Sunday Vibes

Easy like a Sunday Morning. That quote couldn’t be more false. There is nothing easy about any morning. They never seem to go smoothly. You wake up late, your should have washed your hair last night, and you can’t seem to fit right into anything you wear. Once your day gets going though, aren’t theys so nice. You’re recharged from church and you have a whole afternoon waiting for you! Sunday Vibes, all week long.

Sunday Vibes

Sunday Vibes

Apparently, I’m obsessed with Old Navy. Who isn’t? I don’t have to list why, but I will for you. They’re reasonably priced, good quality, cute clothes. For the most part I don’t have to worry about what the shirt says or if the length of the dresses are long enough. I can just grab it and go.

There are few clothing items I love more than comfortable ones. This outfit I styled all comfort and I’m all about that. I can;t be bothered with jeans I can’t move it or shirts I feel like I’m going to rip if I move. You know the ones. I LOVE a good t shirt. It is what it is. I have since I was a little girl. ( Fun Fact : In 6th grade my mom had to limit me to only wear t shirts 2 times a week because I had all these ute clothes I wouldn’t wear. ) This t-shirt and most of old navy’s t shirts are similar to the feeling you get when you crawl into egyptian cotton sheets.

This shirt is a little baggy and long. That’s what I love about it. It’s not super fitter but still has shape. And that shape isn’t your traditional Tee. Ya know?

Here’s the same shirt with a different saying and another.


These jeans are the epitome of comfort. They are like wearing your favorite pair of leggings. From the moment I put them on I knew I wouldn’t want to own another pair. These jeans are sneak peek. They’re carried in boutiques. The salon I work at carries them, thats actually where these came from. Shocker, I know. We have several different styles. Some new ones just arrived a couple weeks ago! They’re reasonably priced and worth every single penny. Even if there weren’t many pennies. The wash is perfect and the slight distressing make them even cuter.


I’m a free people lover but I can’t justify spending the money on it because most often I get color on it and ruin it. This jacket is free people. I didn’t pay full price & I don’t regret the purchase. It’s a couple of seasons old but, it’s just as cute now as the day I bought it. I love the style and the material. It’s not structured at all. The slouchy look is one of my go-to styles and this jacket goes right along with that feel. The blush color is so in for the spring season and it pairs nicely with this powder blue lettering! Go find you a blush jacket. It’s going to be EVERYWHERE this spring, I’m already seeing it. I love how the color compliments skin tones. You need one. Everyone needs one.

Here are a few that are the closest I could find.. Here’s one and here’s another.

Booties and Purse

If you’ve seen them once you’ve seen them 500 times. Seychelle Booties and Fossil Purse. My loves. Closet Must haves: A Good pair of low heal ankle booties and a camel leather purse. They go with everything and you can wear them year round. I posted links to similar items in last weeks post. You can find that post –> Here!

This outfit is such an easy outfit to throw together. T-shirt, jeans, jacket, and booties. I wore a necklace from dogeared and choker. That’s it. I felt cute in it and comfy too! Outfit pairings like that are put together with items in everyone’s closet maybe not a blush jacket but a jacket no less. You have jeans and I know you have a favorite tee!

I hope this post finds your week well. Slow down, feel comfy and enjoy your weekend. Celebrate each day! Be fashionably lazy.


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Spring Fashion

I am dying for summer. If you’re anything like me, you have been dying for summer to return since it first started getting dark earlier. Spring Fashion is such a welcomed bright after such a dreary winter. I’m ready to start seeing it! I love the warmer weather, the longer days, spending time by the water.. I could go on and on about why I love summer. And, I want it back right now. I’m beyond ready for shorts, dresses, skirts, tank tops, and tan lines! I cannot stand it any longer. Yes, I am aware I have some time to go before its warm enough to wear those things.

In the mean time, I’m dreaming! Over the weekend we had phenomenal weather! So, I took the opportunity to pull out one of my favorite dresses; a chambray dress from none other than old navy!

Spring Fashion – Denim & Camo


I love this dress. I actually got it last year. It’s really lose fit (which I love) and the perfect length. I’m by no means tall but at my age, I’ve come to be particular about the length of my dresses.

I love it for spring and summer because it’s light and breathable. The humidity in Arkansas demands you wear something light in the summer if you don’t want to be miserable.

Denim Dresses are such a simple staple. You can wear them with sandals or boots layered or not. They’re cool in the summer on a hot day and so comfy if you find the right fit. They also are so easy to layer over. You can pair it with anything and it’s still cute.

I couldn’t find this exact dress because it’s last season.

Here’s a Dress with similar fit and here’s another oh, and heres another.


I won’t bore you with a bunch of nonsense about my favorite jacket. I wrote about my winter wardrobe staple, some of you may already recognize it! You can read about it —> here. Just the high points. It’s so comfy. A great fit to layer over things. This jacket doesn’t make me feel like a can’t move and I can literally wear it with anything. (except this pair of green jeans I have, I can’t make it work.)

Although, I believe Leopard to be a solid came could be called that too. With the mix of colors I wear this with everything. It practically stays in my jeep to be thrown over whatever outfit I wear for the day. I love this jacket! You can find similar jacket to mine in the link above.  but, to save you a little trouble here’s a similar one not linked in the previous post!


I’m a ankle bootie girl! Standing on my feet all day, I love having a low heal that is still fashionable. I have shared with you guys before how much I love them. This pair is Seychelle. They’re ridiculously comfortable and distressed. So, even though I’ve worn them nonstop sense I got them about a month ago, you can’t tell.

I love a bootie not only for comfort but flexibility. Things I can wear multiple ways speak to me. I don’t want to buy things I can only wear one way and the rest of the time it sits in my closet unworn and wasting my money. These boots have been worn with everything from a baggy sweatshirt to a denim dress. ha. On the weekends, when I go to visit my boyfriend, they are always packed, if not on my feet.

This pair, though not identical is similar. This pair is also very similar. I can speak for it’s comfort, my mom has these and my sister and they wear them all the time.


Spring Fashion

Once I buy something unless I decide later it’s ugly, I keep it FOREVER. This lucky purse has been going strong since my beauty school days. It’s the perfect size and I love that I can wear it over my shoulder or across my body. Let me tell you, it’s the perfect bag when your doing activities. Shopping, out with your friends, walking the dog. Your hands are free and it holds all the things you need. That’s all we want in a purse, right? I love the color because it goes with everything as well. This is like my dream bag.

A similar one & Another similar one

My hat, from walmart, is so fun to cover up bad hair days. It’s even fun to wear over a good hair day. It compliments outfits and makes them not just a run of the mill outfit. I love to throw on a hat on lazy days or if my hair is getting a little dirty. And for more practical purposes keeps the sun off your face. Keeping us more youthful and young.

A Hat like mine. I can’t find the on but look in the store!

I hope you’ve found some early “spring” fashion inspiration in this outfit and go pull out your denim dress to wear. This lazy outfit is a perfect example of fashionably lazy when you still look cute! Be Fashionably Lazy and look cute too!


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