5 Denim Items you Need for Summer

Denim & Jean

Denim is my 90s Childhood style! I love denim of any sort. I love the comfort and versatility of a denim piece. No matter what you pair denim with it can become whatever you want it to be. Whether you call it jean, denim, or chambray the style and simplicity of it doesn’t change! No wardrobe is complete without these simple items.

Jean and Denim

  1. Jean Jacket

I just love, love, love a jean jacket. My jean jacket is always in my car, ya know, just in case. I wear it all the time. Over a t-shirt or dress. It’s always there when I need it and it’s in my jeep when I get chilly. I take it with me every weekend when I travel to Jonesboro. My denim jacket is worn more than any other jacket I own. You can wear denim jackets year round because they are light but warm enough! As a matter of fact, a couple weeks ago I noticed how dirty it was looking. I love this stinking jacket so much that I put it in the wash before work and I was sad because I couldn’t wear it that day! How pathetic is that!?

I used to really be annoyed with jean jackets. I felt bound up when I wore one. No matter how stretchy the denim I still felt like I couldn’t move. That’s a feeling this girl DOES NOT like. I want no part in that. What if I need to break out into some killer dance moves but I can’t because my jacket is to fitted? That cannot be. So, I found this jean jacket and I haven’t looked back. It’s a girlfriend fit jacket. It’s baggy enough but not too baggy, loose enough but still fitted enough that it doesn’t look oversized. Boyfriend fit things don’t compliment my body but, I have recently discovered that girlfriend fit things are so much more feminine and not just oversized. It fits today like it did the day I purchased it.. perfectly.

2. Denim Skirt

Seriously, 90s Lynlee is rejoicing. First, because Nancy Kerrigan is going to be on Dancing with the Stars. Secondly, because Denim Skirts are back in style. You’re probably going to get sick of me saying you can wear this with everything but, truly. I wore my jean skirt with a crop top and utility vest the first time I wore it. It was such a cute, understated outfit. It was so fun reminiscing on my younger days. My mom probably had to force me into a jean skirt kicking a screaming in those days but we’ll pretend I begged to wear it.

I cannot wait to wear my jean skirt with a body suit this summer. Body suits are totally on trend this year. I tried to wear them last year but they weren’t so popular here in Small Town USA. This year, body suits, coming at ya! That’d be considered a third reason 90s Lynlee is rejoicing. You’re going to need and want a denim skirt in your summer wardrobe. You heard it here first!

3. Denim Dress

My denim dress is a little more on the cool spring days. But, I’m in the market for another one. I love denim dresses. Stay tuned for a Fashionably Lazy post! Denim Dresses will be spotlight on that post. You can look so put together with essentially ZERO effort when you wear a denim dress. Who doesn’t want to look cute but make no effort to do so? everyone, thats who!

I have been eyeballing this dress –> at target because its adorable! Dressed up or down. The worst part about a cute denim dress is I can’t wear my cute denim jacket. *shrug* My favorite way to wear a jean dress is with my red converses. Hello, 4th of July Outfit, hint- hint.

4. Denim Romper

I’m not going to go into too much detail about why I love a denim romper but, I am going to say one thing about it. Okay 2 things. First, if you want to know why I love a denim romper you can check out my Weekend Romper Post. Secondly, No matter what your age is or what your plans include a jean romper is prefect! And put together with no effort. You win!

5. Denim Tank

Last but not least, a chambray tank. This is such a fun wardrobe item. There’s such a wide range of cute tanks. I have several, actually. There’s so much detail that has been added to these tanks. Luckily, right now the trend is denim on denim! I love that look. One of my favorite outfits is a jean jacket with Jeans OR denim tank with dark wash denim.

Denim tank tops can be worn with so much! I said I love them jeans on jean but, pair them with white shorts or colored skinnies! Anything goes!

Jean and Denim

How fun are these simple and versatile pieces? They are such easy ways to change up your outfit. From tossing a jean jacket on over your already adorable outfit or switching out your jeans for a denim skirt. The options are endless! Tag @lynleewyatt on your photos on instagram to show me how you styled your Denim Summer Needs!


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17 thoughts on “5 Denim Items you Need for Summer

    1. my boyfriend lives about an hour from me. I got to his house yesterday and realized I had left mine at home. He shrugged it off like, it’s no big deal! I was like, uh. you’re wrong! It’s a big deal and I need it! I was so bummed!

    1. Yes! I hated my jean jacket that was fitted. If you’re looking to drop some dollars mine is AG. It was expensive but, I’ve gotten my wear out of it 10X over! It was worth every single penny!

  1. Denim is my first love!! Haha It’s almost always a part of my outfit in some way. I’m still looking for a vintage denim jacket that I really like. Your denim is awesome!!

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