmetology world. It’s busy! Every Saturday since the first weekend in April I have had busy Saturdays at work. I’m talking all day long. I’m not complaining. I love doing updos for such important days. Through April it’s Prom season, banquets, and benefits. Not to mention wedding season is in full swing as well. I have not stopped on Saturdays for over a month. For the last 6 weeks, I have worked and worked and worked. Okay, thats a little dramatic but I mean..


Do you have a job you love but still need an occasional break from? Lynlee does! I knew going into beauty school that Saturdays would be for working. But, working on a Saturday come in waves for me. I work several Saturdays in a row and then, my client don’t even request an appointment on Saturdays for weeks. Spring is one of the waves of working Saturdays. Summer is a big wave of not working Saturdays because people love to spend time with their families, friends, and enjoying the weather. I’m embracing the off duty Saturday.

Hairstylist Hours of Operation

I laughed as I strolled Old Navy a couple weeks ago and stumbled upon this shirt. “Off Duty” it read. I’m certain it has some other meaning but to me, it was a funny play on words for my chosen profession. As a hairstylist you’re never off duty. I know there are lots of professions that have the same hours as me, all hours. There are no hours of operation. I am in the service industry. My schedule is flexible so that it fits YOUR schedule. That’s 1/2 the reason I love the job so much. My schedule is made by me.

Over the last weekend, Nate asked me to trim his neck at about 9:00 Sunday Night. If I’m getting ready with my mom, I want to help. If I’m doing my makeup with my friends I get asked to help or tips and tricks. As a hairstylist you’re never off work. So, obviously I had to snag this tank!

Being a hairstylist is the career of my dreams. I never feel like I work. For me, it’s never a job. With everything come the need to get away, get refreshed, and start again. I love helping my mom fix her hair. It brings me joy when my friends ask me tricks about doing their hair and makeup. To be asked to trim someones hair in my “of duty” time is one of those things that makes you feel like you’re doing the job of your calling. To me, it’s never work. I’m embracing the day of being “Off Duty” tomorrow.

Off Duty Saturday

I’ll be the girl wearing no makeup with unfixed hair. Nate and I love our Saturdays together. We love to do everything and nothing. Once, Nate said, “I think you have lost weight.” I said, “YEAH! because we never set still on the weekends.” But, I don’t mind it. Call me crazy but I love, love, love my job but I need a day to do absolutely nothing. I want to play around with no schedule no list of dos or time frames to meet. And, I want to spend the whole day with my dog and Nate. Every now and then you earn a day like that, ya know?

I look forward to getting up too early so Nate can have Eggs Benedict at Fat City. Come home to immediately start working on things. We are both most relaxed when we’re working on a project. Thats where we’ll be. You can find us projecting for our mom’s Mother’s DayGifts.  ( Fun Fact: Both our moms are named Donna. )

My Donna asked for a bed swing to go in her outdoor kitchen. She loves to swing and has ALWAYS had a swing in the back yard. My mom has been drooling over bed swings for years. We saw one on one of our annual beach trips to Seaside and has wanted one ever since. His Donna is getting a huge planter because she LOVES flowers. Both our moms love their outdoor spaces. His mom has a beautiful pavilion in her back yard surrounded by flowers and bird feeders. They already know what they’re getting so this isn’t blowing any surprises. I can’t wait to celebrate these moms.

Saturdays are for Relaxing

 Today, when I put away my products after my last client and turn off my blowdryer, I’ll be off duty. As much as I love my job, I am looking forward to it! How do you relax on your Off Duty Days? What’s on your mother’s day gift list? Let me know below! oh, and P.S. Old Navy is having 30% off until Sunday! ( your welcome )


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