Spring Fashion

I am dying for summer. If you’re anything like me, you have been dying for summer to return since it first started getting dark earlier. Spring Fashion is such a welcomed bright after such a dreary winter. I’m ready to start seeing it! I love the warmer weather, the longer days, spending time by the water.. I could go on and on about why I love summer. And, I want it back right now. I’m beyond ready for shorts, dresses, skirts, tank tops, and tan lines! I cannot stand it any longer. Yes, I am aware I have some time to go before its warm enough to wear those things.

In the mean time, I’m dreaming! Over the weekend we had phenomenal weather! So, I took the opportunity to pull out one of my favorite dresses; a chambray dress from none other than old navy!

Spring Fashion – Denim & Camo


I love this dress. I actually got it last year. It’s really lose fit (which I love) and the perfect length. I’m by no means tall but at my age, I’ve come to be particular about the length of my dresses.

I love it for spring and summer because it’s light and breathable. The humidity in Arkansas demands you wear something light in the summer if you don’t want to be miserable.

Denim Dresses are such a simple staple. You can wear them with sandals or boots layered or not. They’re cool in the summer on a hot day and so comfy if you find the right fit. They also are so easy to layer over. You can pair it with anything and it’s still cute.

I couldn’t find this exact dress because it’s last season.

Here’s a Dress with similar fit and here’s another oh, and heres another.


I won’t bore you with a bunch of nonsense about my favorite jacket. I wrote about my winter wardrobe staple, some of you may already recognize it! You can read about it —> here. Just the high points. It’s so comfy. A great fit to layer over things. This jacket doesn’t make me feel like a can’t move and I can literally wear it with anything. (except this pair of green jeans I have, I can’t make it work.)

Although, I believe Leopard to be a solid came could be called that too. With the mix of colors I wear this with everything. It practically stays in my jeep to be thrown over whatever outfit I wear for the day. I love this jacket! You can find similar jacket to mine in the link above.  but, to save you a little trouble here’s a similar one not linked in the previous post!


I’m a ankle bootie girl! Standing on my feet all day, I love having a low heal that is still fashionable. I have shared with you guys before how much I love them. This pair is Seychelle. They’re ridiculously comfortable and distressed. So, even though I’ve worn them nonstop sense I got them about a month ago, you can’t tell.

I love a bootie not only for comfort but flexibility. Things I can wear multiple ways speak to me. I don’t want to buy things I can only wear one way and the rest of the time it sits in my closet unworn and wasting my money. These boots have been worn with everything from a baggy sweatshirt to a denim dress. ha. On the weekends, when I go to visit my boyfriend, they are always packed, if not on my feet.

This pair, though not identical is similar. This pair is also very similar. I can speak for it’s comfort, my mom has these and my sister and they wear them all the time.


Spring Fashion

Once I buy something unless I decide later it’s ugly, I keep it FOREVER. This lucky purse has been going strong since my beauty school days. It’s the perfect size and I love that I can wear it over my shoulder or across my body. Let me tell you, it’s the perfect bag when your doing activities. Shopping, out with your friends, walking the dog. Your hands are free and it holds all the things you need. That’s all we want in a purse, right? I love the color because it goes with everything as well. This is like my dream bag.

A similar one & Another similar one

My hat, from walmart, is so fun to cover up bad hair days. It’s even fun to wear over a good hair day. It compliments outfits and makes them not just a run of the mill outfit. I love to throw on a hat on lazy days or if my hair is getting a little dirty. And for more practical purposes keeps the sun off your face. Keeping us more youthful and young.

A Hat like mine. I can’t find the on walmart.com but look in the store!

I hope you’ve found some early “spring” fashion inspiration in this outfit and go pull out your denim dress to wear. This lazy outfit is a perfect example of fashionably lazy when you still look cute! Be Fashionably Lazy and look cute too!


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Make Me Blush

Make Me Blush

Blush is everywhere for the spring season. I am being taken back to my younger years of mauve bedroom walls and favoring pink  as my color of choice. I read at the end of the year that blush was going to be the color of spring but I kind of blew it off. Now, as the spring clothing is gracing the boutiques in my area (giving me severe summer fever) I am seeing blushes and mauves EVERYWHERE. 

Blush Outfit

BlushMy skin being the same color as the denim was a concern momentarily. That thought subsided when I realized how cute this outfit is all put together. I love the shades mixed together. The outfit came together effortlessly.

This dusty rose tee is a closet basic. You know where I stand on basics. Plus, it’s a twist to your standard basic. It’s hi low gem line makes it versatile and will be so cute this summer with shorts and a tan. The neck line gives you a little extra sass compared to your typical scoop neck. 

I will forever be an advocate of colored Denim. Sue me. Any color, I love them. These KUT Jeans are cute and comfy. I am always choosing comfort. The fit of these adds extra comfort too. Put them on and you will never want to take them off. The muted pink is going to be everywhere. 

You heard it here first. And I heard it from vogue. 

This monochromatic outfit will be cute through spring but here in Arkansas it’s a bit chilly for short sleeves. I tossed this shaw over this outfit to break up the color a little and add a bit of warmth to this outfit choice. 

And these booties! Ankle booties, in my opinion, are a closet staple. I think that should be an item on everyone’s closet. I know you didn’t ask but that’s what I think. These Dolce Vita booties.. Wear these booties with dresses, skirts, jeans, or shorts. They can (and should) be worn through summer and are SO comfy. So, So comfy. 

Make Me Blush

I love this outfit for its wearability. It’s not just an outfit you wear to a high school basketball game. You can wear this for date night, dinner, that basketball game, or church on Wednesday night. If you don’t have a jean rule you can wear it to work!

P.S. This entire outfit came from YAYA Boutique & Salon in Searcy! 

Xo, Lynlee

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My New Year’s Resolution (AKA Journey 2017)

2017 Journey & Resolution

Welcome to According to Lynlee.
Officially Welcoming you to my Blog!

My first post! I cannot believe it’s finally time to start posting! About October, I decided to set out on planning and researching how to create and run a successful blog. Since October I have planned, written, edited, and researched countless hours to make this blog something I enjoy writing and something all of you enjoy reading! I plan on taking this on and going at it full force! Blogging is so much more work than anyone even realizes. I am so excited to start blogging. I’m not really a New Year’s Resolution kind of gal. Here’s to the blog!


First and foremost, I hope to be relatable. I have said since the thought of starting a blog even entered my mind that I wanted to be someone everyone can relate to. I want to connect with the mothers who have little time to get ready. I want to connect with working girl in her 20s. I want to connect to the girl on a budget. I want you to know I am like you.


I am a hairdresser, first. I hope to educate you. From product usage to styling techniques. I hope you can come to this blog to find advice and learn from me. I plan to do product reviews, tutorials, needs, and answer questions that I get asked regularly while I’m behind the chair.


You can dress cute and at a reasonable price. I dress on a budget. I want to keep things budget friendly and reasonable. I have read blog posts and one outfit costs in the upper thousands of dollars. I don’t know about you but, thats completely unattainable for me! I have clothes that are worn and reworn over and over. I hope to show you fashion that not only inspires you but, challenges you to try new things.


Not my strongest suit. Through this blog I hope to teach you simple makeup hacks, colors that are great for you, reviews and quick makeup. Like I said, I want to make this relatable. When you see my posts I want you to think Oh, I can do that!

I am a working girl who is trying to balance a personal life and a career. I understand it is not always (or ever) possible to spend an hour on your makeup and an hour on your hair. I don’t make time to spend that kind of time on myself and I don’t have children. I hope to make your mornings and get ready easier for you. I hope you’re able to come here for inspiration and ideas. I look forward to growing through this process!

XO, Lynee*

Disclaimer: I’m new to this. Please bare with me as I learn and grow through this process. There’s a huge learning curve here. Thank you for your patience.

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