Thursday Three: Amika: un.done texture spray

Thursday Three! Welcome back for my mini post series! This week we’re following along with the Amika Trend.  Who doesn’t love some texture in their hair?!  Let me jus say, I’m a Texture Spray Girl! I love messy, undone style. It’s my favorite hairstyle to wear. Wearing my hair this way, allows my curls to fall and relax but my hair still looks good all day. For the record, I have tried a ton of similar sprays. You can read my post comparing three different texture sprays –> here.

AMIKA: un.done Texture Spray utilizes an invisible and dry formulation that delivers beachy hair – perfectly tousled, undone, and matte.

Three Benefits of Un.Done Texture.
Texture Spray

1. Salt Free formula – Gives you texture without drying out your hair! Salt can be extremely drying to the hair. A couple years ago I COULD NOT figure out why my hair was so dry. I had changed nothing except my salt spray. Come to find out the Salt Spray I was using was damaging my hair and drying it out completely!

2. Fights frizz – Gives great texture without the hassle of frizzing. I love a little fizz with my textured hair. But, this fights it and give you great body! I love the volume this gives and the light weight styling ability!

3. Absorbs dirt and oils – Keeps hair from looking oils and dirty! I mean who doesn’t love a double duty product!? Serves as your dry shampoo in a sense. It absorbs your dirt and oils to keep your hair fresh and clean! Once the oils are absorbs it gives you a little roughness!

Three Reasons I love Amika: un.done Texture Spray

1. It really is light weight and adds volume without stiffness! It lifts my hair and curls to give me great fluff and movement! This spray keeps my hair voluminous all day long!

2. It leaves a matte finish to keep my hair from looking too clean and shiny. It absorbs the oils without drying out my hair. I love the look of a matte finish with messy curls. It gives the illusion of more messy and bed head.

3. Its a dry, invisible formula. It separates my curls and keeps them from being tacky and sticky. un.done makes my hair look truly undone and doesn’t show residue in my hair!

I’ve experimented with many different sprays of this nature. Some I love, some are okay, and some just don’t work for me at all. I love this one. I don’t tell you I adore something if I don’t truly, 100% adore it. My opinions may change and I might just find something I love more but, this spray is wonderful for my hair texture.

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I love a good tousled look. Messy hair is my favorite look. It’s easy and fun yet, so easy to recreate! It would be impossible for me to create this look without Texture Spray!

I used to always use Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray. I believe they have since quit making it. That spray was my FAVORITE texturizing spray. It smelled great, it gave me wonderful texture, and made my hair style last. I loved it. On day, after using Salt Spray for months, I noticed my hair was EXTREMELY dry. My hair was really long then but it was pretty much all virgin hair. I should be healthy. It should be soft and touchable. I racked my brain trying to figure out what was making my hair like this. Was it something I was eating or not eating? Is my body dehydrated? What is going on? Finally, I realized my salt spray was drying my hair out! BAD.

PSA: I still use this spray. I use it sparingly. It’s still a love of mine!

After my discovery, I tried all kinds of texture sprays to find one that compared. Most sprays I used didn’t give me the same texture the salt spray did. I was so sad. I couldn’t get that say volume and tousled look with any products I tried.. Since then, I have found several sprays I love and adore.

Amika: un.done Texture Spray

A texturizing finishing spray for sexy, tousled, undone hair with extreme texture and volume—all at the push of a button. This invisible, dry formula uses zeolite, a natural mineral, to build unbelievable volume for full-on glamorous hair. Obliphica extract combined with an exclusive polymer blend bonds to the hair, imparting incredible texture without being stiff or weighing it down. The end result is fuller, wilder hair with a matte finish.

I love this texture spray because…

Texture Spray

Amika’s Texture Spray is an aerosol texture spray. It is a dry formula that gives you matte tousled texture and great volume. Some sprays create a tacky feeling. It separates my curls and gives me a bed head look. This spray gives life to your hair and fun to your style. It’s salt free as to avoid drying and fights frizz. It absorbs oils and dirt to give you extra volume and added texture. I don’t have to use so much dry shampoo when I use this texture spray.

A little goes a long way. I don’t have to use a lot of product to get the kind of texture I desire. Some sprays I have used to had to use a ton of product to compare to Session Series Salt Spray. This one, however, takes hardly any! It smells great! The smell of anything is a giveaway. It sells itself if it smell delicious! This does.

Choose this product if:

You want “pinterest curls.” If you like the straight ended, very loose, hardly “curled” look this would be a product to choose. It will give you the separation and the appearance of messiness. If I’m going for a more bedhead look, this is the product I always reach for. I use a flat iron most often when I curl my hair ( at least for now ) there’s more of a bend than curl. It creates effortless looking curls.

IGK: Beach Club

Want that surf-and-sand kind of hair? This breakthrough aerosol delivers that salty, windswept look in seconds without heaviness, stickiness or drying. Works on all hair types for an undone look that screams Tulum getaway. This versatile texture spray can be used on wet or dry hair for your specific needs. Formulated to add volume and texture to hair to create a sexy, wind-blown look, it also adds fullness, hold, and a cool, matte finish. Glycerin helps to lock in moisture, preventing hair from drying out, while hydrolyzed wheat protein adds natural body to the hair.

I love this texture spray because…

Beach Club

This is a great texturizing spray for me. I no longer need the texture and roughness for my curled style because I have lightened it since I post my 8 Hair Products I can’t Live Without. I used to use this everyday. But it still gives me great separation and messiness. It’s aerosol like the Amika Spray. Similarly, it never leaves my hair feeling wet and tacky. This spray doesn’t have such an intense matte finish. It’s semi-matte, I’d say. It gives great texture without the drying elements of Salt spray.

I love this texture spray for different reasons that I love Amika: un.done texture spray. It gives me a completely different style texture. It’s less roughness but, I don’t want to say less texture. Just different. My hair isn’t as soft when I use the amika. With the IGK my hair is still really touchable and I can run my fingers through my hair. The two are like comparing apples to oranges.

Choose this product if:

You want to wear your hair in loose curls. If you like the look of messy hair but still the look of styled, curls this is the product for you! If I curl my hair with a curling iron, I use this spray. Curling with a curling iron gives a little more uniform curls instead of the “bend” like a flat iron gives you. This spray will give you a slight shine but not shampoo commercial shine.

Living Proof Instant Texture Mist

Get tailor-made texture with this weightless texturizing spray. Powered by our three-dimensional technology containing magnetic texturizers plus our patented Thickening Molecule (PBAE), Instant Texture Mist creates any type of tousled style effortlessly. It is instant & revivable for up to 48 hours. This texture mist is not stiff, sticky, dulling or dirtying. It works on damp or dry hair, with or without heat styling

I love this texture spray because…

Texture Spray

More similar to a salt spray, it gives me crunchy, tacky texture in a good way though. I love the messiness this product allows. It gives me a completely different texture than most texturizing sprays. It’s most comparable to a salt spray. I love use this product when I have tight curls or used a beach waver. It doesn’t dull your hair like the other two mentioned. They have a mattifying formula. Those two products are designed to give you a matte end result. This one doesn’t. The benefit of this one is use can (and I did) use it on my hair damp. To style more smooth but voluminous, this product is great to use on wet hair and blow out. It helps keeps the style and holds.

Choose this product if…

You want volume and polished curls. This product is great on wet hair to dilute the product in a sense and lessen the amount of texture you get. It’s great to spray into your hair and blowout for weightless volume and texture. I like to use this if I wear my hair straight. Often time, I don’t like to wear my hair sleek and smooth because it doesn’t stay that way but, if I spray this into my hair prior to blowdrying it gives me enough texture and volume to keep my style all day.

I wish I could compare these three products and rate them 1-3 on which I liked most to least but, I can’t. Texture sprays all give you different end results. Depending on what style you’re wanting will determine what product you’d choose. What look are you going for? What style do you want to have? Who do you want to be today?



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Thursday Three – Amika: The Wizard

Hello Curious Readers- I’m excited to start bringing Thursday Three to you! I have tons of products I use and Tricks I have accumulated over the years. Most don’t have enough information to create a full out post. Reviews are my favorite posts to share with you all because I love to try new things! I have posted reviews on dry shampoo, blonde hair products, and makeup! Personally, I love to read reviews. It’s a hobby of mine. I think this is one reason I love writing them so much too!

Instead, I have decided to start the Thursday Three! Every Thursday I’m going to share a little mini review on products, tricks I have, and maybe even some small tutorials too. I am so excited to start Thursday Three Minis.

Here’s to Thursday Three!

Amika : The Wizard

The Wizard is a weightless style primer. It’s said to be the ultimate multi-tasker. The wizard cuts down on your drying time while it adds many nutrients to your hair. It helps to easily detangle your hair and fights frizz, nourishs, smooths, and adds softness and shine! The primer protects against thermal damage, environmental damage, and UV damage!  With the lightweight formula its a great product for all hair types. Use this to start your styling process!

Thursday ThreeThree Benefits of The Wizard

  1. Reduces Drying Time. Having to blow dry my hair is part of the reason I detest having to wash my hair. It’s such a process. Even with my short hair, it still is a commitment you mentally prep for. This cuts down the drying time. After I spray this in my clients hair the water starts to drip out of their hair. It’s the craziest thing!
  2. Avocado Oil. This is where the nourishing ingredients come from. It has important proteins, vitamins, amino acids, folic acids, and minerals. If you were hair for the chemical make up of your hair, I’d tell you why that’s important but you’re not and you probably don’t care. (If you do care: Amino Acids make up your hair. The hair strand is about 80% Protein)
  3. Free of sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens and artificial colors. Safe for color-treated, Brazilian-treated and Keratin-treated hair. Also, Amika cruelty free!

Three Reasons I Love The Wizard

  1. Primes. It preps my hair for the styling process. If you’ve read any of my hair posts, you know I always use a leave in conditioner. This isn’t classified as that but, it has ALL the same benefits as one! It makes my hair SO soft and feeling healthy. Who doesn’t want healthy hair?
  2. Protects. The Wizard protects against the sun and humidity. UV Protectant fights damage from the sun and prevents your color from fading. Summer Sun is no joke when it comes to hair color.
  3. Detangles. The tangles practically fall out of my hair once I spray this on my hair! It’s the easiest thing to brush the tangles out once this is sprayed in my hair! This Primer makes the detangling process nonexistent. This product will be in my beach/pool/lake bag all summer long!

Three Reasons I Recommend The Wizard

  1. It’s Multi-Tasking. You can use this as a primer to prep your hair for the styling process OR you can use it alone. This summer I’ll be using this after I swim to avoid dryness from chlorine. But, I also use this daily too!
  2. It’s lightweight. It is hard to find a product that covers all the hair textures. The Wizard light enough for fine hair to stay full of life but strong enough for course hair to be able to be impacted.
  3. It smells Delish! Okay, This isn’t a real reason but, kind of. Long story short, I have been using this over a month and I still love it! I haven’t even felt like I’ve needed a different primer. I styled my hair using this primer and the curls held all day and the nest day!

To Use:

  1. Towel Dry your hair.
  2. Spray The Wizard into your hair. Start spraying at the ends and work your way up.
  3. Detangle hair.
  4. Apply Products as normal or use alone.

I’m so excited to be starting this weekly series with you all! I can’t wait to select and try new products and techniques to tell you guys about! Share in the comments below products you’ve tried or products you’d like me to try!

Thanks for tuning into Thursday Three!



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Favorites Roundup


I have always loved checking out everyones favorites. It’s my favorite videos to watch on youtube. Reading blogs about peoples favorites gives me new products to try and I am always down to try out new things. Seeing what people are purchasing, using and loving is so fun to me. So, I decided I’d write about some of my most recent favorites.

// Fashion // Favorites

Over sized Blush Pull Over

Forever 21 RARELY disappoints. Am I too old to still like forever 21 clothing? Possibly. But, who cares? This sweatshirt is one of those items you know immediately you should have bought two. Unfortunately, Forever 21 Red is what is nearest to me. You can’t shop them online. 🙁 But, lucky for you guys this thing showed up at your regular Forever 21! You can purchase it –> Here

It’s super soft and lightweight. And the color.. you already know I’m obsessing over anything blush. I absolutely love the shape of this. It’s extremely boxy but it’s so flowy you’d never know it. I’ve worn it every chance that I get! Like.. I’m wearing it now! It’s so comfy to wear. And we all know forever 21 is cheap! This sweatshirt was $22!! Does it get any better than that!? I can’t wait to wear it this spring with baggy distressed shorts and sandals! 

Blush Sweater

As soon as I laid eyes on this sweater I knew it had to be mine!! Blush of course. It’s the epitome of comfort and fashion. I have lounged in it and dressed it up. It’s pretty lightweight so you can wear it without having to worry about getting too hot. That’s a huge bonus for me because I’m super hot natured. Doing hair is not the time you want to wear clothes that make you hot either! 

The v-neck makes it so easy to wear off the shoulder or with a cute chunky necklace. I like to wear it both ways! My favorite way to wear this sweater though, is with my leopard booties! IT’s reasonably priced for a good quality sweater and you can come pick it up at Yaya and visit me too!

Holey Jeans

Because everyone needs shredded denim. You included! These are also a Yaya Clothing Boutique Special. I mean.. working there and seeing all the clothes all the time what do you expect?! Plus, if I like something I want it! And I want it now!

I’m actually not usually a fan of the boyfriend style jeans. I just think they don’t fit my body right but these changed my opinion. I love the vintage denim wash on these. What I like to call “old school Levi” style. They remind me of the jeans my grandpa wore when I was younger. Minus the holes.. My granny would have already patched them! But, the wash is the similar. These hit right at my ankles so I can wear them down or cuffed to change up the look. They washed so well, which I was concerned about. Holy Jeans don’t always come out of the washer and dryer in great shape but these jeans definite did! 

I look forward to wearing these jeans ALL SUMMER! I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of them but, I plan on getting MUCH more wear out of them. Finding a good pair of holey jeans you just love is hard to do but, I did it and I couldn’t be happier.

// Skin //Favorites

Virgin Coconut Oil

Okay, I’ll start with a disclaimer.. I have always had good skin. I didn’t fight acne as a teen, My skin was never exceptionally dry or oily, it wasn’t overly sensitive. But, I’ve taken advantage of that good fortune. At 27, I don’t really know how to properly care for my skin because I never HAD to do it. I would wash my face with whatever face wash or face wipe was handy. Still, I’m not sure what my skin TRULY needs. When I walk up and down skin care aisles I feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I think a lot of the skin care products out these days are a bit gimmicky. What do I REALLY NEED? I’m still not sure. But, as soon as I find out I’ll let you know,

Now, I am starting to see wrinkles on my forehead. So, I’ve changed up my moisturizing habits tremendously. For a while I used Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream and I will say, that does the job. But, I think my skin was dehydrated beyond belief. I started using coconut Oil. And to be honest, I’m floored at how different my skin looks. Even just after a couple of days my skin showed more life and brightness. It was no longer dull and matte looking. It looked hydrated and felt even better! I have been completely astounded by the results of this! 

I wash my face at night and apply a small (Very small amount) on my face and neck. I’ve not ventured too far into using it all over the rest of my body because the scent is SO strong. But, I have put some on places on my body that are showing extra dryness. I even give a small amount to my dog to help his skin issues too. It’s shown to be very effective. Plus, Dock LOVES it!

Fake Bake Skin Polish + Self Tan

There’s a post coming soon about this combo. I’ll be sharing how I self tan. This stuff is fabulous. I haven’t ever been much of a self tanner. I either just show off my white legs or avoid skirts and shorts in public until I get a decent tan. This self tanner was recommended to me and its SO SO easy! If I’d known it was this easy I’d probably have started using it along time ago!

The application process is so simple! Once you have prepped your skin tanning your body is a cake walk. The prep work is the hardest part and its easy too! The Skin Polish is an exfoliant that prepares your skin for the self tanner without leaving oily residue. It makes your skin so soft! As you’re using it you can tell the product isn’t harsh on your skin. It’s not a rough exfoliant at all! After I shower I moisturize and then self tan.

This Particular Self Tan is the easiest self tanner I have ever used! IT’s in a pump spray bottle and comes with a mitt. You simply spray it onto the mitt and buff it into your skin! That easy. Let it dry and carry on with life as usual! One and Done!

You can also pick this up at Yaya Clothing Boutique!

Make Up Wipes

Who doesn’t love a good makeup wipe? I love the easy of a makeup wipe. The removal process of your makeup is made 1000x easier by using makeup wipes. Guess What. My favorite ones are the Equate Brand makeup wipes from walmart. Life made easy. My preference is the wipes that come in the small travel size packs. I find they don’t dry out as quickly and they’re much easier to throw into your bag when you travel.

I was SO excited when I stumbled upon this box of wipes. Loving the travel size packs, my day was made! You get 125 wipes total. Unfortunately, Its about $3 more than the 2 pack and you get 120 wipes with that. Honestly, for me, its worth it. I have used the big packs before and I end up having to use two wipes as I get 1/2 way through so, I get more days out of the box.

I’ve posted about them in my 5 Minute Morning post.. you can read that –> here.

// Makeup // Favorites

L’oreal Visible Lift Blur Foundation 

I have been struggling with wrinkles lately. I turned 27 in February and it’s like my body gave them to me as a birthday gift. Thanks a heap. They just seem to have popped up over night. My heavier foundations have started settling into said wrinkles, and ladies we just can’t have that. I’m only 27.

Personally, I don’t need heavy coverage. This foundation is very light coverage. Other than some redness on my cheeks, dark circles, and scattered winter freckles, I’m not trying to hide too much. This foundation covered exactly what I needed it to and didn’t settle into my fine lines. It’s tacky to the touch so, setting it is a must! That’s a very easy step if that’s the only downfall for this light coverage foundation, right? 

To give a little extra coverage to some dark circles I simply put conceal (see below) to cover them and add a little brightness under my eyes. 

Makeup Revolution New-Trals vs Neutrals Palette

If you have not tried out makeup revolution you TOTALLY should. I discovered them while watching Nicole Cutler on YouTube. She did a look using this particular palette and I had to have it! It’s perfect if you love warm toned shadows (me). The pigment and lasting power are great for a budget friendly. Ulta runs specials on this line all the time! I bought two palettes at 50% off. Right now the special is buy two get one free!

The drugstore often lacks in palettes with lots of color options but the brand helps makeup for it. I’ve created so many different looks with this palette. For that, it’s great for travel! There’s a row of neutrals and a row of more shades. Fun Fact: if your eyes are blue warm tones (shades of orange) will make your eyes POP!) I love this palette. At first I was a bit skeptical but, it has blown me away! 

Maybelline Master Conceal

I know. I’m late to the party with this one. But, I have arrived no less. AND it made it to the Favorites list so… Like I have mentioned earlier in this post I’m dealing with wrinkles. Even fine lines under my eyes. Finding a concealer that doesn’t settle but has nice coverage has been quite the chore. 

I try to avoid thick concealer. The feeling of product on my face isn’t my favorite. I prefer more natural looks. This concealer gives GREAT coverage and doesn’t sit heavily on my skin. Another perk, it’s super easy to blend out. Sometimes I find higher coverage products to be more difficult to blend but this one is an exception to the rule. It gives me great, long lasting coverage! This is a great option if you’re wanting a drugstore concealer. 

// Hair //Favorites

Amika Un.Done Texture Spray

Being a Texture Spray Girl, I’ll try them all. So far, this one takes the cake! It’s not at all drying.. which if you followed along for very long you know that’s something I pay attention to. It gives GREAT texture and roughness. I love this texture Spray for its ability to texturize my fine hair and give me body and the beautiful mess I so desire! It’s in an aerosol can so it’s dry on the hair and never gets tacky. I. Am. Obsessed. 

I sprayed it on my hair after I had curled it so I’d have the lived in look. I also used it on a client who has silky soft hair. It held her curls so well and gave her a tiny bit of texture. It’s definitely my new go to texture spray.

Amika The Shield Style Extender Spray

I believe everyone should have a UV Protectant in their hair routine. This one is a new favorite. It protects your hair from heat, sun, and frizz. In Arkansas Summer you know we face heat, sun and frizz. This will protect your hair against all those; Damage and color fade from the sun and frizz from the heat (and humidity). This Style Extender helps keep your style for days on end and keeps you looking GREAT! It’s a perfect summer product to add to your routine. 

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Like Texture Spray, I also LOVE dry shampoo. I always want to try new dry shampoos. This one is a great one. It gives a slight powdery feel but, makes my hair look and feel SO clean! It absorbs my oils and gives me soft texture. I have used this daily since I purchased it. You can’t be too mad about dry shampoos when they make your hair feel clean. I know I have said, ” I love _____ dry shampoo,” so many times already on this blog but, I really do love this one. I love all dry shampoos as long as they make my hair feel clean and don’t leave a nasty residue. This one fits the bill and it smells so nice. It’ll be a repurchased item and staple for me. (I love it more the IGK and I love IGK) 

Picking out my favorites is hard sometimes and other times I can name my favorites without a second thought. Some of these items made it through a long list of other favorites I had. Most of these, were an automatic answer. I knew right away which products would make the list. Some topics I had too many favorites to count. I have some new favorites, I can’t wait to share so, Stay tuned! If you try any of these let me know OR I’d love to hear some of your current favorites!



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Blonde Hair Club

Blonde Hair Club

So, I recently did a little thing to my hair; I joined the blonde hair club! My hair has been dark my whole life. Even in beauty school I never got the urge to try my luck as a blonde. I just have always preferred my hair dark. MY family can’t seem to get used to it an my boyfriend, Nate, isn’t convinced yet. Even they prefer my hair dark. 🙂 And yet, here I am blonde. I’m not captain of the blonde hair club, but I’m a member.

A few month back I posted about my hair routine. It was 8 products I can’t live without. Some of those product I still can’t live without. Others though, must be exchanged for new products because of my new hair. Since I have lightened my hair (twice) its not in the same healthy condition it once was. My hair prior to lightening was virgin hair so it was silky and soft. To give myself extra texture and body I used specific products now, I have texture ( aka damage ) and more body. Some of the products I was using are no longer necessary for me!

Blonde Hair Club Needs

Unfortunately, things have to change when we color our hair. Even the pros have to change up their products. I’ll be keeping some of the products I mention in 8 Products I can’t live without but, I’ll also be exchanging and adding a few products to my routine as well! Here’s an updated list!

  1. Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo

    Blonde Hair Club

    This is a blue based shampoo to keep my hair from turning brassy, or as I hear sometimes, “my hair has just started looking so orange.” For the technical side of why colored shampoo works.. Blue and orange are complimentary colors, Purple and yellow as well. Taking you back to elementary art when you mix complimentary colors you get a neutral. That’s why I always recommend purple shampoo to my blondes.

This product is specifically designed with brunettes who have lighten their hair. ( ME! ) Often, when dark hair is lighten it will turn to a brassy color. It’s part of your hair’s makeup. I’ll be keeping my hair a neutral color by using this shampoo. No blonde wants to be yellow. Including me, so I’m grabbing the blue shampoo in exchange for my current shampoo.

2. Matrix Total Results So Long Damage Conditioner

Blonde Hair Club

I’m not even going to pretend like I don’t normally use Shampoos and Conditioners as a set. Because I do. Almost Always. But, since I switched to the light side, I’m going to be using this So Long Damage Conditioner. It’s not super heavy and give my hair such softness. I will say that before I lightened my hair it was a little too much moisture for my hair and it would make it oily by the second day. But, now! I’m on day two with this conditioner and I have no signs of oily hair anywhere!

My  hair after using this was so soft and easy to brush out. I put of lot of stress on my hair and it took on some serious damage. I was kind of nervous to wash it and style it because i didn’t know what to expect. This conditioner made the process so easy! Concerned my hair would feel like straw I used an excessive amount. (I’ll know better for next time!) This conditioner wasn’t too heavy that I couldn’t style my hair and it didn’t weigh down my hair and remove all the body. My hair was still full of life! That’s what I need in a conditioner; softness and liveliness.

3. Alterna Caviar RX Fill & Fix Treatment

Blonde Hair ClubI’d be lying if I said I didn’t need a conditioning treatment now! I didn’t have to use one before because my hair was virgin hair. I used heat protectants and proper styling products to keep my hair healthy. Then, I lightened it. I am in desperate need of a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning treatments help to replenish moisture, protein, and minerals back into your hair. All this plus some goes into the health of your hair. They also help with softness, shine, manageability, and some even help repair the damage. Like this on for instant, and you can’t go wrong with Caviar.

Protein in my hair right now is extremely important. Protein is the biggest part of your hair’s makeup. And I have done some stuff to mine! This helps replenish protein in a heavy dose! It evens out my hair health and makes my hair more nourished and soft.

A deep conditioning treatment can be done once a week sometimes twice if needed. Also, Professional Deep Conditioning Treatments can be done in the salon. We put on the treatment and set you under the dryer for a certain time. The Professional Deep Conditioning Treatments help repair and replenish your hair like no at home treatment can do.

When applying I focus on my ends first then work up toward my face and scalp. Around my face sees a lot of heat damage. I let this set on my hair for about 15-20 minutes depending on how distracted I get and then rinse.

4. Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair

Blonde Hair Club

This stuff is a dream. It can be used even if you don’t have blonde hair. I’d recommend it for anyone. It’s great for brushing out tangles and giving your hair some added softness while styling. It helps ease the process. You know I swear by Leave in Treatments. My hair is no different. I spray a leave in treatment on it EVERY SINGLE TIME I wash my hair. It takes on some much damage from the environment, styling, pony tails.. ect. The least I can do is add a little spray into my hair to combat a little of the damage I’m doing to it.

This is specifically designed for blondes. As a professional, I know being blonde comes at a price. No matter how light your hair is bleach just damages your hair. This helps to repair some damage by adding protein into your hair. Adding protein helps strengthen your hair and keep it from breaking. This is a lightweight formula that allows styling like it isn’t even there. It doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it feel oily.

When Applying I focus on my ends and excessively blonde areas. Brush through my hair and style as normal.

5. Alterna Caviar CC Cream

Blonde Hair ClubLike I said earlier, you can’t go wrong with Caviar. Alterna’s Caviar CC Cream is the Blonde Hair Club MVP. It stole my heart when my hair was long. My hair was damaged on the ends from heat, color, and messy buns. The ends were so dry and brittle. I was recommended this product to help! and it totally did. It’s extremely light weight. Honestly, I cannot even feel it so I usually use another cream with it. It’s a 10-in-1 Cream product.

This CC Cream helps with moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, UV protection, manageability, strength, anti-breakage, heat protection and light hold. This is a GREAT Summer product because it has UV Protection. If we’re protecting our skin we should protect our hair. Also, This makes one less product I have to worry about, Heat Protection. It has that to! The CC Cream is the styling product form of a miracle. Right now, my hair needs all these things. If you’ve lightened your hair you know you’ve needed it too!

When applying I dispense one pump into my hair, apply to damp hair. Starting on my ends I work my way up to my scalp. Style as normal. I also apply one pump to dry hair starting on my ends and work it up if I need a little extra softness!

The Blonde hair club has required me to only slightly alter my routine. I will no longer be needed heavy salt sprays to give me texture. I also will be dropping the mousse for now. All the other products are still very present and very needed in my routine. I can’t make it without Jet Lag. Honestly, I don’t want to. Don’t forget when changing your hair as in doing the Blonde Hair Club you may have to change your hair routine too! There’s nothing wrong with your old products not working for you anymore. If you decide to join the blonde hair club try out some of these products and let me know what your love!

What are some of your favorite healthy hair products and why? Let me know in the comments below


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5 Products you need for Fine Hair

Fine Hair

Fine hair is great for sleek, smooth looks. But, when the trends turn and you need more texture and body how do you achieve that? Absolutely! Fine hair is tricky because it can easily be weighed down or too much product can make it look dirty. Hair products can be determined by the texture of your hair. People with fine hair don’t need the same products as someone with coarse hair. 

With that in mind I’ve compiled 5 product you need for fine hair. 

Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner 

Fine HairSome Volumizing Shampoos & Conditioners have a tendency to dry out your hair. Insert Thickening Products. Thickening Products help plump your individual strands to allow your hair to be more full and actually appear thicker.

After using this type of shampoo and conditioner you get a fuller, longer lasting look. Your style holds longer and stays thicker looking. Thickening Shampoos and conditioners don’t seem ( to me ) as drying as most volumizing products. We want volume but not at the cost of soft hair!

// Matrix Full Density Shampoo & Conditioner // 

I love this Shampoo and Conditioner Duo together! It makes my hair feel noticeably thicker. That’s so crazy to me because honestly, I was skeptical at first. I can’t even lie about it! It isn’t drying to my hair at all. That’s why I generally stay away from this type of shampoo and conditioner. The Full Density Shampoo and Conditioner make a liar out of me.


Fine Hair

You have to be careful with this one because mousse can make you hair appear dull and weighted down. There’s a fine ( no pun intended ) line. Too heavy of a product or too much of a product can make your hair too heavy. Then, you can’t get any volume. This causes your locks to be stuck on your head and can potentially make your hair look dirty.

Don’t let that scar you! A little goes a long way and you can always add more to your hair if you can tell it’s not enough. After a couple days you’ll instantly know how much you need!

// Matrix Airy Builder // 

Well. no new news here. I love this Mousse. You already know. It’s super light weight and great for all hair types but specifically fine hair. It isn’t heavy at all. It makes my hair airy, voluminous, and thicker.

Dry Shampoo

Fine Hair

Even if you wash your hair every day dry shampoo needs to be a product in your cabinet. Dry shampoo adds volume and weightless texture. It makes your hair airy in a sense and gives you movement. Plus, it almost acts as an eraser if you put too much product in your hair. 

Dry Shampoo can give you an extra dose of volume and body that other products can’t. It also adds just the right amount of texture so you can keep your s typing lasting all day!

// Batiste Original //

Okay, Jet Lag is my ride or die dry shampoo but, I am loving this one and it is cheap! It does leave a gray cast at first but once you brush it or massage it into your hair. It gives great texture and wonderful volume. I am loving this dry shampoo. For the price I dare say that Batiste is my new fave.

Lightweight Hairspray

Lightweight hairspray keeps life in your hair but doesn’t make it crunchy. We WANT life and  we WANT movement. What we don’t want is helmet hair. Think 90s updo crunch. Even the lightest hairsprays can weigh down fine hair. 

Lightweight hairspray is my jam. It’d be a lie if I said I wasn’t the master of lightweight hairsprays. I dislike hair spray so much (for myself) Often, I don’t use any hairspray at all. I have discovered all my favorite brands light sprays.

// Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light //

I’d actually forgotten about this hairspray. When I was in beauty school this was my hairspray. I used this all the time! It’s super light and it isn’t wet when you spray it. It’s holds so well for a light hairspray. Also, it doesn’t leave a lot of residue and buildup. Super Clean Light gives you nice touchable style that can’t be beat. I’m so glad I rediscovered it.

Hair Pick

Fine Hair

Fine hair is much more fragile than more coarse hair. Therefore, teasing it with a vengeance is recipe for breakage. Using a pick you can lightly “back comb” your hair to give you volume. The good thing about fine hair is a light tease will give you great volume.

// Hair Pick // 

We always want what we don’t have. People with coarse hair want more fine hair and people with fine hair want more coarse hair. There’s pros and cons of both.

With fine hair are you able to achieve every style? No. But, I could say that exact thing to someone with coarse hair. There’s perks to all different hair types. Fine hair has to be babied a little more than more coarse hair but with that coarse hair takes TLC too.



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8 Hair Products I can’t Live Without

Hair Routine

To Wash or not to Wash..? Question I’m asking myself on. a. daily. basis. My hair routine is always compiled of Hair Products I (currently) can’t live without. These products give me great style while helping me maintain the health of my hair. We put so much heat and stress on our hair, products can protect or help mend damage we have caused. Hair as a rule of thumb is something I’m passionate about. I have invested lots of time and money into the passion I have been calling my career for almost 7 years now. Being a hairstylist I have the ability to try new products as soon as they come available. My routine changes often but rarely very drastically. 

My hair:

Color : Dark Brown- Mostly my natural Color
Texture : Medium / Wavy
Density : Normal
Length : Medium
Primary Hair Concern : Lack  of Shine. Breakage. Manageability. Style Hold.
Preferred Style : Loose, Messy, Undone Waves

Some things I know that you should know too.

1. What works for me won’t work for everyone.
2. Your hair texture and density can drastically change the products I’d choose for you.
3. Your hair products can be determined by the style you’re rocking

Here’s my Hair Routine

Shampoo & Conditioner :

Biolage R.A.W. Recover Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo & ConditionerOn a normal week, I wash my hair every 2 – 3 days. Since I go a few days in between my ends can get a little bit dry. I recently switched to this shampoo and conditioner. I love this combo. R.A.W. stands for Real. Authentic. Wholesome. It is Matrix’s new organic line. According to Matrix this shampoo and conditioner restores shine to stressed, sensitized hair using ingredients like yucca, goji berry, coriander oil and kaolin clay. Giving you 3 times stronger hair. It contains no sulfates, silicones, paragons, or artificial colorants. Which means its safe for your color and your blow outs! I have not been disappointed. You never know what you’re getting into trying out new products but, this I love! It’s light weight and smells good. Even after a rough blow dry my hair is still feeling smooth and has a lot of shine!

Leave in Conditioner :

Matrix Total Results Miracle Creator Multitasking Treatment

Miracle TreatmentI use a leave in conditioner every time I wash my hair. This one is a current favorite. There are 20 benefits to using this product including boosts shine, smoothes the cuticle, helps prevent breakage from brushing, adds moisture, helps prevent heat damage along with many others! I was actually given this product to try out. Since I have been using this product, I have bought it to use at the salon. I use it for all my clients. I have even repurchased it several times. It’s great for post chemical services or for every day use. I love it because it makes my hair a little silkier and a lot less tangly as I blow dry and tame the mess. The Miracle Creator has a heat protectant in it, so thats one less product I have to worry about and it protects against sun damage as well! It smooths your cuticle for smoother sleeker looks and added shine. It prevents heat damage and breakage.

How To Apply
I apply this first before using any other products because I want this to absorb into my hair without the barrier of other products preventing it from doing its job. I flip my head over and focus on applying this to my ends. Then, work this product up into the mid lengths of my hair. 

 Styling Products :

Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment

Living ProofI believe prior to every blow dry you need some kind of cream styling product. It helps add slip and softness to your hair. A cream product is going to keep your hair style longer and give it more of a touchable softness that a mousse won’t be able to achieve. I go between the 5-in-1 Styling Treatment, Bed Head Small Talk, and Paul Mitchell Quick Slip. For myself right now I have been using the 5-in-1. I love it because it gives me softness and shine and still holds my style whether I want curly, messy or straight and sleek. It reduces breakage and I don’t feel like I have to choose do I want healthy hair or do I want styled hair because I get the best of both worlds.

How to Apply
I put a small (Chocolate chip) Size amount in my palm. I focus on my ends and the front of my hair, first because this is where our hair sees its most damage. After I apply to my ends I work my way up the mid lengths of my hair.

Matrix Style Link Mineral Airy Builder Dry Texture Foam

Airy BuilderI love a lightweight mousse. I love this lightweight mousse. This mousse was also given to me to try out and I have fallen in love with it. My hair is easily weighed down by products because I want to use them all every day. I love this mousse because it lives up to its name being ary. It doesn’t leave a product feel in my hair. It’s great for curls or straight hair. The Airy Builder is not sticky or tacky and always feels clean. It’s also buildable so, you can dry your hair and add a little more for extra texture! You can also apply this product on dry hair.

How to Apply:
I dispense a dollop about the size of the dip of my palm. The amount used depends on the length of your hair. I always apply less and go back and apply more if I need a little bit more. Once I apply these products I use a wet brush or paddle brush to detangle and disperse the products throughout my hair.

IGK Beach Club Texture Spray

Beach Club
This is a great texturizing spray for me. My hair is extremely soft and due to much TLC it is fairly healthy. I need the texture and roughness for my curled style. I use this everyday. It gives great separation and messiness. It’s in an aerosol can so it never leaves my hair feeling wet and tacky. It gives great texture without the drying elements of Salt spray. Also, it smells DELISH and the packaging sold me! 

How to Apply:
After I curl my hair I on the ends of my curls while fluffing them. Once I have fluffed my hair I spray once more for good measure. The messier the better.


IGK Intern Flexible Hairspray

With the combination of the previously stated products I don’t generally use hairspray unless the weather requires. I have recently be reaching for IGK Intern Flexible Hairspray when I feel I need a little extra hold. This is an extremely light weight hairspray that still allows movement in my hair. It smells nice and if I have to touch up my curls it doesn’t get crunchy on me. It leaves me with a shiny finish which I love

IGK Jet Lag Dry Shampoo 

Jet Lag

LOVE. L O V E. LOVE. This dry shampoo. I can say I have tried hundreds of dollars worth of dry shampoos.I’ve used Paul Mitchell’s Dry Wash, Redken Pillow Proof , Matrix Total Results Miracle Extender, Matrix Style Link Playback Dry Shampoo. I’ve tried Not Your Mother’s, Garner Fructis, Batiste, Rockaholic, Dove, Kenra, Verb, Big Sexy, Pureology, Alterna, AG Hair, I have tried a ton! Let me tell you, this dry shampoo makes my hair feel the softest and soaks up day 3 (or 5) oily mess like its day 2! I love it! It soaks up the oil quickly and doesn’t leave a residue. It adds great texture to my hair without making it feel dirtier than it already is. I can usually go 3-4 days without washing my hair. This does the work like a champ!

How to Apply: See 3 Reasons I love IGK Jet Lag Dry Shampoo

Like I said before.. my hair routine is always compiled of products I cannot live without. Although, this list changes frequently I always have a must do check list that my products have to complete. I love trying new things and seeing what I like about this product and what I like better about products I have previously tried! What are some of your Must Haves for your hair routine?


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My 5 Minute Morning

5 Minute Mornings

You know those mornings that go so smoothly? You get up, take the dog out and enjoy the crisp morning air. Then, you watch your show on tv while you sip your coffee. Proceed to get ready. No? Me neither.. Mine usually go like this..”5 more minutes” as I hit the snooze button, again. It’s past time to wash your hair. There’s remnants of yesterday’s makeup left over on my face. I’ve gotta take the dog out and shower. The jeans I planned on wearing are dirty. 5 Minute Morning..

5 Products I reach for on a 5 Minute Morning..

IGK Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo5 Minute Mornings

I can’t speak highly enough for this stuff. I’ve actually posted about it before (Twice). As a matter of fact you’re probably sick of hearing about it. Being dark headed it is very common for dry shampoo to discolor my hair or not make it look clean. This dry shampoo cures both of those problems! It doesn’t leave my hair with a residue AND it makes my hair look and feel clean!

**You can actually pick this up from me at YaYa’s Salon and Boutique!

Equate Beauty Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

5 Minute MorningsWhen yesterday’s makeup is smeared down your face because you’re a girl and things happen.. These makeup remover wipes are fantastic to remove all that left over makeup. Even on days that I’m not in a rush I like to wipe off my makeup with these before washing my face. At walmart you can buy them in different sizes. The link I shared comes with 125 wipes total but they’re packaged in separate packs. I hate my makeup wipes not holding their moisture. Although, buying them in the box is a bit more expensive I feel I get 100% use out of each wipe. When I purchased the bigger packages I end up having to use more than one wipe to remove all my makeup because they dry out. A Smaller package is so much more travel friendly as well.

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand

5 Minute Mornings

Holy Moly. This would be a #youtubemademebuyit for sure! I can’t say I hate it! Actually, I love it! I use this when I’m in a hurry because I bought a shade too dark for my under eyes so I use this as a foundation of sorts. I apply this under my eyes and in my T-Zone when I’m in a rush and buff out with a damp beauty sponge. It covers all my blemishes and discoloration and it lasts all day! And If I really needed that 5 more minutes of sleep this takes care of my dark circles too.

L’Oreal Voluminous Primer

 AND L’Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara

5 Minute Mornings

This is one of those things your mom used so you just used it by default. This (among many things) is also one of those things that should be filed under Mother knows best.. This primer and mascara combo is to die for. I could go on and on. It dries quickly, removal is easy, and it makes my eyelashes look glorious. The mascara alone is pretty great as far as volume and length go but add the primer and you’re in for a real treat.

I may not look my best on those 5 minute mornings but with the products I’m not look my worst! What are your 5 minute mornings you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to try them out!


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 3 Reasons I love Jet Lag- Invisible Dry Shampoo

Jet Lag- Dry Shampoo

How many of us have searched and searched for the perfect (long lasting) dry shampoo. I have searched high and low. Drugstore and High end. All to settle on something that just works. Nothing I ever found I was just set on. I didn’t ever think oh, I could never live without this! I was trying any and every style of drive shampoo, every brand. Nothing and then.. Jet Lag. How appropriate is that name?

According to the Bottle:

“You want your hair to stand out, not your styling products, and this truly invisible, revolutionary formula blends into hair without leaving a trace of residue. Designed to boost volume and body while leaving tousled, touchable texture, Jet Lag leaves you runway ready, no matter how many time zones your cross”

Application: Apply to roots to soak up excess oil and revive your style or spray from mid length to ends to texturize. Private Jet Sold Separately.

According to IGK
 and Sephora

A dry shampoo designed to boost volume and body while leaving tousled, touchable texture.

Key Ingredients-
Volcanic Ash- Contains exfoliating properties to cleanse and purify
Ginger Root Extract- Softens and Adds shine to hair

Modern Without Compromise
Modern formulations offer high performance without compromise:
Conditioning and color safe
UV and heat protection
Gluten free
Formulated without mineral oil
Vegetarian and cruelty free

What else you need to know:

This product provides a cooling sensation to the scalp and slight volume to the roots when applied. After applying, lightly massage scalp with fingers to maximize cleansing and soothing effects. It contains the IGK Los Angeles scent: a refreshingly bright arrangement of bergamont, lemon zest, mimosa, heliotrope, and black amber. Formulated without mineral oil, petroleum, and gluten, it is vegan, cruelty-free, and color safe with UV protection.

According to Lynlee-

IGK Jet Lag - Dry ShampooI have tried a million different dry shampoos. The list is lonnng. Off the top of my head I can think of Paul Mitchell Express Dry Waterless Shampoo, Herbal Essence, Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret, Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Not your Mothers, Verb Dry Shampoo, Matrix Style Link Mineral Playback Dry Shampoo, and Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender. Just to name a few. I have really liked (and repurchased) many of those dry shampoos but none of them compare to Jet Lag. Plus, IGK KILLS it on their packaging and scents. 

H O N E S T  O P I N I O N :

At first I thought I had wasted my money. It looked like I was spraying nothing into my hair. (Invisible, Lynlee.) I thought, “this is crap. Add another Dry Shampoo to the list of ones I don’t like.” Then, I went on about getting ready. As I let the dry shampoo absorb the oils in my hair my opinion was QUICKLY shifted! I could now go on and on about why I love Jet Lag.. here’s 3 (+ Bonus) Reasons I love Jet Lag.

It didn’t give me a grey-ish residue. As a matter of fact, I have no residue at all! With dark hair not having any product residue is a big one for me! After dry shampoo is soaked up your oils most dry shampoos will lighten up where you sprayed it and not be SO apparent. With many dry shampoos I have to use a Shine Brush to attempt to break down the visibility of the product. Jet Lag didn’t ever give me any residue! It just did its job without the evidence! That’s a huge selling point for me! 

2. My hair feels clean! Sometimes with dry shampoo you don’t get that clean hair feeling. There’s a difference in Shampooed and Conditioned Clean and “dry shampoo clean.” I understand that. I want my hair to not look oily but also not feel that way. This dry shampoo makes my hair feel SO, SO (day two hair) clean! Not only does my hair feel clean my scalp feels clean too! I think people’s scalp not feeling is part of the reason they can’t jump on the Dry Shampoo bandwagon.

3. It gives me texture and volume. I get with texture comes hair not feeling clean. Well, with this I get both! I don’t have to pick which I want. Do I want clean hair or do I want texture? Why does it have to be one or the other? This dry shampoo allows you to have the best of both worlds. And I am OKAY with that!

BONUS: Its Safe! It’s paraben and sulfate free. Therefore, it’s not going to strip your color or fade it. It also protects against UV Rays! The sun will drastically fade your color but no worries. Jet Lag is protecting against all that! Your Blow outs are safe too! AND IGK is Cruelty Free. So, your color is safe, your blow out is safe, and the animals are safe!

How I apply Dry Shampoo:

1. Shine Brush– I use a Shine Brush to brush the oils down my hair. Our hair needs those natural oils. A Shine brush has bore bristle and “intelliflex” bristles too. The bore bristles pull the oils down my hair and the Intelliflex Bistles untangle my bed head!

2. Apply Dry Shampoo– I spray the dry Shampoo into my hair all over the top of my head. Let it absorb.

3. Massage Into Scalp- After the oils have been absorbed, sometimes (depending on how dirty my hair is) I’ll take that trusty shine brush and comb the dry shampoo through my hair. That way all my dirty hair is getting some love.

4. Style- Most of the time I’m a curly headed girl. With the texture from my dry shampoo I can very easily curl a few strand literally a couple sections and out the door I go!

I would say on a weekly basis I find myself reaching for my dry shampoo 3-4 times a week. I love the texture and body this dry shampoo gives me. Even today, I styled my clean hair with this dry shampoo. It’s my ride or die, if you will! What are you favorite dry shampoos? What are some things you have experienced when using dry shampoos?

XO, Lynlee

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My New Year’s Resolution (AKA Journey 2017)

2017 Journey & Resolution

Welcome to According to Lynlee.
Officially Welcoming you to my Blog!

My first post! I cannot believe it’s finally time to start posting! About October, I decided to set out on planning and researching how to create and run a successful blog. Since October I have planned, written, edited, and researched countless hours to make this blog something I enjoy writing and something all of you enjoy reading! I plan on taking this on and going at it full force! Blogging is so much more work than anyone even realizes. I am so excited to start blogging. I’m not really a New Year’s Resolution kind of gal. Here’s to the blog!


First and foremost, I hope to be relatable. I have said since the thought of starting a blog even entered my mind that I wanted to be someone everyone can relate to. I want to connect with the mothers who have little time to get ready. I want to connect with working girl in her 20s. I want to connect to the girl on a budget. I want you to know I am like you.


I am a hairdresser, first. I hope to educate you. From product usage to styling techniques. I hope you can come to this blog to find advice and learn from me. I plan to do product reviews, tutorials, needs, and answer questions that I get asked regularly while I’m behind the chair.


You can dress cute and at a reasonable price. I dress on a budget. I want to keep things budget friendly and reasonable. I have read blog posts and one outfit costs in the upper thousands of dollars. I don’t know about you but, thats completely unattainable for me! I have clothes that are worn and reworn over and over. I hope to show you fashion that not only inspires you but, challenges you to try new things.


Not my strongest suit. Through this blog I hope to teach you simple makeup hacks, colors that are great for you, reviews and quick makeup. Like I said, I want to make this relatable. When you see my posts I want you to think Oh, I can do that!

I am a working girl who is trying to balance a personal life and a career. I understand it is not always (or ever) possible to spend an hour on your makeup and an hour on your hair. I don’t make time to spend that kind of time on myself and I don’t have children. I hope to make your mornings and get ready easier for you. I hope you’re able to come here for inspiration and ideas. I look forward to growing through this process!

XO, Lynee*

Disclaimer: I’m new to this. Please bare with me as I learn and grow through this process. There’s a huge learning curve here. Thank you for your patience.

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