Top 5 T Shirt Dresses

T Shirt Dress
Year round I am hot. I am hot natured. A perfect summer dress is a constant go to. Sweaters are so cute and possibly my favorite winter style. They’re so cozy and comfy. I’m just going to say, “LoL” because unless I’m sitting very still I’ll be burning up in one. AND that’s when the outside temperature is less than my body temperature. If it’s below, let’s say, 50 to be generous I will be sweating. But, we’re not here to talk about sweaters. We’re here to discuss Dresses.
Knowing that I’m hot natured, imagine how miserable it is to wear jeans in this southern heat and arkansas humidity. Nearly impossible to bare. You can almost feel your jeans tighten against your body when you step outside on a hot summer day. For some reason, shorts aren’t acceptable all the time. *eyeroll* just kidding, but really, you can’t wear shorts everywhere. Insert Summer Dress. There’s nothing around your waist and almost nothing even touching the majority of your body. You can move, you can dance and you won’t sweat.
A couple of years ago, Nate and I went to a St. Louis Cardinals game for Memorial Day. I knew it was going to be hot. And I now know you’re basically sitting in a bowl and no air moves around the stadium. I wanted to wear a t-shirt dress. Nate did not understand why I would want to wear a dress to a baseball game. That was kind blowing to him. The revelation of a dress’ comfort and ultimately coolness rocked his world. After not being able to find a dress like I had in mind, I opted for a cardinals tank instead. It was miserably hot. I wished the whole time I’d searched harder and longer for a dress instead.
3 reasons I love a tshirt dress:
// They’re Comfy // They’re Cute // They’re Cool //
Dresses are something I can always get down with. They’re just easy. I always am up to purchase a new dress. But, I have my favorites. Being a dress connoisseur of sorts I’ve created a list of my top 5 t-shirt dresses. This list was cut down from a much longer list of dresses. I had to weed some out. 🙂 All the dresses that made the list are light weight, comfy, and wash great!

My Top 5 TShirt Dresses

1. Old Navy 2. Bobi  3. BB Dakota (Featured) 4. American Eagle 5. ASOS 
All 5 of these dress brands are different styles to cover all the bases. Plus, the J. Crew one from my Summer Resource Guide and favorites, According to Lynlee. There’s simple and classy to a little bit more edgy. You can style them however your heart desires too. They’re great for those of us who changes styles often. Sometimes, I want more rocker style and others I like more simple classic style. This is the perfect layering item to be able to change it up. These dresses are great for rainy summer days to pull on your rain boots and run out the door. Their versatility makes them worth their weight in gold.
Alothough, t-shirt dresses can’t be worn all day everyday, they can be worn often and to a lot of events. They’re dressy enough to wear to dinner or a concert but still casual enough to wear to a ball game or run errand on Saturday afternoon! What are your favorite Casual Summer Dresses? Let me know in the comments below!
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Pore Cleansing Routine

Skin Care is a hard thing to tap into. Since I was a teenager, I have always used bar soap as my cleansing routine. My mom did, and my grandma did. They both have great skin. As I have began to age and start getting noticeable wrinkles, I have started my research on how to care for my skin. I was never taught how to care for my skin as a teen because I had great skin. Still, I have good skin but, now it seems to rage against me more often than not.

My skin isn’t exceptionally sensitive, it doesn’t break out if I change up my routine and it responds pretty well to most skin care products. I have always used Biore products when looking for masks or scrubs. Of course, what girl doesn’t love a good pore strip? I snapped a photo last week. I zoomed in because I saw a lot of texture issues around my cheeks. We have to pick ourselves apart don’t we. MY pores are huge. Look at that patchy texture on my cheeks. Why is my makeup settling into my wrinkles. I remembered it had been a while since I had pampered my skin a little.

Daily, I use bar soap ( Ivory to be exact ) to wash my face. I still sleep in coconut oil as a moisturizer and I apply sunscreen under my makeup which I can tell is making my face extremely soft and moisturized. Other than that constant routine, occasionally I do a mask or pore strip when I start noticing something I don’t like or my black head are out of control. After nit picking that photo of myself, I stopped by my local walgreens and grabbed some trusty Biore products. And apparently, I think my pores need some serious spring cleansing!

Biore Products

Biore Baking Soda Acne Scrub

According to Biore’s website, this product unclogs pores and balances out skin to prevent breakouts.

It’s great for combination skin. This scrub can be used daily to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. The Baking Soda Acne Scrub uses baking soda and salicylic acid to treat acne prone skin. You’ll have noticeably softer skin in one use and clearer skin in one week.

Bore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

According to Biore, these pore strips instantly unclog pores by removing dirt, oil, & blackheads.

These pore strips deeply penetrate into the skin to clear out pores by removing the dirt and oil that cause blackheads. These specific strips are more effective than the standard pore strips because they have the ability to get deep into your skin. They’re like a magnet. They have the ability to clean a weeks worth of dirt from your pores in minutes!

This little box is the grossest most satisfying skin treatment I have ever done at home. My sister and I call them “rip strips”. These rip strips are so great to clean out your pores. Though it may be painful, it’s total worth it. They remove visible blackheads and invisible dirts and oils we don’t see. I love to use these when I’m fresh out of the shower. That way I know my pores are nice and open and most receptive to these strips!

Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask

According to Biore, this mask purifies pores 2.5x better than your basic cleanser.

This mask is infused with active charcoal to truly cleanse your pores. The charcoal opens and strips away the dirt and oils that are clogging your pores. The heat from the mask gives you a smooth, tingly sensation as you rinse this mask. It then reveals a clean, soft face you’ll not want to stop touching. ( but don’t touch. It’ll cause your pores to clog. (; ) This is an oil free formula so its great for oily and combination skin! AND you can use them up to 3x a week.

I purposefully shared these products in this order. This is not a daily routine for me. At most I do this routine twice a week depending on the build up in my pores. Throughout the summer, I notice my blackheads are significantly less because I wear less makeup. So, through the summer I will be doing this once a week. Adding in an extra mask here and there for extra pick me ups.

Step 1: You should always apply masks to clean skin. It will allow mask to do it’s job without working through the days makeup and oils. Knowing that, I started first by cleansing with the baking soda scrub to cleanse my skin and prep it for the next step. I used a washcloth to scrub and polish my skin. I applied a dime size amount to the wash cloth. Beginning in the center of my face by focusing on my nose and cheeks first, then working my way to the outer portions of my face.

Step 2: I used the pore cleansing strips. I chose this as my second step to get deep into my pores and cleanse out the pores on my nose. Using warm water on your face will open up your pores, since I just finished washing my face with warm water my pores are open and prepped for this step. You can really spot treat with these strips. I notice the most blackheads on my nose so, I chose the nose strips.

Step 3: I went in with the heating mask. Since the pore strips have opened up the pores on my nose, I opted to follow them right up with the mask to really and truly cleanse those pores. Once, the minute was up, I rinsed my face clean and applied coconut oil to finish off this at home spa session.

This is not the only way and may not be the best way but this is the order I used these products. I highly advice you do this routine before you go to bed. Your pores will be very open and if you apply makeup over the top you will reverse all the work you have just done plus potentially push the makeup further into your pores. I do this on days I have no plans of wearing makeup or at night right before bed.

How are you guys keeping your pores clean for summer? Since I have been using this I have only been wearing BB cream as my foundation. That’s for real summer makeup! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried these before! What’d you think?


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Black on White

Simple and Monochromatic are my go to with fashion; most often Black and white. It’s easy and pretty almost always. Simple, polished looks are my favorite. I wish I was a minimalist with a lot of things in life. I would say that I am board line minimalist in my fashion choices. for the most part I wear basic and simple outfits. If they look polished and put together thats an even bigger perk!

I tend to follow along the pattern of black and white and grey. Anything in those three color draw me to them. I find myself wearing all too often black and white. I had put myself on a “no-buy” with these colors in an attempt to brighten my wardrobe. As I try to get away from these colors and go for more bright shades and more summery colors, I stumbled upon this tank. I’ll cover more on that later but, as soon as I saw it I couldn’t pass it up. I had to have it.

Of course, I went simple. I snagged this top at WALMART for $3.00!! I bought two actually. ( and one is floral! ) I paired this tank with white chino shorts and sandals. Chino Shorts are always a summer simple go to! You can wear them with anything. Even if you’re feeling lazy you look put together, I live for that kind of outfit!  This is a great outfit for brunch or even a day shopping. This entire outfit cost me less than $50! That’s prefect, am I right? I love a cheap outfit. I popped on this pink belt and pink Lipstick to add some color to my outfit and stick to my goal of brightening my wardrobe!

Black & White Favorites:

These tanks for summer are some of my favorites. I have a striped one, a white one, a floral one, and this black one!

Old Navy Chinos are my favorite. I always ruin them throughout the summer. I don’t feel bad when I stain them since they’re so cheaply priced!

Target has figured out the way to make cute, cheap sandals! These are actually pretty comfy and so stinking cute! It’s always my first place to shop for trendy sandals!

Black Tank | White Shorts | Sandals | Belt | Lip Stick |

Of course, Summer is for florals and brights. This week try out some monochromatic outfits! Plus, there’s much less white material that you have to worry about staining with white jeans! Where them fearlessly!



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Bare Faced Makeup

Bare Face Makeup

Bare Faces and great complexions are another beautiful perk of summer time. Have you caught on that I love summer yet? Being able to leave the house with barely there makeup makes me want to dance the night away.. and I’ll have time because I didn’t spend an hour doing my makeup.

My freckles pop out, my dark circles start to disappear, and my tan face is welcomes with open arms. Lucky for all of us, we can partake in bare faces under the premise of fashion. I love a good excuse not to wear makeup. If I can get away with it I’m out on spending the time to put on a full face of makeup. Plus, in the summer I don’t want to spend all that time putting on my makeup and then turn around and sweat it off. That’s unattractive on so many levels!

Bare Face Makeup

If only men knew what girls go through to looks effortless. It’s seriously takes more effort for me to look effortless than it do for me to look like I actually put in effort! That’s bad! Bare Face Makeup is still makeup. It may be take less time but effortless isn’t actually effortless. This may take less time but it still takes time! Also, I’m by no means the Queen of Bare Face Makeup. I would say I’m self-proclaimed queen of full faces of makeup and HAND DOWN Queen of NO Makeup. But, I know what I like and this is a list of things I use for No makeup Makeup.


Color Correcting Primer

Because we want this to appear like we’re hardly wearing any makeup a Color Correcting Primer is a great start to this look. If you’re like me you have some discoloration on your face. Mine happens to come in the form of VERY rosy cheeks. I look like I always have on blush. It’s a gift really. jk. it’s annoying. You can always tell when I have rubbed my cheek against something because you can see that redness start peaking through! If you’re skeptical of this product, try L’Oreal Studio Secret if you are convinced go for the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer. A color correcting primer will balance out the discoloration and cancel out those colors to create a more neutral canvas.

BB Cream

( Applied after primer because I stand firm about using primers. ) A light coverage BB Cream to kind of Bare Face Makeup’s Love Language. If you’re uncomfortable with wearing this light of coverage light – medium foundation will work just the same. When I wear bare makeup I like for my freckles to show through my foundation. I don’t mind some imperfections sneaking out into the look because it shows I wasn’t completely trying to hide everything. So, a light coverage will do. I love and use the Smashbox BB Cream. It’s a nice coverage and I like the way it feels on my skin. It sets down nicely and isn’t tacky. You know I hate that. Some BB Creams cover little to nothing. Also, the NYX BB Cream and Maybelline BB Cream are two I’ve used a loved. Plus, this girl WILL be using some concealer you better believe it! If I’m going for this look I like to look like a real girl with flaw and all not a real girl with instagram makeup. You know what I’m talking about. I love instagram makeup, don’t get me wrong but it has no place in Bare Face Makeup. Ya feel me? 


What’s a makeup look without concealer? Do you even wear makeup if you don’t wear concealer? My undereye circle don’t COMPLETELY disappear as my skin gets more tan in the summer. They just slightly disappear. Obviously, Concealer is a must. I’m not talking Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. That’s some instagram makeup stuff. That’s photoshoot ready makeup. I’m talking, Nyx HD Photo Concealer is more along the lines of the coverage I want / need. It’s one of my favorites. ( You can read about it here. ) Not too little but not too much either. Somewhere nicely in the middle. Medium Coverage, yeah?


I love a good contour. Personally, I believe my cheeks should be etched out. There should be no doubting where my cheek bone is and where the hollow of my cheek is either. You know RIGHT where it is. No assumption necessary. But, with this look, I’d look a bit ridiculous with “Bare” makeup and totally carved out cheek bones. So, I’ve been loving some other bronzers instead of my Kat Von D Palette. Don’t get me wrong; I love her still. Lately, I have been reaching for the Physcian’s Formula Butter Bronzer. And it smells like a vacation in the tropics! <– for that reason I’m using it all day everyday! It gives a beautiful subtle bronzing without overdoing it and still gives you a little bit of the contouring effect I know and love.


Of Course everyone would say the Cult Favorite instantly, Nars Orgasm. I would too, normally. I have worn this blush off and on for years! As a matter of fact, one year for christmas I asked for this blush and perfume from Victoria’s Secret called Pure Seduction. ( Do they still make that? That would take me back! I’d be 16 again. ) My mom laughed when I opened them saying she couldn’t believe she bought those for me. Anyway, it is great for my complexion year round and I do love it. But, in the fun and spirit of new things, I’m recommending the the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette. First off, it gives you such a wide range of options. Secondly, for the price the quality of these products are great! ( It’s only TEN DOLLARS!! )


Okay, again, let me brag about Makeup Revolution. I love this palette and I mean LOVE it! This is the only palette I travel with anymore. Lately, I am just loving warm colors for my eyes. This palette covers that but, I can also make a neutral ( I see what you did there, Makeup Revolution ) New-Trals vx Neutrals covers all my bases as far as palette goes. I don’t even need anything else. But, this look is also great when you use the Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay. Which is how I achieved this look!


Obvisouly, I’m going to be using L’Oreal Primer because hello, I love it. Then, Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I’m not usually an advocate for High End Mascara. I’ve tried all kinds and I’m just eh on most but, this mascara is so stinking good! With Bare Makeup Makeup, we don’t want full on High Volume // Max Thickness Lashes. ( Actually, we always want that. ) That doesn’t compliment the look correctly. What we really want to go for is volume. This mascara will rock. your. world. Great volume, great staying power, and just great mascara.


I bought into the hype, you guys, and I tried out the Anastasia brow wiz bologna. I hate to say it but I was really unimpressed. My brows didn’t stay filled in and beautiful like I expected they would ( because my drug store does at least that) It wasn’t super was to apply and I felt the formula was really waxy. I got on the bandwagon and it was no fun! Maybe I’m the only one and I’m okay with that but, it wasn’t for me. So, I’ll safe myself $10 and use L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer. Having perfectly drawn on brows also isn’t something you want for this makeup look plus, lets be honest thats not easy which IS something we want out of this look. This pencil lasts, the formula is nice and easy to apply. It doesn’t drag as I apply it and it doesn’t smear.

| Shirt – Forever 21 Red | Necklace – Beaucoup Designs   | Choker – Walmart ( in store ) |

If you’re like me, you know doing barely there makeup isn’t the easiest. It’s really easy to go above and beyond. And by that, I mean, it’s really easy to get a little heavy handed with your makeup. Even when you’re doing no makeup makeup it’s easy to over do it! With these products, I’ve found it’s really easy to stay light handed and keep the bare makeup look! I hope to see your looks. Let me know which products YOU love!


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Thursday Three: Amika: un.done texture spray

Thursday Three! Welcome back for my mini post series! This week we’re following along with the Amika Trend.  Who doesn’t love some texture in their hair?!  Let me jus say, I’m a Texture Spray Girl! I love messy, undone style. It’s my favorite hairstyle to wear. Wearing my hair this way, allows my curls to fall and relax but my hair still looks good all day. For the record, I have tried a ton of similar sprays. You can read my post comparing three different texture sprays –> here.

AMIKA: un.done Texture Spray utilizes an invisible and dry formulation that delivers beachy hair – perfectly tousled, undone, and matte.

Three Benefits of Un.Done Texture.
Texture Spray

1. Salt Free formula – Gives you texture without drying out your hair! Salt can be extremely drying to the hair. A couple years ago I COULD NOT figure out why my hair was so dry. I had changed nothing except my salt spray. Come to find out the Salt Spray I was using was damaging my hair and drying it out completely!

2. Fights frizz – Gives great texture without the hassle of frizzing. I love a little fizz with my textured hair. But, this fights it and give you great body! I love the volume this gives and the light weight styling ability!

3. Absorbs dirt and oils – Keeps hair from looking oils and dirty! I mean who doesn’t love a double duty product!? Serves as your dry shampoo in a sense. It absorbs your dirt and oils to keep your hair fresh and clean! Once the oils are absorbs it gives you a little roughness!

Three Reasons I love Amika: un.done Texture Spray

1. It really is light weight and adds volume without stiffness! It lifts my hair and curls to give me great fluff and movement! This spray keeps my hair voluminous all day long!

2. It leaves a matte finish to keep my hair from looking too clean and shiny. It absorbs the oils without drying out my hair. I love the look of a matte finish with messy curls. It gives the illusion of more messy and bed head.

3. Its a dry, invisible formula. It separates my curls and keeps them from being tacky and sticky. un.done makes my hair look truly undone and doesn’t show residue in my hair!

I’ve experimented with many different sprays of this nature. Some I love, some are okay, and some just don’t work for me at all. I love this one. I don’t tell you I adore something if I don’t truly, 100% adore it. My opinions may change and I might just find something I love more but, this spray is wonderful for my hair texture.

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I love a good tousled look. Messy hair is my favorite look. It’s easy and fun yet, so easy to recreate! It would be impossible for me to create this look without Texture Spray!

I used to always use Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray. I believe they have since quit making it. That spray was my FAVORITE texturizing spray. It smelled great, it gave me wonderful texture, and made my hair style last. I loved it. On day, after using Salt Spray for months, I noticed my hair was EXTREMELY dry. My hair was really long then but it was pretty much all virgin hair. I should be healthy. It should be soft and touchable. I racked my brain trying to figure out what was making my hair like this. Was it something I was eating or not eating? Is my body dehydrated? What is going on? Finally, I realized my salt spray was drying my hair out! BAD.

PSA: I still use this spray. I use it sparingly. It’s still a love of mine!

After my discovery, I tried all kinds of texture sprays to find one that compared. Most sprays I used didn’t give me the same texture the salt spray did. I was so sad. I couldn’t get that say volume and tousled look with any products I tried.. Since then, I have found several sprays I love and adore.

Amika: un.done Texture Spray

A texturizing finishing spray for sexy, tousled, undone hair with extreme texture and volume—all at the push of a button. This invisible, dry formula uses zeolite, a natural mineral, to build unbelievable volume for full-on glamorous hair. Obliphica extract combined with an exclusive polymer blend bonds to the hair, imparting incredible texture without being stiff or weighing it down. The end result is fuller, wilder hair with a matte finish.

I love this texture spray because…

Texture Spray

Amika’s Texture Spray is an aerosol texture spray. It is a dry formula that gives you matte tousled texture and great volume. Some sprays create a tacky feeling. It separates my curls and gives me a bed head look. This spray gives life to your hair and fun to your style. It’s salt free as to avoid drying and fights frizz. It absorbs oils and dirt to give you extra volume and added texture. I don’t have to use so much dry shampoo when I use this texture spray.

A little goes a long way. I don’t have to use a lot of product to get the kind of texture I desire. Some sprays I have used to had to use a ton of product to compare to Session Series Salt Spray. This one, however, takes hardly any! It smells great! The smell of anything is a giveaway. It sells itself if it smell delicious! This does.

Choose this product if:

You want “pinterest curls.” If you like the straight ended, very loose, hardly “curled” look this would be a product to choose. It will give you the separation and the appearance of messiness. If I’m going for a more bedhead look, this is the product I always reach for. I use a flat iron most often when I curl my hair ( at least for now ) there’s more of a bend than curl. It creates effortless looking curls.

IGK: Beach Club

Want that surf-and-sand kind of hair? This breakthrough aerosol delivers that salty, windswept look in seconds without heaviness, stickiness or drying. Works on all hair types for an undone look that screams Tulum getaway. This versatile texture spray can be used on wet or dry hair for your specific needs. Formulated to add volume and texture to hair to create a sexy, wind-blown look, it also adds fullness, hold, and a cool, matte finish. Glycerin helps to lock in moisture, preventing hair from drying out, while hydrolyzed wheat protein adds natural body to the hair.

I love this texture spray because…

Beach Club

This is a great texturizing spray for me. I no longer need the texture and roughness for my curled style because I have lightened it since I post my 8 Hair Products I can’t Live Without. I used to use this everyday. But it still gives me great separation and messiness. It’s aerosol like the Amika Spray. Similarly, it never leaves my hair feeling wet and tacky. This spray doesn’t have such an intense matte finish. It’s semi-matte, I’d say. It gives great texture without the drying elements of Salt spray.

I love this texture spray for different reasons that I love Amika: un.done texture spray. It gives me a completely different style texture. It’s less roughness but, I don’t want to say less texture. Just different. My hair isn’t as soft when I use the amika. With the IGK my hair is still really touchable and I can run my fingers through my hair. The two are like comparing apples to oranges.

Choose this product if:

You want to wear your hair in loose curls. If you like the look of messy hair but still the look of styled, curls this is the product for you! If I curl my hair with a curling iron, I use this spray. Curling with a curling iron gives a little more uniform curls instead of the “bend” like a flat iron gives you. This spray will give you a slight shine but not shampoo commercial shine.

Living Proof Instant Texture Mist

Get tailor-made texture with this weightless texturizing spray. Powered by our three-dimensional technology containing magnetic texturizers plus our patented Thickening Molecule (PBAE), Instant Texture Mist creates any type of tousled style effortlessly. It is instant & revivable for up to 48 hours. This texture mist is not stiff, sticky, dulling or dirtying. It works on damp or dry hair, with or without heat styling

I love this texture spray because…

Texture Spray

More similar to a salt spray, it gives me crunchy, tacky texture in a good way though. I love the messiness this product allows. It gives me a completely different texture than most texturizing sprays. It’s most comparable to a salt spray. I love use this product when I have tight curls or used a beach waver. It doesn’t dull your hair like the other two mentioned. They have a mattifying formula. Those two products are designed to give you a matte end result. This one doesn’t. The benefit of this one is use can (and I did) use it on my hair damp. To style more smooth but voluminous, this product is great to use on wet hair and blow out. It helps keeps the style and holds.

Choose this product if…

You want volume and polished curls. This product is great on wet hair to dilute the product in a sense and lessen the amount of texture you get. It’s great to spray into your hair and blowout for weightless volume and texture. I like to use this if I wear my hair straight. Often time, I don’t like to wear my hair sleek and smooth because it doesn’t stay that way but, if I spray this into my hair prior to blowdrying it gives me enough texture and volume to keep my style all day.

I wish I could compare these three products and rate them 1-3 on which I liked most to least but, I can’t. Texture sprays all give you different end results. Depending on what style you’re wanting will determine what product you’d choose. What look are you going for? What style do you want to have? Who do you want to be today?



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5 Denim Items you Need for Summer

Denim & Jean

Denim is my 90s Childhood style! I love denim of any sort. I love the comfort and versatility of a denim piece. No matter what you pair denim with it can become whatever you want it to be. Whether you call it jean, denim, or chambray the style and simplicity of it doesn’t change! No wardrobe is complete without these simple items.

Jean and Denim

  1. Jean Jacket

I just love, love, love a jean jacket. My jean jacket is always in my car, ya know, just in case. I wear it all the time. Over a t-shirt or dress. It’s always there when I need it and it’s in my jeep when I get chilly. I take it with me every weekend when I travel to Jonesboro. My denim jacket is worn more than any other jacket I own. You can wear denim jackets year round because they are light but warm enough! As a matter of fact, a couple weeks ago I noticed how dirty it was looking. I love this stinking jacket so much that I put it in the wash before work and I was sad because I couldn’t wear it that day! How pathetic is that!?

I used to really be annoyed with jean jackets. I felt bound up when I wore one. No matter how stretchy the denim I still felt like I couldn’t move. That’s a feeling this girl DOES NOT like. I want no part in that. What if I need to break out into some killer dance moves but I can’t because my jacket is to fitted? That cannot be. So, I found this jean jacket and I haven’t looked back. It’s a girlfriend fit jacket. It’s baggy enough but not too baggy, loose enough but still fitted enough that it doesn’t look oversized. Boyfriend fit things don’t compliment my body but, I have recently discovered that girlfriend fit things are so much more feminine and not just oversized. It fits today like it did the day I purchased it.. perfectly.

2. Denim Skirt

Seriously, 90s Lynlee is rejoicing. First, because Nancy Kerrigan is going to be on Dancing with the Stars. Secondly, because Denim Skirts are back in style. You’re probably going to get sick of me saying you can wear this with everything but, truly. I wore my jean skirt with a crop top and utility vest the first time I wore it. It was such a cute, understated outfit. It was so fun reminiscing on my younger days. My mom probably had to force me into a jean skirt kicking a screaming in those days but we’ll pretend I begged to wear it.

I cannot wait to wear my jean skirt with a body suit this summer. Body suits are totally on trend this year. I tried to wear them last year but they weren’t so popular here in Small Town USA. This year, body suits, coming at ya! That’d be considered a third reason 90s Lynlee is rejoicing. You’re going to need and want a denim skirt in your summer wardrobe. You heard it here first!

3. Denim Dress

My denim dress is a little more on the cool spring days. But, I’m in the market for another one. I love denim dresses. Stay tuned for a Fashionably Lazy post! Denim Dresses will be spotlight on that post. You can look so put together with essentially ZERO effort when you wear a denim dress. Who doesn’t want to look cute but make no effort to do so? everyone, thats who!

I have been eyeballing this dress –> at target because its adorable! Dressed up or down. The worst part about a cute denim dress is I can’t wear my cute denim jacket. *shrug* My favorite way to wear a jean dress is with my red converses. Hello, 4th of July Outfit, hint- hint.

4. Denim Romper

I’m not going to go into too much detail about why I love a denim romper but, I am going to say one thing about it. Okay 2 things. First, if you want to know why I love a denim romper you can check out my Weekend Romper Post. Secondly, No matter what your age is or what your plans include a jean romper is prefect! And put together with no effort. You win!

5. Denim Tank

Last but not least, a chambray tank. This is such a fun wardrobe item. There’s such a wide range of cute tanks. I have several, actually. There’s so much detail that has been added to these tanks. Luckily, right now the trend is denim on denim! I love that look. One of my favorite outfits is a jean jacket with Jeans OR denim tank with dark wash denim.

Denim tank tops can be worn with so much! I said I love them jeans on jean but, pair them with white shorts or colored skinnies! Anything goes!

Jean and Denim

How fun are these simple and versatile pieces? They are such easy ways to change up your outfit. From tossing a jean jacket on over your already adorable outfit or switching out your jeans for a denim skirt. The options are endless! Tag @lynleewyatt on your photos on instagram to show me how you styled your Denim Summer Needs!


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Thursday Three – Amika: The Wizard

Hello Curious Readers- I’m excited to start bringing Thursday Three to you! I have tons of products I use and Tricks I have accumulated over the years. Most don’t have enough information to create a full out post. Reviews are my favorite posts to share with you all because I love to try new things! I have posted reviews on dry shampoo, blonde hair products, and makeup! Personally, I love to read reviews. It’s a hobby of mine. I think this is one reason I love writing them so much too!

Instead, I have decided to start the Thursday Three! Every Thursday I’m going to share a little mini review on products, tricks I have, and maybe even some small tutorials too. I am so excited to start Thursday Three Minis.

Here’s to Thursday Three!

Amika : The Wizard

The Wizard is a weightless style primer. It’s said to be the ultimate multi-tasker. The wizard cuts down on your drying time while it adds many nutrients to your hair. It helps to easily detangle your hair and fights frizz, nourishs, smooths, and adds softness and shine! The primer protects against thermal damage, environmental damage, and UV damage!  With the lightweight formula its a great product for all hair types. Use this to start your styling process!

Thursday ThreeThree Benefits of The Wizard

  1. Reduces Drying Time. Having to blow dry my hair is part of the reason I detest having to wash my hair. It’s such a process. Even with my short hair, it still is a commitment you mentally prep for. This cuts down the drying time. After I spray this in my clients hair the water starts to drip out of their hair. It’s the craziest thing!
  2. Avocado Oil. This is where the nourishing ingredients come from. It has important proteins, vitamins, amino acids, folic acids, and minerals. If you were hair for the chemical make up of your hair, I’d tell you why that’s important but you’re not and you probably don’t care. (If you do care: Amino Acids make up your hair. The hair strand is about 80% Protein)
  3. Free of sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens and artificial colors. Safe for color-treated, Brazilian-treated and Keratin-treated hair. Also, Amika cruelty free!

Three Reasons I Love The Wizard

  1. Primes. It preps my hair for the styling process. If you’ve read any of my hair posts, you know I always use a leave in conditioner. This isn’t classified as that but, it has ALL the same benefits as one! It makes my hair SO soft and feeling healthy. Who doesn’t want healthy hair?
  2. Protects. The Wizard protects against the sun and humidity. UV Protectant fights damage from the sun and prevents your color from fading. Summer Sun is no joke when it comes to hair color.
  3. Detangles. The tangles practically fall out of my hair once I spray this on my hair! It’s the easiest thing to brush the tangles out once this is sprayed in my hair! This Primer makes the detangling process nonexistent. This product will be in my beach/pool/lake bag all summer long!

Three Reasons I Recommend The Wizard

  1. It’s Multi-Tasking. You can use this as a primer to prep your hair for the styling process OR you can use it alone. This summer I’ll be using this after I swim to avoid dryness from chlorine. But, I also use this daily too!
  2. It’s lightweight. It is hard to find a product that covers all the hair textures. The Wizard light enough for fine hair to stay full of life but strong enough for course hair to be able to be impacted.
  3. It smells Delish! Okay, This isn’t a real reason but, kind of. Long story short, I have been using this over a month and I still love it! I haven’t even felt like I’ve needed a different primer. I styled my hair using this primer and the curls held all day and the nest day!

To Use:

  1. Towel Dry your hair.
  2. Spray The Wizard into your hair. Start spraying at the ends and work your way up.
  3. Detangle hair.
  4. Apply Products as normal or use alone.

I’m so excited to be starting this weekly series with you all! I can’t wait to select and try new products and techniques to tell you guys about! Share in the comments below products you’ve tried or products you’d like me to try!

Thanks for tuning into Thursday Three!



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In my Purse


Maybe we’re all just nosy or maybe just searching for reassurance that we’re not really as weird as we think we are. Either way.. Girls love knowing what other girls are using, loving, and for some unknown reason what they’re carrying in their purse. If you’re anything like me I carry everything but the kitchen sink with me. It’s always funny to me what is important enough to make the cut when I switch to carry a small purse.

My small purse carrying days are short lived, always! There’s just not enough room in there. I wish I was a girl that carried a small purse but, I just can’t be that girl! There’s a lot of stuff in my purse. Stuff I know I won’t use throughout the day, most likely. You never know when something is going to pop up and you wish you had something! Am I right? Generally, I carry a backpack. Nate always says, “do you have to carry that inside?” Uhm, excuse me!? Yes! Because, obviously, I might need my iPad while we eat dinner..? No, Lynlee you won’t but I carry with me always anyway. So, what.


Any given day you will, for real, find my iPad in my purse. As well as a wide array of other useful items. Such as tennis balls, phone charger, my lappy, 10 lipsticks and empty water bottles.

I need a pure that’ll carry all those things. My favorite purse type is a structured tote! I found this Vera Bradley bag in teal at H+S in here in Searcy. It sits up on its own and hold all the things I need. AND for the most part it’s easy to get my stuff in and out without digging for it. This bag is big enough even my laptop fits in it! ( Which I also carry with me pretty frequently ) It has 3 pockets on the inside and one on the outside to help ease organization for this chaotic girl.  It’s, hands down, one of my favorite bags. Bonus, it matches my planner.

My planner is definitely one of those things I classify as important and is definitely useful. Raise your hand if you can’t remember anything. My mom says she was much older ( and raising two children ) when she realized her memory was failing her from time to time. It hasn’t taken me children or age to realize everything needs written down. Not to mention my business is RAN on a schedule. Not just my schedule but other peoples so, if I leave the house without this beautiful thing it’s really a miracle! My life is in this planner and after years I have found a planner that I absolutely love. Thanks, Erin Condren ( and Christie Hensley )


There are of course some things less businessy that are alway in my purse. Including Top Coat, lipstick, and energy packets. These Great Value energy packs from Walmart are my favorite. Try out the Dragon Fruit for a midday pick me up! Personally, I cannot stand my nail polish to chip. I keep a top coat to keep my manicure last longer. Once it starts chipping I will proceed to pick it all off until I am back to my natural nail. So good for your nails, not. Among other things I can’t stand, a hang nail and/or long nails in general, Nail File is a MUST. And, if I’m being honest, I usually have it in my wallet and there’s another in my vehicle and beside my bed.

Of course bobby pins are a must. Let me let YOU in on a secret. Sally’s Beauty Supply has the BEST bobby pins! You get a whole pound of bobby pins for like $7 AND they are the very best. They are my all time favorite bobby pin; a ride or die, if you will. Last, but not least, a scrunchie. Now that my hair is short, I don’t wear it up in a pony tail much, if ever. When it was longer it was ALWAYS in a pony tail. I opted for schrunchies to help relieve some stress and damage from a traditional pony tail holder. *shrug*

Blogging isn’t all fun and games. Mostly, but not always. I keep sticky notes, a small pocket notebook, and a sharpie pen ( always sharpie because they are my fave! ) at all times just in case an idea strikes. Ideas come up at all kind of times and inconvenient places. As I mentioned above.. I can’t remember anything and I HATE that feeling of, Oh, I had a thought.. Then, not remember that thought. So, to keep up I write them down on a sticky and insert into planner or in this cute little journal if there’s extra details that I have in mind!


A purse is like a glimpse into someone’s life. Seeing and knowing what they carry tells a lot about them and their personality.. You can tell by my purse I enjoy technology and attempt to be organized (and fail). I am definitely one of those people who overpacks even in my daily life. I have a fear of what I’ll need and not have. Carry a big bag and you’ll always have everything, right?

What do you ALWAYS carry in your purse? Share in the comments.

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Summer Resource Guide

Summer is upon us. Can I say I’m excited?! You know when you’re halfway through summer and you see something on Pinterest and you think why haven’t I known about this all summer!? I don’t know about you but that really annoys me.
You guys, if any time of year is my fave you already know it’s summer. Any given day in the summer you can find me outside doing something. Nate knows how to have a great summer! And we do. I have had the Summer Blues since it got too cold for me to sit with my feet in the water after work or lounge by the lake over a long weekend. So, as soon as the weather is gets nice enough I’m enjoying it! I may just be sitting but, I’m sitting outside. Poolside, Lakeside, (beside the food) I LOVE everything about summer time. So, I have put together the summer resource guide! I’m just going to dive right in!

The Perfect Summer Fashion Basics

If you’ve been following along here long you know that I love Basics. They’re the easiest thing to dress up. You can effortlessly throw on a layer over any of your basic items and you have a cute outfit! Summer is no different. Summer Basics are even better because 1. It’s summer and 2. You can look polished and put together with so little effort it’s unreal.
I’ve selected some perfect items (according to Lynlee, ya know) that are so easy to style and make getting dressed almost fun! It definitely takes the stress out of it!
The Perfect Casual Tank – Target
The Perfect Tank – Walmart
The Perfect Shorts – Old Navy
The Perfect Denim Short – Levi’s
The Perfect Cotton Dress – J. Crew
The Perfect Cotton Tee – Old Navy
Side Note: Obviously, I love Old Navy. I never deny that fact. Actually, I embrace it. Old Navy is GREAT for cheap, well made basics!

Trendy Summer Fashion

This is the fun part of summer fashion. You get to personalize your wardrobe and here’s some of my favorite ways. Throwing a kimono over a tee or a romper can totally change the look of your outfit. Be fun and carefree in overalls or a graphic tee. This is where you really can express yourself. So, have fun. Don’t hold back and  Express yourself!
Fashionably Lazy outfits are my summer jam! These trendy summer items are interchangeable within each other to create super easy ( put together looking ) outfits! Graphic tees and Kimono overlays, Rompers and kimonos, Overalls and graphics..
Graphic Tee – Chaser ( always )
Kimono – American Eagle 
Romper – American Eagle
Overalls – Free People 
Wedges – Steve Madden
Maxi Skirt – American Eagle 
American Eagle, shockingly, has great summer clothes! Right now 70s patterns as I call them are trending. American Eagle has great outfit that cover a range of summer styles and fashion trends.. like their sandals.. see below..

Shoes, Sunglasses, and Accessories!

Perfect Leather Sandals – American Eagle
Fashion Sandals – Target
Go to Sandals – Birkenstocks
Cheap Sunglasses – Walmart | TargetForever 21 –> Then of course Ray Bans This Pair && This Pair
Cheap Jewelry – Walmart | Forever 21
Hats – Walmart | Charlotte Russe

Fun && Games

Its not ALL fun and games during the summer but, if you make the best of your time it can be mostly fun and games. And when the summer fun comes up you have to be properly equipped with the clothes, accessories, and skills to have a blast! 
Swimsuits – Giani Bini Top // Bottoms | Target | Old Navy Top // Bottoms | Kingdom & State | Kourtni Jean | Kenneth Cole |
Cover Up – Old Navy | Free People |
Beach Tote – Vera Bradley
Beach Blanket – Sandcloud | ShopBop |
Pool Floats – Academy Sports | Fransceca’s | Walmart |
Poolside Bottle – S’well
Beach Towels – Vera Bradley | Ralph Lauren 
Face Sunscreen – CeraVe | Sun Bum
Body Sunscreen – Sun Bun
Sunburn Remedy – Sun Bum
Face Mask – Nugg Mask Kit
Moisturizer – Coconut Oil
Nail Polish – CND Vinyl Lux
Self Tanner – Fake Bake


Outdoor Concert | Baseball Game | Hike | Picnic | Lake | Attend a Barbecue | Mini Golf | Farmer’s Market | Hammock | Music Festival | Food Festival | 5k | Bike Ride |
I live for summer activities. Everyone’s attitude is completely different during my favorite season. Here’s some fun things I enjoy doing in the summer!

Start a Summer Bucket List to get your really in the spirit of Summer!


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