Top 5 T Shirt Dresses

T Shirt Dress
Year round I am hot. I am hot natured. A perfect summer dress is a constant go to. Sweaters are so cute and possibly my favorite winter style. They’re so cozy and comfy. I’m just going to say, “LoL” because unless I’m sitting very still I’ll be burning up in one. AND that’s when the outside temperature is less than my body temperature. If it’s below, let’s say, 50 to be generous I will be sweating. But, we’re not here to talk about sweaters. We’re here to discuss Dresses.
Knowing that I’m hot natured, imagine how miserable it is to wear jeans in this southern heat and arkansas humidity. Nearly impossible to bare. You can almost feel your jeans tighten against your body when you step outside on a hot summer day. For some reason, shorts aren’t acceptable all the time. *eyeroll* just kidding, but really, you can’t wear shorts everywhere. Insert Summer Dress. There’s nothing around your waist and almost nothing even touching the majority of your body. You can move, you can dance and you won’t sweat.
A couple of years ago, Nate and I went to a St. Louis Cardinals game for Memorial Day. I knew it was going to be hot. And I now know you’re basically sitting in a bowl and no air moves around the stadium. I wanted to wear a t-shirt dress. Nate did not understand why I would want to wear a dress to a baseball game. That was kind blowing to him. The revelation of a dress’ comfort and ultimately coolness rocked his world. After not being able to find a dress like I had in mind, I opted for a cardinals tank instead. It was miserably hot. I wished the whole time I’d searched harder and longer for a dress instead.
3 reasons I love a tshirt dress:
// They’re Comfy // They’re Cute // They’re Cool //
Dresses are something I can always get down with. They’re just easy. I always am up to purchase a new dress. But, I have my favorites. Being a dress connoisseur of sorts I’ve created a list of my top 5 t-shirt dresses. This list was cut down from a much longer list of dresses. I had to weed some out. 🙂 All the dresses that made the list are light weight, comfy, and wash great!

My Top 5 TShirt Dresses

1. Old Navy 2. Bobi  3. BB Dakota (Featured) 4. American Eagle 5. ASOS 
All 5 of these dress brands are different styles to cover all the bases. Plus, the J. Crew one from my Summer Resource Guide and favorites, According to Lynlee. There’s simple and classy to a little bit more edgy. You can style them however your heart desires too. They’re great for those of us who changes styles often. Sometimes, I want more rocker style and others I like more simple classic style. This is the perfect layering item to be able to change it up. These dresses are great for rainy summer days to pull on your rain boots and run out the door. Their versatility makes them worth their weight in gold.
Alothough, t-shirt dresses can’t be worn all day everyday, they can be worn often and to a lot of events. They’re dressy enough to wear to dinner or a concert but still casual enough to wear to a ball game or run errand on Saturday afternoon! What are your favorite Casual Summer Dresses? Let me know in the comments below!
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Thursday Three – Amika: The Wizard

Hello Curious Readers- I’m excited to start bringing Thursday Three to you! I have tons of products I use and Tricks I have accumulated over the years. Most don’t have enough information to create a full out post. Reviews are my favorite posts to share with you all because I love to try new things! I have posted reviews on dry shampoo, blonde hair products, and makeup! Personally, I love to read reviews. It’s a hobby of mine. I think this is one reason I love writing them so much too!

Instead, I have decided to start the Thursday Three! Every Thursday I’m going to share a little mini review on products, tricks I have, and maybe even some small tutorials too. I am so excited to start Thursday Three Minis.

Here’s to Thursday Three!

Amika : The Wizard

The Wizard is a weightless style primer. It’s said to be the ultimate multi-tasker. The wizard cuts down on your drying time while it adds many nutrients to your hair. It helps to easily detangle your hair and fights frizz, nourishs, smooths, and adds softness and shine! The primer protects against thermal damage, environmental damage, and UV damage!  With the lightweight formula its a great product for all hair types. Use this to start your styling process!

Thursday ThreeThree Benefits of The Wizard

  1. Reduces Drying Time. Having to blow dry my hair is part of the reason I detest having to wash my hair. It’s such a process. Even with my short hair, it still is a commitment you mentally prep for. This cuts down the drying time. After I spray this in my clients hair the water starts to drip out of their hair. It’s the craziest thing!
  2. Avocado Oil. This is where the nourishing ingredients come from. It has important proteins, vitamins, amino acids, folic acids, and minerals. If you were hair for the chemical make up of your hair, I’d tell you why that’s important but you’re not and you probably don’t care. (If you do care: Amino Acids make up your hair. The hair strand is about 80% Protein)
  3. Free of sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens and artificial colors. Safe for color-treated, Brazilian-treated and Keratin-treated hair. Also, Amika cruelty free!

Three Reasons I Love The Wizard

  1. Primes. It preps my hair for the styling process. If you’ve read any of my hair posts, you know I always use a leave in conditioner. This isn’t classified as that but, it has ALL the same benefits as one! It makes my hair SO soft and feeling healthy. Who doesn’t want healthy hair?
  2. Protects. The Wizard protects against the sun and humidity. UV Protectant fights damage from the sun and prevents your color from fading. Summer Sun is no joke when it comes to hair color.
  3. Detangles. The tangles practically fall out of my hair once I spray this on my hair! It’s the easiest thing to brush the tangles out once this is sprayed in my hair! This Primer makes the detangling process nonexistent. This product will be in my beach/pool/lake bag all summer long!

Three Reasons I Recommend The Wizard

  1. It’s Multi-Tasking. You can use this as a primer to prep your hair for the styling process OR you can use it alone. This summer I’ll be using this after I swim to avoid dryness from chlorine. But, I also use this daily too!
  2. It’s lightweight. It is hard to find a product that covers all the hair textures. The Wizard light enough for fine hair to stay full of life but strong enough for course hair to be able to be impacted.
  3. It smells Delish! Okay, This isn’t a real reason but, kind of. Long story short, I have been using this over a month and I still love it! I haven’t even felt like I’ve needed a different primer. I styled my hair using this primer and the curls held all day and the nest day!

To Use:

  1. Towel Dry your hair.
  2. Spray The Wizard into your hair. Start spraying at the ends and work your way up.
  3. Detangle hair.
  4. Apply Products as normal or use alone.

I’m so excited to be starting this weekly series with you all! I can’t wait to select and try new products and techniques to tell you guys about! Share in the comments below products you’ve tried or products you’d like me to try!

Thanks for tuning into Thursday Three!



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 3 Reasons I love Jet Lag- Invisible Dry Shampoo

Jet Lag- Dry Shampoo

How many of us have searched and searched for the perfect (long lasting) dry shampoo. I have searched high and low. Drugstore and High end. All to settle on something that just works. Nothing I ever found I was just set on. I didn’t ever think oh, I could never live without this! I was trying any and every style of drive shampoo, every brand. Nothing and then.. Jet Lag. How appropriate is that name?

According to the Bottle:

“You want your hair to stand out, not your styling products, and this truly invisible, revolutionary formula blends into hair without leaving a trace of residue. Designed to boost volume and body while leaving tousled, touchable texture, Jet Lag leaves you runway ready, no matter how many time zones your cross”

Application: Apply to roots to soak up excess oil and revive your style or spray from mid length to ends to texturize. Private Jet Sold Separately.

According to IGK
 and Sephora

A dry shampoo designed to boost volume and body while leaving tousled, touchable texture.

Key Ingredients-
Volcanic Ash- Contains exfoliating properties to cleanse and purify
Ginger Root Extract- Softens and Adds shine to hair

Modern Without Compromise
Modern formulations offer high performance without compromise:
Conditioning and color safe
UV and heat protection
Gluten free
Formulated without mineral oil
Vegetarian and cruelty free

What else you need to know:

This product provides a cooling sensation to the scalp and slight volume to the roots when applied. After applying, lightly massage scalp with fingers to maximize cleansing and soothing effects. It contains the IGK Los Angeles scent: a refreshingly bright arrangement of bergamont, lemon zest, mimosa, heliotrope, and black amber. Formulated without mineral oil, petroleum, and gluten, it is vegan, cruelty-free, and color safe with UV protection.

According to Lynlee-

IGK Jet Lag - Dry ShampooI have tried a million different dry shampoos. The list is lonnng. Off the top of my head I can think of Paul Mitchell Express Dry Waterless Shampoo, Herbal Essence, Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret, Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Not your Mothers, Verb Dry Shampoo, Matrix Style Link Mineral Playback Dry Shampoo, and Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender. Just to name a few. I have really liked (and repurchased) many of those dry shampoos but none of them compare to Jet Lag. Plus, IGK KILLS it on their packaging and scents. 

H O N E S T  O P I N I O N :

At first I thought I had wasted my money. It looked like I was spraying nothing into my hair. (Invisible, Lynlee.) I thought, “this is crap. Add another Dry Shampoo to the list of ones I don’t like.” Then, I went on about getting ready. As I let the dry shampoo absorb the oils in my hair my opinion was QUICKLY shifted! I could now go on and on about why I love Jet Lag.. here’s 3 (+ Bonus) Reasons I love Jet Lag.

It didn’t give me a grey-ish residue. As a matter of fact, I have no residue at all! With dark hair not having any product residue is a big one for me! After dry shampoo is soaked up your oils most dry shampoos will lighten up where you sprayed it and not be SO apparent. With many dry shampoos I have to use a Shine Brush to attempt to break down the visibility of the product. Jet Lag didn’t ever give me any residue! It just did its job without the evidence! That’s a huge selling point for me! 

2. My hair feels clean! Sometimes with dry shampoo you don’t get that clean hair feeling. There’s a difference in Shampooed and Conditioned Clean and “dry shampoo clean.” I understand that. I want my hair to not look oily but also not feel that way. This dry shampoo makes my hair feel SO, SO (day two hair) clean! Not only does my hair feel clean my scalp feels clean too! I think people’s scalp not feeling is part of the reason they can’t jump on the Dry Shampoo bandwagon.

3. It gives me texture and volume. I get with texture comes hair not feeling clean. Well, with this I get both! I don’t have to pick which I want. Do I want clean hair or do I want texture? Why does it have to be one or the other? This dry shampoo allows you to have the best of both worlds. And I am OKAY with that!

BONUS: Its Safe! It’s paraben and sulfate free. Therefore, it’s not going to strip your color or fade it. It also protects against UV Rays! The sun will drastically fade your color but no worries. Jet Lag is protecting against all that! Your Blow outs are safe too! AND IGK is Cruelty Free. So, your color is safe, your blow out is safe, and the animals are safe!

How I apply Dry Shampoo:

1. Shine Brush– I use a Shine Brush to brush the oils down my hair. Our hair needs those natural oils. A Shine brush has bore bristle and “intelliflex” bristles too. The bore bristles pull the oils down my hair and the Intelliflex Bistles untangle my bed head!

2. Apply Dry Shampoo– I spray the dry Shampoo into my hair all over the top of my head. Let it absorb.

3. Massage Into Scalp- After the oils have been absorbed, sometimes (depending on how dirty my hair is) I’ll take that trusty shine brush and comb the dry shampoo through my hair. That way all my dirty hair is getting some love.

4. Style- Most of the time I’m a curly headed girl. With the texture from my dry shampoo I can very easily curl a few strand literally a couple sections and out the door I go!

I would say on a weekly basis I find myself reaching for my dry shampoo 3-4 times a week. I love the texture and body this dry shampoo gives me. Even today, I styled my clean hair with this dry shampoo. It’s my ride or die, if you will! What are you favorite dry shampoos? What are some things you have experienced when using dry shampoos?

XO, Lynlee

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My New Year’s Resolution (AKA Journey 2017)

2017 Journey & Resolution

Welcome to According to Lynlee.
Officially Welcoming you to my Blog!

My first post! I cannot believe it’s finally time to start posting! About October, I decided to set out on planning and researching how to create and run a successful blog. Since October I have planned, written, edited, and researched countless hours to make this blog something I enjoy writing and something all of you enjoy reading! I plan on taking this on and going at it full force! Blogging is so much more work than anyone even realizes. I am so excited to start blogging. I’m not really a New Year’s Resolution kind of gal. Here’s to the blog!


First and foremost, I hope to be relatable. I have said since the thought of starting a blog even entered my mind that I wanted to be someone everyone can relate to. I want to connect with the mothers who have little time to get ready. I want to connect with working girl in her 20s. I want to connect to the girl on a budget. I want you to know I am like you.


I am a hairdresser, first. I hope to educate you. From product usage to styling techniques. I hope you can come to this blog to find advice and learn from me. I plan to do product reviews, tutorials, needs, and answer questions that I get asked regularly while I’m behind the chair.


You can dress cute and at a reasonable price. I dress on a budget. I want to keep things budget friendly and reasonable. I have read blog posts and one outfit costs in the upper thousands of dollars. I don’t know about you but, thats completely unattainable for me! I have clothes that are worn and reworn over and over. I hope to show you fashion that not only inspires you but, challenges you to try new things.


Not my strongest suit. Through this blog I hope to teach you simple makeup hacks, colors that are great for you, reviews and quick makeup. Like I said, I want to make this relatable. When you see my posts I want you to think Oh, I can do that!

I am a working girl who is trying to balance a personal life and a career. I understand it is not always (or ever) possible to spend an hour on your makeup and an hour on your hair. I don’t make time to spend that kind of time on myself and I don’t have children. I hope to make your mornings and get ready easier for you. I hope you’re able to come here for inspiration and ideas. I look forward to growing through this process!

XO, Lynee*

Disclaimer: I’m new to this. Please bare with me as I learn and grow through this process. There’s a huge learning curve here. Thank you for your patience.

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