Gimmick or Not; Silicone “Sponge”

Silicone Sponge

I may have shared with you guys my love for Youtube Makeup Gurus. Watching their talent is something I could do for hours on end. I have done it hours on end. Seeing them bring their ideas and inspirations to life is so incredible. In watching their videos, I find things I want to try or have to have. It DOES cause me to spend a lot of money but, That’s okay right? We’ll call it retail therapy. A few months ago the trend was the Silicone Sponge, aka Silisponge. I even saw youtubers partaking in challenges of using a silicone bra inserts to apply makeup too. Okay, it got a little bit out of hand but, I still wanted to give it a shot. I thought this might be a gimmick but at the same time I feel I may have thought that same thing over a $20 Beauty Blender when they first started becoming popular too. Granted, I wasn’t spending $20 on this silicone sponge applicator. I found and purchased one too.

Silicone Sponge First Impressions

Silicone SpongeFirst Thought: Impressed

Not going to lie, I was really, really impressed with the application. It looked smooth. At first, I felt it was a little bit bulky ( ironically ) compared to the beauty sponge. Being flat instead of rounded it took a second to adjust. I used my no makeup makeup routine.  The end result of the application was very pretty. Blending out concealer and foundation was super easy.

Lack of Control

I had watched the videos and they said they didn’t absorb product ( obviously ) like a beauty sponge did. It was really easy to apply the product to my face. However, the runnier products were harder to control than the thicker foundations I use. A few of my foundations are a little thicker in consistency than others and the thinner formulas seemed to slip in a sense.

Blending Cream Contour

I have always struggled using cream contour and highlights. I thought, why not try it out too? So, I attempted blending out the NYX WonderStick. Normally, I blend it with a beauty sponge and it becomes patchy. I’ve just quit using any cream contour because I don’t like the way it ends up looking. The silisponge allowed it to blend out so easily and beautifully. No harsh lines or patchy coloring. This is the way I have been applying cream contour since I bought this!


It is SUPER easy to clean which I love. I always rinse and wet my beauty sponge before I use it but this I can simply wipe off the product. It’s easily removed with a makeup wipe. After I apply my foundation, I wipe it off to apply my concealer and the same process before applying me contour. It’d be great to use on a busy day full of several makeup applications!

Final Thought

After about a week of using the Silisponge, I haven’t stopped using it. I reach for both my beauty sponge and my silisponge. I think the beauty sponge gives a smoother softer end result. Blending and application is easier ( to me ) with the silisponge. After I applied my full face, I looked at myself in a magnified mirror. The application wasn’t as beautiful and flawless as I had initially thought. However, I was able to take a damp beauty sponge and just dab it a little around my face to give the finish that a beauty sponge does. You know, the one everyone loves?

I will continue applying my makeup with the Beauty Sponge to soften my application but, I love the application of the silicone applicator. I think it is a great way to save product. It is always frustrating to me to think about how much cream product I waste. There’s a lot that is absorbed into my sponge that is just wasted. With the silicone sponge I avoid the absorption, I use was less product, and it’s super easy to apply. But, I have been going back in to “set down” my foundation and concealer with my beauty sponge too.

Have you tried the silisponge? What were your thoughts?

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Everything You May Need at the Lake

Time seems to just stop and speed up when you’re at the Lake. It goes by so quickly but at the same time it passes so slowly. It’s a rush and a peace all in the same. It’s chaos and serenity all at once. There’s something about being beside a body of water, in any form, that makes you feel a flood of different emotions. In the summer, I live for that flood.

So, as you probably noticed I am an over packer. I will always be an over packer. I pack about 4 pairs of extra panties, an extra sweater, and two pair of extra pants. Just in case you know? Even though I know from experience, the extras I packed will not be worn, they end up tossed in my suitcase anyway. I’ve come to know that’s just the person I am; the over packer. And, I’m okay with that. I always ALWAYS worry I’m going to forget something or worry I will need something and not have it. Going to the Lake you almost have to take it all. Just like being at the beach, you’re not going to want to run to the store if you forgot something especially if you’ve already gotten settle. So, you gotta take it all. Once you’re out on the water you better have what you need.. or else. 🙂

Lake Necessities

You know, there’s that list of things you HAVE TO HAVE..

  1. Swimsuit or Two – Probably two. No one likes putting on a wet swimsuit. Last year, I left mine at home when we went. I’ve also linked some swimmies here.
  2. Sunglasses – Two pair of cheap sunnies. So, if you lose a pair you have a back up.
  3. Beach Blanket – a la Suite 41 Boutique.
  4. Beach Towel – Vera Bradley towels are my fave. The Easter Bunny ( my mom ) got my sister and I towels for Easter
  5. Hat / Head Band – Hair out of the way. Sun out of you face.
  6. Flippies – No need to ruin good shoes.
  7. Sunscreen – See –> this post. Physical Sunscreen.
  8. Jacket – I detest being cold. On the water, it’s extra chilly; even on the warmest night.
  9. Pony Tail Holders ( This would be number 2 right under swim suit if these were numbered in order  of importance. )
  10. Beach Bag – To keep all the items in one place. 🙂 I love a tote like it linked. Waterproof and sandproof + they hold a ton.
  11. Kimono / Swimsuit Cover up – I love a kimono for swim suit cover up.
  12. PFG Columbia – I almost always take mine. See Sunscreen post. They’re soft, light weight, and protect you from the sun
  13. Air Dry Cream – I don’t know about you but my hair is REAL cute when it air dries naturally. ( Not really )
  14. Chapstick – Burnt Lips. Chapped Lips. No thank you.

Other Lake Necessities

Then, there’s that list of things your have to have..

  1. Jean Shorts – They go with your jacket, your swimsuit, your tee shirt. Just take them you’ll need them
  2. Take Me to the Lake Tee – obviously. There’s 2 Styles. See also this one.
  3. Life Proof Case – Water + Cell Phone = expensive Life Proof = $100
  4. Polaroid Camera – Just for fun!
  5. Pizza Float ( or other #BASIC floaties ) – So, you can be cool
  6. Fun Cup – Because you need it
  7. Sour Patch Kids – because you should never go on a trip without them.
  8. Aloe Vera and ibuprofen – Sun Burn relief, ya know?
  9. Phone Charger – No one ever leaves without these
  10. Head Phones – because I take headphones everywhere
  11. Water Proof Mascara – Water + Mascara = Mess. Water + Water Proof Mascara = Pretty
  12. Makeup Wipes – Get that sunscreen off your face AND I always travel with makeup wipes
  13. Coconut Oil – Rehydrate your sun dried skin while you see
  14. Wet Brush – Lake Water hair is just unmanageable.
  15. Chrystal Light Packets – Stay hydrated with flavor

More Lake Necessities

Then, there’s this list.. The fun stuff, the cute stuff,

  1. Monogram Coozie – You need a cookie and you need it to have your monogram on it
  2. Cooler – nothing cooler. ( no pun intended )
  3. Bendy Straws – Just for fun
  4. Flash Tats – Just for more fun
  5. Cute PJs – Should I elaborate or..?
  6. Nail File / Top Coat – I have a hang nail and chipping nail polish. Somethings you just always have. These are two of mine
  7. Baggy T-shirt and Lose Shorts – for if (or when ) you get sun burnt
  8. GoPro – no commentary needed.
  9. Swimsuit bag – travel home with your wet shimmies and not worry about getting the rest of your clothes wet.
  10. Waterproof Watch – because I always wear a watch and feel lost without it.
  11. Cute Choker – More just for fun

Did I forget some things? Probably, let’s be honest here. I always forget something! But, I covered a lot of bases. So, next time you’re on the water. Remember to check out my list to make sure you’ve grabbed everything! Until next time.


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