SundayHello, I’m Lynlee!

I’m a hairstylist by day and Fashion & Beauty Blogger by night.  I have been a hairstylist for 7 years now. This career is constantly changing. It keeps me on my toes to stay up on trends and ahead of the game. Having the opportunity to express myself in my work and through my hair, makeup and style is such a great perk of the industry. The opportunity to express myself is what triggered the idea to start blogging! I get constant question about every nook and cranny of anything “beauty” so I thought I’d channel that into a blog!

My blog was originally created for women like me. The happy girls, the fun girls, the lazy girls. The girls loving life and the season they are in. According to Lynlee is  a place I hope you find courage, inspiration and comfort! 

Blogger and Hairstylist are only two titles I have. I’m also a Christian, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Girlfriend, and Dog Mom. I am a water lover, people watcher, professional snacker, baby lover, carefree, dry shampooer, Jeep girl, Gelato enthusiast, and self proclaimed lazy fashionista

As a young girl, I lacked any interest in anything resembling fashion. The bigger the t-shirt the better. ( Still True ) Fun Fact: In 6th Grade my mom limited my wardrobe to only wear t-shirts twice a week! As I grew up and developed my own sense of self and style I began discovering a love for fashion and beauty.
*insert beauty school* 

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