Pineapple on Repeat

This jacket is probably saying, ” remember me!?” This Jacket is really showing out at this point. Yes, yes we do! So, Like is said in Perfection in Pineapple, I couldn’t style this outfit just one way. Honestly, You may see this Pineapple jacket in a 100 different insta posts throughout the summer. I’m sorry ( I’m not sorry ) I just can’t help it. I love this jacket.

For outfit two I paired it with lots of sneak peek clothing. They’re killing it just like BB Dakota, really. I know you’ve got to be sick and tired of hearing about how much I love Sneak Peek Jeans but you’re just going to have to try them for yourself or get over it. 😉 Because there’s no stopping me.



I put this outfit together and it was just missing SOMETHING! It was too plain and too simple for the mood I was in. Do you ever get that way? Some days, you want the most simple outfit pairing. Other days, simplicity just WILL NOT WORK FOR ME!! That mood sound familiar? This button up is such a feminine twist on your standard button up. Below you can see the cap sleeve detailing. It has a hi low hem line. Some people may be sick of that but I’m not just yet. So,  thank you, Sneak Peek. Thank you for not abandoning that just yet. I love anything that covers my tail. I know most women do. These Sofft shoes are great for errand running or if you’re planning on being on your feet all day. ( Plus, they go great with this outfit so, if you think you need one item you need them all! )

Pineapple Style Tip

The weight of this jacket makes it perfect to tie around your waist. It’s not thick or heavy ( which is why it’s so great for summer ) but it makes it great to tie around your waist without a bulky pineapple puff around your hips!

This may ( or may not ) be the last time you have to hear from me on this jacket. I’m still obsessing but it may be out of my system for now. If you missed my prior post, check it out –> here. You can get a little pineapple inso there. Maybe give you jacket fever. Stop by YAYA Clothing boutique to shop this whole outfit and the outfit from my previous post!


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Perfection in Pineapple

I hear daily almost, “If I worked here, I’d be broke!” Usually, I have some pretty good self control when it comes to shopping at the salon. Usually is the key word there! As soon as this Pineapple Jacket was pulled from the box I knew it’d be something I would have to have! Self control, gone. This jacket would be mine! Jack by BB Dakota has mastered trendy fun pieces that aren’t typical fashion stapled. They give people like me a little something different to love.

Pineapple Perfection

The Jacket

This pineapple jacket is perfect for the current weather. It’d even look cute over my black and white outfit post! The color of this Pineapple Perfection makes it so versatile. You can see I paired it with these blush pants and the PREACH graphic tee ( remember this from my YAYA’s wish list post? ) I love to put prints on prints. I can’t wait to style this differently with a busier look to compliment so many peoples busy lives.


This lightweight jacket is so comfy and fun. It’s great right now for the cool mornings and evenings but transition this into fall by wearing it over a striped long-sleeved shirt or graphic tee! Through the summer it can be worn with shorts or cutely tied around your waist just to give a little added something to your already cute outfit. I just can’t get over the perfection of this jacket.

The versatility of this jacket will really begin to show when you start pairing this with things you already have in your closet. Old Navy has some great shorts to pair with it. Also, throwing this on over a cute swing dress before a dinner date just to name a few.

The Rest of the Outfit

I paired this jacket with this adorable Preach muscle tank and these sneak peek blush jeans. Muscle tanks are my favorite type of tank top. You don’t have to wear a special bra to wear these tanks. You’re not having to hide straps or show off your back. Also, I love these jeans for the comfort. I’ve said a million times, “I love sneak peek denim.” These jeans are no different. They’re structured enough to hold their shape but comfy enough I can move and dance.. you know, if the mood strikes. These sandals are a target score. You’ve seen them before in several of my posts and I’m not ashamed that I continue wearing them. SO, there.

Stay tuned this week to see another way I styled this Perfect jacket. I couldn’t stop with just one outfit! It was impossible to do just one look with this. That’s how much I love it! If you love it you can snag it by coming by YAYA’s Clothing Boutique or messaging us on Facebook or Instagram! How would you style this jacket? Let me know in the comments below!


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Top 5 T Shirt Dresses

T Shirt Dress
Year round I am hot. I am hot natured. A perfect summer dress is a constant go to. Sweaters are so cute and possibly my favorite winter style. They’re so cozy and comfy. I’m just going to say, “LoL” because unless I’m sitting very still I’ll be burning up in one. AND that’s when the outside temperature is less than my body temperature. If it’s below, let’s say, 50 to be generous I will be sweating. But, we’re not here to talk about sweaters. We’re here to discuss Dresses.
Knowing that I’m hot natured, imagine how miserable it is to wear jeans in this southern heat and arkansas humidity. Nearly impossible to bare. You can almost feel your jeans tighten against your body when you step outside on a hot summer day. For some reason, shorts aren’t acceptable all the time. *eyeroll* just kidding, but really, you can’t wear shorts everywhere. Insert Summer Dress. There’s nothing around your waist and almost nothing even touching the majority of your body. You can move, you can dance and you won’t sweat.
A couple of years ago, Nate and I went to a St. Louis Cardinals game for Memorial Day. I knew it was going to be hot. And I now know you’re basically sitting in a bowl and no air moves around the stadium. I wanted to wear a t-shirt dress. Nate did not understand why I would want to wear a dress to a baseball game. That was kind blowing to him. The revelation of a dress’ comfort and ultimately coolness rocked his world. After not being able to find a dress like I had in mind, I opted for a cardinals tank instead. It was miserably hot. I wished the whole time I’d searched harder and longer for a dress instead.
3 reasons I love a tshirt dress:
// They’re Comfy // They’re Cute // They’re Cool //
Dresses are something I can always get down with. They’re just easy. I always am up to purchase a new dress. But, I have my favorites. Being a dress connoisseur of sorts I’ve created a list of my top 5 t-shirt dresses. This list was cut down from a much longer list of dresses. I had to weed some out. 🙂 All the dresses that made the list are light weight, comfy, and wash great!

My Top 5 TShirt Dresses

1. Old Navy 2. Bobi  3. BB Dakota (Featured) 4. American Eagle 5. ASOS 
All 5 of these dress brands are different styles to cover all the bases. Plus, the J. Crew one from my Summer Resource Guide and favorites, According to Lynlee. There’s simple and classy to a little bit more edgy. You can style them however your heart desires too. They’re great for those of us who changes styles often. Sometimes, I want more rocker style and others I like more simple classic style. This is the perfect layering item to be able to change it up. These dresses are great for rainy summer days to pull on your rain boots and run out the door. Their versatility makes them worth their weight in gold.
Alothough, t-shirt dresses can’t be worn all day everyday, they can be worn often and to a lot of events. They’re dressy enough to wear to dinner or a concert but still casual enough to wear to a ball game or run errand on Saturday afternoon! What are your favorite Casual Summer Dresses? Let me know in the comments below!
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