Ultimate Sun Protection Guide


Hello, Summer! I know officially Summer isn’t until late June but here in Arkansas it’s in full swing. I think all school are out for summer in my area and it’s that time. Time to be water side. There are some summer essentials that I’ll list later. For the sake of this Guide, I’m going to keep it about skin protection.

For months my mom has been on me about wearing sunscreen on my face. She has always told me put on sun screen. But, with my complexion it wasn’t always required ( in my eyes ) because I wouldn’t usually burn. I will typically get one sun burn a year; like one really good sun burn. After that, I normally wouldn’t apply sun screen at all. A couple of months ago, I read an article that popped up on my snapchat that was all about sunscreen. What stood out the most to me was in part of the article it said you should apply sunscreen everyday and twice a day if you work by a window. I was floored. Who thinks about applying sunscreen every day? Let me be the first to admit I do not.

That is until lately. Like I said my mom has been on my sister and I for a while about wearing sunscreen on our faces everyday. To the point she bought us both face sunscreen to apply under our makeup. ( I have used it every day since ) In an effort to avoid sounding like your mom telling you to wear sun screen, I’m going to share with you a little research I have done in the form of this Guide.

What does SPF mean?

Suns Protection Factor. SPF Measures your sunscreens ability to protect your skin from the sun. SPF 15 means your skin is protected 15x longer than what your skin would be without it. Basically put, if your skin usually takes 10 minutes to burn without any protection, when you use SPF 15 you can stay in the sun for 150 minutes before burning. Or if you’re like one of my friends and you burn the instant the sun hits your skin, you can be out there 15 minutes. 😉

You’re at a higher risk if you have light hair, skin and eyes, so snag a higher SPF. You darker headed ladies, don’t skip the sunscreen just because you think you’re safe. Once again, let me be the first to admit something else. I had no clue what SPF meant. All I (thought I) knew is higher number = higher protection; which isn’t even the case. Higher number means longer protection!

How long should the sunscreen be on my skin before sun exposure?

It takes about 30 minutes for “chemical sunscreen ” to absorb and begin protecting your skin.  Physical Sunscreen begins protection as soon as it’s applied. I’ll elaborate more later on in the guide.

Well, I mean, my mom always said I had to wait until my sunscreen dried but, raise your hair if you actually did that. AND NO ONE better have thought about raising their hand because I bet you didn’t wait all 30 minutes.

How often should I reapply?

Every 2 hours and/or immediately after swimming and sweating. Water Resistant Formulas can usually withstand water or sweat for 40-80 minutes. This information should be stated somewhere on the bottle.

We had a pool growing up and my mom taught so she was like the local sitter for our friends. Logan and I, along with all our friends would swim all day in the summer when we were younger. I know my mom made us reapply our sunscreen ( it wasn’t a free for all and we weren’t neglected! ) but every two hours, we did not.


 What are UVA Rays?

UVA rays make up most of the UV ray exposure. 80% of UVA rays penetrate through the clouds. They penetrate deeper into the skin making this the main ray for tanning. “A tan results from injury to the skin’s DNA; the skin darkens in an imperfect attempt to prevent further DNA damage”, according to SkinCancer.org. ( WHAT?!?! ) UVA rays can penetrate your skin year round. UVA rays cause premature aging, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and leathery skin.

What are UVB Rays?

UVB rays can burn you year round. They give more visible damage to skin. UVB rays are strongest from April – October and between 10am and 4pm. UVB rays cause – Sunburns, redness, and skin cancer.

First things first, broad spectrum sunscreen will protect you from both. Of course, I’m thinking, if I want tan skin but not leathery skin, I better be applying sunless tan because UVA makes it hard to have both! Plus, I’m already getting wrinkles on my forehead and I’m not about that. Basically put, ( if I’m understanding the correctly ) UVA gives us long term damage that isn’t immediately visible. While UVB rays give us more instant, visible damage.


Physical Sunscreen – Sunblock

Physical Sunscreen deflects and blocks rays from skin and reflect sun rays. This sunscreen sits on top of the skin and protects against UV rays. Physical Sunscreen usually leaves a white cast on your skin. Physical Sunscreens block UVA and UVB rays. Because of the ingredients children NEED this type of sunscreen. The ingredients are more gentle and safer for sensitive skin and acne prone skin. This sunscreen choice starts protecting the instant it’s applied.  And it has a longer shelf life than the alternative. When searching for Physical sunscreen look for ingredients Zinc Oxides  and Titanium Dioxides.

Chemical Sunscreen – Organic Sunscreen

Chemical Sunscreen absorbs rays to prevent penetration. The formula is thinner than Physical sunscreen so the application process is easier and easier to wear daily. You do have to let chemical sunscreen “dry” or absorb into your skin before sun exposure. Penetrates the skin and absorbs the rays. The higher the SPF the more irritating it can be for sensitive skin types.
Chemical Ingredients: Avobenzone, Octylcrylene, Octisalate, Helioplex, Oxybenzone, Uvinul, Homosalate, Mexoryl SX

Applying this Guide to my Real Life

After my mom telling me repeatedly to wear sunscreen on my face and finally buying me some, I caved into the pressure. She purchased me the equate brand from walmart. It’s a dupe for the CeraVe face sunscreen. Until I really started putting this post together, I only applied it on my face under my makeup and my hand ( to keep my wreck battle wound from scarring ). As I’m typing this portion of this Guide I’m also shopping for sunscreen to apply on my body daily. I’m going to purchase the Honest Beauty and the First Aid Beauty Sunscreens to try. When applying sunscreen, use the 1 oz. rule. One ounce should cover your whole body. Apply 1 oz daily, not just at the pool or beach.

On Your Face

Face sunscreen can be applies under your makeup primer or as your primer. It’s a must. Your sunscreen in your makeup isn’t enough to prevent sun damage! Isn’t that kind of deceiving? The Equate Sunscreen Face Lotion is great under my makeup. My skin has been extremely dry lately and this sunscreen has served as a great dose of extra moisture. Makeup applies easily over the top of this sunscreen and lasts all day long! When purchasing face sunscreen look for non-comedogenic. It won’t clog your pores and is great option for acne prone skin. Also, try to find and alcohol free formula to avoid drying. A Gel Sunscreen is another good option for acne prone skin too.

But, sunscreen is only one level of defense. A wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, and shirts with UV protection are also great options to grab when you’re heading out for a long day in the sun. With a wide brimmed hat you can protect your hair, your scalp, your ears, face, and the back of your neck. Sun damage is irreversible. I don’t know about you but, I need to start now protecting my skin because I have neglected sun protection in the past.

Luckily, floppy hats are in style, so go get you a floppy hat. Burn scalp and ears are the worst! As far as your shoulders, chest and arms, I love to wear a columbia PFG when I’m going to be in the sun for a long period of time. I’ve even worn it in the ocean when I was burnt. They are lightweight, cool, and dry quickly. Plus, they’re extremely soft and have protection in them! Lastly, please don’t forget your sunglasses. Your eyes can get damage from the sun too.

I have taken the time to write this guide for your guys to filter through some of the masses of information that come along with sunscreen and sun protection. In writing this guide I have left out a lot of information that could have made this guide way too long. I encourage you to look into it and do some rsearch yourself to discover some information about this topic. It can be overwhelming and I hope this guide has helped filter the confusion and answered some questions you had or even didn’t know you had!

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Pore Cleansing Routine

Skin Care is a hard thing to tap into. Since I was a teenager, I have always used bar soap as my cleansing routine. My mom did, and my grandma did. They both have great skin. As I have began to age and start getting noticeable wrinkles, I have started my research on how to care for my skin. I was never taught how to care for my skin as a teen because I had great skin. Still, I have good skin but, now it seems to rage against me more often than not.

My skin isn’t exceptionally sensitive, it doesn’t break out if I change up my routine and it responds pretty well to most skin care products. I have always used Biore products when looking for masks or scrubs. Of course, what girl doesn’t love a good pore strip? I snapped a photo last week. I zoomed in because I saw a lot of texture issues around my cheeks. We have to pick ourselves apart don’t we. MY pores are huge. Look at that patchy texture on my cheeks. Why is my makeup settling into my wrinkles. I remembered it had been a while since I had pampered my skin a little.

Daily, I use bar soap ( Ivory to be exact ) to wash my face. I still sleep in coconut oil as a moisturizer and I apply sunscreen under my makeup which I can tell is making my face extremely soft and moisturized. Other than that constant routine, occasionally I do a mask or pore strip when I start noticing something I don’t like or my black head are out of control. After nit picking that photo of myself, I stopped by my local walgreens and grabbed some trusty Biore products. And apparently, I think my pores need some serious spring cleansing!

Biore Products

Biore Baking Soda Acne Scrub

According to Biore’s website, this product unclogs pores and balances out skin to prevent breakouts.

It’s great for combination skin. This scrub can be used daily to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. The Baking Soda Acne Scrub uses baking soda and salicylic acid to treat acne prone skin. You’ll have noticeably softer skin in one use and clearer skin in one week.

Bore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

According to Biore, these pore strips instantly unclog pores by removing dirt, oil, & blackheads.

These pore strips deeply penetrate into the skin to clear out pores by removing the dirt and oil that cause blackheads. These specific strips are more effective than the standard pore strips because they have the ability to get deep into your skin. They’re like a magnet. They have the ability to clean a weeks worth of dirt from your pores in minutes!

This little box is the grossest most satisfying skin treatment I have ever done at home. My sister and I call them “rip strips”. These rip strips are so great to clean out your pores. Though it may be painful, it’s total worth it. They remove visible blackheads and invisible dirts and oils we don’t see. I love to use these when I’m fresh out of the shower. That way I know my pores are nice and open and most receptive to these strips!

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask

According to Biore, this mask purifies pores 2.5x better than your basic cleanser.

This mask is infused with active charcoal to truly cleanse your pores. The charcoal opens and strips away the dirt and oils that are clogging your pores. The heat from the mask gives you a smooth, tingly sensation as you rinse this mask. It then reveals a clean, soft face you’ll not want to stop touching. ( but don’t touch. It’ll cause your pores to clog. (; ) This is an oil free formula so its great for oily and combination skin! AND you can use them up to 3x a week.

I purposefully shared these products in this order. This is not a daily routine for me. At most I do this routine twice a week depending on the build up in my pores. Throughout the summer, I notice my blackheads are significantly less because I wear less makeup. So, through the summer I will be doing this once a week. Adding in an extra mask here and there for extra pick me ups.

Step 1: You should always apply masks to clean skin. It will allow mask to do it’s job without working through the days makeup and oils. Knowing that, I started first by cleansing with the baking soda scrub to cleanse my skin and prep it for the next step. I used a washcloth to scrub and polish my skin. I applied a dime size amount to the wash cloth. Beginning in the center of my face by focusing on my nose and cheeks first, then working my way to the outer portions of my face.

Step 2: I used the pore cleansing strips. I chose this as my second step to get deep into my pores and cleanse out the pores on my nose. Using warm water on your face will open up your pores, since I just finished washing my face with warm water my pores are open and prepped for this step. You can really spot treat with these strips. I notice the most blackheads on my nose so, I chose the nose strips.

Step 3: I went in with the heating mask. Since the pore strips have opened up the pores on my nose, I opted to follow them right up with the mask to really and truly cleanse those pores. Once, the minute was up, I rinsed my face clean and applied coconut oil to finish off this at home spa session.

This is not the only way and may not be the best way but this is the order I used these products. I highly advice you do this routine before you go to bed. Your pores will be very open and if you apply makeup over the top you will reverse all the work you have just done plus potentially push the makeup further into your pores. I do this on days I have no plans of wearing makeup or at night right before bed.

How are you guys keeping your pores clean for summer? Since I have been using this I have only been wearing BB cream as my foundation. That’s for real summer makeup! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried these before! What’d you think?


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DIY Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

Do It Yourself

The winter is sucking the moisture out of my entire body. My hair, skin and lips are showing the evidence of the loss of moisture. My body has been soaking in lotions since I first began noticing my skin. As my chapstick began to work shorter and shorter amounts of time I thought I should seek out other options to keeping my lips soft and hydrated! Exfoilating was my next line of defense according to my research. Why not try a Do It Yourself method?

I felt like I had tried everything. Chapstick is everywhere I go. I keep it in my purse, at work, my makeup bag, and on my nightstand. I even tried carmex and drinking more water; to no avail. Then, came the research. Exfoliating isn’t my first go to when my lips are dry. I never thought it would help hydration. But, I was dead wrong. I knew it made my skin feel soft. However, I didn’t know why. I now know that when you exfoliate the top layer of your skin is removed. Once, you have removed that layer of skin your body can absorb the moisturizer into the skin. If you’re removing that top layer your skin will stay hydrated longer!

In my research, I found several different recipes on how to make your own lip scrub. Did you know that whats put on your skin is absorbs into your bloodstream? When thinking about that DIY lip scrub was the only was to go. I love to try out at home remedies for things such as this. I thought I’d give this a go!

Do It Yourself
DIY Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

The recipe I found:

1 Tablespoon White Sugar
1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar
1 Tablespoon Honey


Honey is full of nutrients that nourish, cleanse and hydrate the skin. It is said that honey is one of the oldest known wound dressings and burns. Raw Honey is phenomenal topically because of its antioxidants, enzymes, and antibacterial properties. It is extremely moisturizing and soothing.


Brown Sugar is also has the ability to fight bacteria that may be present on the skin. It helps to keep your skin vivacious and healthy. It helps to improve sun damage and supports anti-aging skin. It deposits moisture into your skin. Brown sugar helps keep moisture in the skin longer. The sugar particles are smaller to prevent damage from exfoliating. Often, exfoiliants can leave tiny cuts on your lips and skin causing more damage in the long run. The grains of sugar are smaller and gentler. Sugar for face and lip scrubs are ideal for sensitive skin.

Brown Sugar scrubs have been surfacing on the internet long before the creation of pinterest. I’ve seen millions of different recipes and uses for Brown Sugar. As it turns out there are a lot of benefits that come with using it as an exfoiliant. This taste combo is one of them.

It’s our natural reaction to lick our lips. Even if we know that what’s on our lips tastes bad we will still lick them to get it off. I have exfoliated my lips and thought I got all the product off and it still taste of the chemicals in the exfoliater. Once, I had exfoliated my lips I wiped off the remaining product. Hints of the honey and sugar were left on my lips. I wasn’t even mad.

Mixing and Application:

1 Tablespoon White Sugar
1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar
1 Tablespoon Honey

Do It Yourself
DIY Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

This made A LOT of exfoliater! I’d recommend cutting down the recipe to Teaspoons, maybe even less. You use so little of the product. I had a lot go to waste.

It’s as simple as mixing the items together! I poured the sugar into the honey and mixed it together. Mix until there is not more dry sugar and honey begins to create a paste like substance. Ready to Use!

Do It Yourself
DIY Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

I wet my lips and dipped out a small amount of the exfoliant. I rubbed gently onto my lips until the sugar seem to disappear. I wiped away what was left rinsed my lips and applied once more the exact same way. The second time I let the mix sit on my lips for about 30 seconds after I had massaged it into my lips. Then, I rinsed away the product. I applied chapstick to my lips to allow a bit more moisture. My lips are so chapped and dry right now, y’all! I was desperate.

Two days after the initial application my lips are still feeling pretty soft. I haven’t had to apply chapstick as often as normal. My normal nightly routine includes putting chapstick on my lips before bed. I still applied chapstick each night before falling asleep. I can tell a drastic difference in my lips since the first time I did this. It is safe to exfoliate your lips about twice a week. Once a week should keep your lips soft in normal weather conditions. Right now this winter is killing me. I’ll be doing this twice a week until I can tell the winter air has stopped sucking away the moisture.

XO, Lynlee *

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10 Products Under $10.00

Makeup Products

Makeup Products a tricky thing, ya know? It’s hard for me sometimes to spend money on makeup. Even if it is “cheap” makeup, sometimes I think I am not spending $XX.XX on that! What if I don’t like that!? Then again, depending on my mood, other times I’m like heck yeah! $XX.XX! That’s a great deal. I do love trying new makeup. I love seeing how it lasts on my face and how it wears. I’ve compiled you guys a list of 10 Products under $10.00. This is an entire face of makeup for $50(ish)!!

10 Makeup Products Under $10.00!

1. Primer:
Maybelline Face Studio Master Prime – $7.19

10 under $10Application

You all know Nivea Post Shave Balm is my ride or die, tried and true makeup primer. It does all I need it to and more. BUT, for you all, I tried something new. I’ve actually been eyeing this primer for a while. I have watched several youtube beauty gals try the Master Conceal and loved it.  No one seems to be trying the primer. I love it. It feels so smooth on the skin and has a bit of a silicone feel. In my experience, silicone primers hold my foundation on the best when my face is extra oily.  The Blur + Illuminate (the pink) has 30 SPF in it. Don’t make me explain how important sunscreen for your face is!

Why Should I use a Primer?

Primer is very important. It preps your skin and smooths smooths out your skin. Many foundations have moisturizers in them to help keep your skin hydrated throughout the whole day. Also, sunscreen in a huge plus. This specific primer has sunscreen in it to protect your skin from damage. We often don’t think about our skin getting damaged from the sun if we’re not spending lots of time in the sun but driving, walking outside, even being by a window can expose you to sun damage. Primer also keeps your foundation on, helps make your foundation apply easier, and prevents separation on your skin. It takes no extra time. okay, like 4 seconds.
Application: Apply first. Small amount on tips of fingers apply all over face. Proceed with makeup routine.

2. Foundation:
Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation– $4.99

10 under $10I have tried lots of foundations because I rarely buy the same one twice unless I LOVE it. This foundation though… I have repurchased and repurchased. It is a little thick on the skin. It doesn’t feel thick; it’s very comfortable to wear. It’s definitely full coverage too. I like to feel like I don’t really have makeup on! This foundation does that for me.

My face it’s normal to dry. This specific foundation doesn’t make my skin look dry. It keeps a dewy look. Let me explain since the title of the foundation is Stay Matte.. it doesn’t get oily/ super shiny looking. It is a healthy, hydrated look. If you don’t like the dewy finish, simply setting your foundation with powder will mattify the finish. The Stay Matte Foundation doesn’t have sunscreen in it but, with the Master Prime we applied previously we are getting SPF from that. This foundation is under $5.00. In my opinion, your not going to find a better foundation for the price.

Why Should I use Foundation:

Depending on the amount of coverage you feel like you need, foundation will cover your blemishes and even out your skin color. If you’re like me my cheeks have a lot of redness, foundation covers, corrects, and “fades” out that redness to give me a neutral base to contour, apply bronzer and blushes without accentuating my redness.  Honestly, I don’t love thick foundation. I like thin, medium coverage foundation. UNLESS, my face is breaking out, my under eyes are dark, or I’m wearing a bold look. I’m often a BB Cream Gal. Lately, I have been using this foundation and I do L-O-V-E it. Even though it goes against everything I like.

: Use a damp beauty sponge. It seems to make this foundation less dense. Starting in my T – Zone I blend out toward my hairline and jawline. If you don’t get full coverage in your T-Zone its not serious because you go over that with concealer.
Note: If your eye shadow has a lot of fall out I would wait to apply foundation until after you have done your shadow. If you do choose to skip this step place it in after you have primed your eyes and applied your shadow. once that is complete, start with your foundation and work through the products for your face. Come back at the end to line your eyes and apply mascara.

3. Concealer:
Maybelline New York Super Stay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector – $7.82

10 under $10

I really prefer certain concealers. You could say I’m a makeup snob. I like the coverage, consistency, and longevity of many of the luxury concealers I have used. 1. they don’t fit in the under $10. 2. This concealer is pretty killer. The consistency of this concealer is very wearable. It’s not too thick but offers GREAT coverage. The wear factor is very nice and comfortable. It doesn’t sit uncomfortably on my skin. This concealer feels very moisturizing under my eyes and doesn’t separate between my brows. Whether I bake my under eyes or just set them, this concealer still feels so nice on! It also works fabulously as a shadow primer.

Why should I use Concealer:

Concealer is something I’ll use sometimes instead of using Foundation all over my face. If I’m rushing and don’t want to put on a full face of makeup concealer is a great grab and go. It brightens your under eyes. Concealer will also hide dark circles and even out coloring. If you choose a shade slightly lighter than your foundation you can use it to accentuate your nose, chin and under eyes.

Application: I always use a damp beauty sponge to blend out my concealer. It helps with blendability and uniformity of your makeup even though your foundation and concealer are different colors. I apply to my undereyes, the bridge of my nose, between my eyebrows, and my chin. Simply blend out into my foundation. I use concealer to prime my eyes as well. Instead of using a shadow primer, concealer is a great primer to use. If you don’t prime your eyes.. you should try it.

4. Shadow: Maybelline Eyeshadow Palette – $8.98

10 under $10
After you have primed your eyelids, start with this shadow. This is a great nude palette. It blends nicely without looking muddy (too blended and looking all the same color) With a primer you can really make the colors of this palette stand out. I think I primer is almost undebatable when using drugstore shadows. If you see your shadow creasing in your eyes or not lasting al day, primer is needed. I use this palette fairly regularly. It has plenty of shadow colors and finish options. I find that a lot of palettes I look at at the drug store have all shimmers. Not everyone (or every age, I’m sorry) can wear shimmers. It is good to have some matte shades to balance out a look. This palette has all those options.

Why Should I use Eyeshadow:

Eyeshadow carves out your eyes and accentuates your eye shape while adding color and pop to your makeup look.

5. Blush: Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush – Mellow Wine– $2.93

10 under $10

This Line of blushes (for the price) is to die for. I love these shades. I first tried out mellow wine. It’s a light bronze coral. This is pretty complimentary of my skin color. There are 5 different shades. I see myself getting them all before its all said and done. The 2017 blush trend is very bold and exaggerated. ( very 80s ) There are a few that I have my eye on Like this one and this one and yes, even this one. I love a bold cheek with barely there eyes. In my opinion these blushes are buildable. A little goes a long way. The first time I used the Mellow Wine shade I was a little heavy handed. These blushes are smooth and highly pigmented. They last all day and don’t move on my face.

Why Should I use Blush:

Blush adds color to your face that would naturally be there from the rosiness of your cheeks. It gives life to your makeup and brightens up your face. Too much blush could make you look like you’re living in the 80s but, 2017 bold blush is making a comeback!

6. Bronzer: e.l.f. Bronzer Palette – $6.00

10 under $10

There’s a lot of Bronzers I love. I chose this one for the longevity of the product, obviously the price and then one more reason. I use more than 10 products on my face but I wanted you to have all your needs (only 10 and all under $10.00) This palette in particular is multpurpose. There’s a wonderful array of shades in this SIX DOLLAR palette. The powder is smooth. It’s not gritty or patchy. There’s also 2 shimmers and 2 mattes. This doesn’t move on my face and it does the job. I love the shimmer bronzers because they kind of double as a bronzing highlight.

Why should I use Bronzer:

Your foundation and concealer has completely removed all of your color. Therefore, your face looks “flat” by using bronzer you’re adding natural color and life to your face. Bronzer helps carve out your face and give you a more 3D look. It helps give your face shape. Adding a bronzing highlight will bring a little attention to those areas such as your cheek bones.

I apply the bronzer (lightly) to directly under my cheek bones below my blush. You can always add more bronzer but you don’t want to look too bronzed. if you contour instead of bronze… heres a good palette for under $10.00..
I use my contour color in the same place as I would my bronzer but also on the sides of my nose and in my hairline.

7. Lip Color: Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick – $4.28
10 under $10

I have had this specific color ( Cherry Bomb ) for a while. It’s even been bought it multiple times. I love the Mega Last Lipstick. It’s a super matte, long lasting lipstick. It doesn’t bleed or stain my lips like some drug store brands I’ve used and this lipstick doesn’t stain my lips. It is slightly drying so I always moisturize my lips before using it and put on chapstick before I apply it. I love it however, you kind of have to work with applying it when you’ve had it a while because the formula drags a bit on the lips. Right after purchase, its glorious and applies great!

Why Should I use Lipstick:

Lipstick helps frame out your face in a sense. It finishes out the look. Lipstick makes you feel pretty.

8. Brows: Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Pencil – $4.61 ($1.99)

10 under $10

Oh, eyebrows. For a long while I avoided the trend. I didn’t want to be on the bandwagon. Then, I jumped on it and I jumped on it with full force. I love this brow pencil. I like that its a true pencil and must be sharpened. This brow pencil gives you the best of both worlds. You can make your brows feathery toward the middle and fill them in nicely as the pencil begins to dull. This specific formula isn’t waxy. It goes on super smooth and doesn’t drag or get patchy. I bought it for $1.99 at walmart but on their website it says its $4.61. weird.

Why should I fill in my eyebrows:

This is a subject I’m dying to speak about. I think I’ll even post about it. Eyebrows, like I said about lipstick, really does complete your look. It frames out your face and gives you more definition to your face. It gives you a nice transition into your forehead. Also, in photographs your makeup looks completed with your eyebrows filled in.

9. Liner: CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Self-Sharpening Eye Pencil – $4.94

10 Products under $10

I have used this liner for a long, long time. Although, it is about $5.00 if you love lash blast mascara you can get them together fairly frequently. I love this eyeliner because it glides on smoothly and smudges out nicely. It doesn’t irritate my eyes if I apply it to my water line. It lasts nicely and I can make it look blended and smoked out instead of harsh and dark. This is great for your lower lash line. If you want a more sharp distinct liner for your upper lash line this isn’t the liner for that.

Why should I use Eyeliner:

Using liner is tricky. Eyeliner can and should open up and define your eyes. I say IT’s tricky because if too much is used your actually working against yourself by making your eye looked more closed and less defined. You are going for a defined look not black holes. 🙂 I like a blended out look without a defined line on the lower lash line. On my upper lash line I want dramatic, sharp liner.

: I apply from outer corner to about halfway to my inner corner and blend out with the tip. I apply in my water line to define my eyes and make more of a statement.

10. Mascara: Maybelline New York Great Lash BIG Washable Mascara – $4.44

10 Products under $10

This is a mascara I find myself going back to often. I love L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black for dramatic bold lashes. But this is great to just toss in your purse and give you natural looking lashes. I love this mascara because it makes my lashes longer without making them super clumpy. That means no spider lashes here. It’s great to lift your lashes and open up your eyes. It comes off so easily but stays on all day without flaking.
These are all products close to my heart. Saving money is a perk, always! It’s even better if you’re saving money and the products are worth it! I think it’s a great feeling when you can find a cheap product that does the work of the higher product! It’s not always doable and rarely reasonable to spend between $20-$50 on one makeup item much less have a whole collection of high end makeup. I can justify spending money on makeup sometimes and other times I want the cheaper option. Some say you get what you pay for and I agree with that to some extent but with these products you’re getting more than you pay for! Let me know if you try these product out or what your favorites are under $10!

XO, Lynlee

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5 Minute Mornings

You know those mornings that go so smoothly? You get up, take the dog out and enjoy the crisp morning air. Then, you watch your show on tv while you sip your coffee. Proceed to get ready. No? Me neither.. Mine usually go like this..”5 more minutes” as I hit the snooze button, again. It’s past time to wash your hair. There’s remnants of yesterday’s makeup left over on my face. I’ve gotta take the dog out and shower. The jeans I planned on wearing are dirty. 5 Minute Morning..

5 Products I reach for on a 5 Minute Morning..

IGK Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo5 Minute Mornings

I can’t speak highly enough for this stuff. I’ve actually posted about it before (Twice). As a matter of fact you’re probably sick of hearing about it. Being dark headed it is very common for dry shampoo to discolor my hair or not make it look clean. This dry shampoo cures both of those problems! It doesn’t leave my hair with a residue AND it makes my hair look and feel clean!

**You can actually pick this up from me at YaYa’s Salon and Boutique!

Equate Beauty Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

5 Minute MorningsWhen yesterday’s makeup is smeared down your face because you’re a girl and things happen.. These makeup remover wipes are fantastic to remove all that left over makeup. Even on days that I’m not in a rush I like to wipe off my makeup with these before washing my face. At walmart you can buy them in different sizes. The link I shared comes with 125 wipes total but they’re packaged in separate packs. I hate my makeup wipes not holding their moisture. Although, buying them in the box is a bit more expensive I feel I get 100% use out of each wipe. When I purchased the bigger packages I end up having to use more than one wipe to remove all my makeup because they dry out. A Smaller package is so much more travel friendly as well.

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand

5 Minute Mornings

Holy Moly. This would be a #youtubemademebuyit for sure! I can’t say I hate it! Actually, I love it! I use this when I’m in a hurry because I bought a shade too dark for my under eyes so I use this as a foundation of sorts. I apply this under my eyes and in my T-Zone when I’m in a rush and buff out with a damp beauty sponge. It covers all my blemishes and discoloration and it lasts all day! And If I really needed that 5 more minutes of sleep this takes care of my dark circles too.

L’Oreal Voluminous Primer

 AND L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara

5 Minute Mornings

This is one of those things your mom used so you just used it by default. This (among many things) is also one of those things that should be filed under Mother knows best.. This primer and mascara combo is to die for. I could go on and on. It dries quickly, removal is easy, and it makes my eyelashes look glorious. The mascara alone is pretty great as far as volume and length go but add the primer and you’re in for a real treat.

I may not look my best on those 5 minute mornings but with the products I’m not look my worst! What are your 5 minute mornings you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to try them out!


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Nivea Post Shave Balm or Nivea Makeup Primer

Post Shave Balm // Makeup Primer

Per Kylie Jenner (and a lot of other people apparently) Nivea Post Shave Balm is the best primer for your makeup. So, I’ll give it a try, I thought. You may be thinking, aftershave? If Kylie Jenner says it’s worth it then, who am I to deny my skin that luxury? I wouldn’t say my skin is sensitive but I often choose things for sensitive skin just to be safe. In my mind it helps with breakouts.. maybe it does.. maybe it doesn’t.. Long Story short. Everyone is using this as a makeup primer and I’m late to the Nivea party apparently. Here’s what I discovered.

Nivea Post Shave Balm
According to the Pros ( I.e. Nivea.com )

“Extra gentle formula specifically developed for men with sensitive skin..”

 – Helps protect skin from shaving irritations
– Improve skin’s condition over time
– Formulated with no drying alcohol
– Lightly fragranced

Contains: vitamin E. camomile. witch hazel.

So, I did a little research for you..

Vitamin E is a glorified antioxidant. It’s a nutrient for your skin.Nivea Post Shave Balm
It blocks free radicals from your skin too. It helps slow the development of
wrinkles and keeps your skin looking young. It can be used on wrinkles, cuticles, brown spots, dry skin and lips. (My mom has beautiful skin. She takes a vitamin E capsule regularly.)

Chamomile is claimed to be one of the best skin care herbs. It’s used to help treat eczema and chicken pox. It’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal. It’s said to neutralize skin irritations too.

Witch Hazel helps reduce inflammation and irritation caused by acne or blemishes. You can use it to help fade bruises and puffy eyes. It refreshes skin and helps skin retain moisture.
It’s used to treat things such as eczema, psoriasis, razor burn, and sunburn.

According to Lynlee

I used it on my face, my neck, and my arms. TBH: Kind of an impulse purchase because I saw that Kylie Jenner used it. The winter has done some things to my skin. It’s never oily but it is by no means dry! I have been using this since the summer and honestly, I loved it all through the summer. Since Winter has my skin 100 kinds of dried out, I have been using it twice a day! I apply it when I first get out of the shower let sit until slightly tacky (not completely dry) then, apply my makeup. 

Shaved my legs. (I mean it IS post shave balm, right?) I applied to my freshly shaved, slightly dry legs. I have a problem with my legs staying moisturizer. My skin seems to just soak up whatever I put on them and still end up looking dry. This kept my legs smooth and hydrated all day. So, I put the shave balm on my legs, arms, face, and neck. 

Thoughts as a moisturizer: 

Being fresh out of a shower and applying this to clean skin made me love it even more. It didn’t feel sticky on my legs. They felt smooth and soft. My skin looked moisturized and smooth. My foundation applied smoothly and consistently. 

Thoughts as a makeup primer:

I tried a different foundation today to see if it was just luck or if it really was as great as it seemed. I used Bare Minerals liquid foundation. I haven’t been truly impressed with that foundation so I thought maybe it’s my primer. It wasn’t totally the primer but the shave balm worked again. My makeup didn’t have the same smoothness as other foundations I’ve tested it with but overall at the end of the day I was still pretty impressed by the primer. It’s dry in Arkansas winter and so is my skin.. My foundation still looks smooth after a 12 hour day. That you cannot complain about, people!  *tells everyone how great this stuff is* My boyfriend uses it. My dad uses it. My sister and my mom use it too! 

Nivea Post Shave Balm- According to Lynlee*

I carry this balm with me everywhere. As soon as the weather started to dry out, my skin did too! I started noticing dry patches around my nose and on my forehead. I have started using it even more now than I did in the summer. I find the moisturizer in it very effective. If you’ve tried several primers and aren’t sold on any or if you don’t find primer necessary.. I encourage you to try it. I have used Mac Prep and Prime for my shadow and foundation most consistently. I do love them but for a price. I have tried bare minerals prime time and prime time corrective color and originalsmashbox photo finish as well as many over the counter primers as well. If you’re trying to save money or maybe you aren’t. Maybe you want a multi use product.. For $5 you aren’t going to find something more effective and impressive.. That’s according to Lynlee.

What are some of your favorite primers you’ve tried? Why do you love them?



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My New Year’s Resolution (AKA Journey 2017)

2017 Journey & Resolution

Welcome to According to Lynlee.
Officially Welcoming you to my Blog!

My first post! I cannot believe it’s finally time to start posting! About October, I decided to set out on planning and researching how to create and run a successful blog. Since October I have planned, written, edited, and researched countless hours to make this blog something I enjoy writing and something all of you enjoy reading! I plan on taking this on and going at it full force! Blogging is so much more work than anyone even realizes. I am so excited to start blogging. I’m not really a New Year’s Resolution kind of gal. Here’s to the blog!


First and foremost, I hope to be relatable. I have said since the thought of starting a blog even entered my mind that I wanted to be someone everyone can relate to. I want to connect with the mothers who have little time to get ready. I want to connect with working girl in her 20s. I want to connect to the girl on a budget. I want you to know I am like you.


I am a hairdresser, first. I hope to educate you. From product usage to styling techniques. I hope you can come to this blog to find advice and learn from me. I plan to do product reviews, tutorials, needs, and answer questions that I get asked regularly while I’m behind the chair.


You can dress cute and at a reasonable price. I dress on a budget. I want to keep things budget friendly and reasonable. I have read blog posts and one outfit costs in the upper thousands of dollars. I don’t know about you but, thats completely unattainable for me! I have clothes that are worn and reworn over and over. I hope to show you fashion that not only inspires you but, challenges you to try new things.


Not my strongest suit. Through this blog I hope to teach you simple makeup hacks, colors that are great for you, reviews and quick makeup. Like I said, I want to make this relatable. When you see my posts I want you to think Oh, I can do that!

I am a working girl who is trying to balance a personal life and a career. I understand it is not always (or ever) possible to spend an hour on your makeup and an hour on your hair. I don’t make time to spend that kind of time on myself and I don’t have children. I hope to make your mornings and get ready easier for you. I hope you’re able to come here for inspiration and ideas. I look forward to growing through this process!

XO, Lynee*

Disclaimer: I’m new to this. Please bare with me as I learn and grow through this process. There’s a huge learning curve here. Thank you for your patience.

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