Gimmick or Not; Silicone “Sponge”

Silicone Sponge

I may have shared with you guys my love for Youtube Makeup Gurus. Watching their talent is something I could do for hours on end. I have done it hours on end. Seeing them bring their ideas and inspirations to life is so incredible. In watching their videos, I find things I want to try or have to have. It DOES cause me to spend a lot of money but, That’s okay right? We’ll call it retail therapy. A few months ago the trend was the Silicone Sponge, aka Silisponge. I even saw youtubers partaking in challenges of using a silicone bra inserts to apply makeup too. Okay, it got a little bit out of hand but, I still wanted to give it a shot. I thought this might be a gimmick but at the same time I feel I may have thought that same thing over a $20 Beauty Blender when they first started becoming popular too. Granted, I wasn’t spending $20 on this silicone sponge applicator. I found and purchased one too.

Silicone Sponge First Impressions

Silicone SpongeFirst Thought: Impressed

Not going to lie, I was really, really impressed with the application. It looked smooth. At first, I felt it was a little bit bulky ( ironically ) compared to the beauty sponge. Being flat instead of rounded it took a second to adjust. I used my no makeup makeup routine.  The end result of the application was very pretty. Blending out concealer and foundation was super easy.

Lack of Control

I had watched the videos and they said they didn’t absorb product ( obviously ) like a beauty sponge did. It was really easy to apply the product to my face. However, the runnier products were harder to control than the thicker foundations I use. A few of my foundations are a little thicker in consistency than others and the thinner formulas seemed to slip in a sense.

Blending Cream Contour

I have always struggled using cream contour and highlights. I thought, why not try it out too? So, I attempted blending out the NYX WonderStick. Normally, I blend it with a beauty sponge and it becomes patchy. I’ve just quit using any cream contour because I don’t like the way it ends up looking. The silisponge allowed it to blend out so easily and beautifully. No harsh lines or patchy coloring. This is the way I have been applying cream contour since I bought this!


It is SUPER easy to clean which I love. I always rinse and wet my beauty sponge before I use it but this I can simply wipe off the product. It’s easily removed with a makeup wipe. After I apply my foundation, I wipe it off to apply my concealer and the same process before applying me contour. It’d be great to use on a busy day full of several makeup applications!

Final Thought

After about a week of using the Silisponge, I haven’t stopped using it. I reach for both my beauty sponge and my silisponge. I think the beauty sponge gives a smoother softer end result. Blending and application is easier ( to me ) with the silisponge. After I applied my full face, I looked at myself in a magnified mirror. The application wasn’t as beautiful and flawless as I had initially thought. However, I was able to take a damp beauty sponge and just dab it a little around my face to give the finish that a beauty sponge does. You know, the one everyone loves?

I will continue applying my makeup with the Beauty Sponge to soften my application but, I love the application of the silicone applicator. I think it is a great way to save product. It is always frustrating to me to think about how much cream product I waste. There’s a lot that is absorbed into my sponge that is just wasted. With the silicone sponge I avoid the absorption, I use was less product, and it’s super easy to apply. But, I have been going back in to “set down” my foundation and concealer with my beauty sponge too.

Have you tried the silisponge? What were your thoughts?

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