Sunday Vibes

Easy like a Sunday Morning. That quote couldn’t be more false. There is nothing easy about any morning. They never seem to go smoothly. You wake up late, your should have washed your hair last night, and you can’t seem to fit right into anything you wear. Once your day gets going though, aren’t theys so nice. You’re recharged from church and you have a whole afternoon waiting for you! Sunday Vibes, all week long.

Sunday Vibes

Sunday Vibes

Apparently, I’m obsessed with Old Navy. Who isn’t? I don’t have to list why, but I will for you. They’re reasonably priced, good quality, cute clothes. For the most part I don’t have to worry about what the shirt says or if the length of the dresses are long enough. I can just grab it and go.

There are few clothing items I love more than comfortable ones. This outfit I styled all comfort and I’m all about that. I can;t be bothered with jeans I can’t move it or shirts I feel like I’m going to rip if I move. You know the ones. I LOVE a good t shirt. It is what it is. I have since I was a little girl. ( Fun Fact : In 6th grade my mom had to limit me to only wear t shirts 2 times a week because I had all these ute clothes I wouldn’t wear. ) This t-shirt and most of old navy’s t shirts are similar to the feeling you get when you crawl into egyptian cotton sheets.

This shirt is a little baggy and long. That’s what I love about it. It’s not super fitter but still has shape. And that shape isn’t your traditional Tee. Ya know?

Here’s the same shirt with a different saying and another.


These jeans are the epitome of comfort. They are like wearing your favorite pair of leggings. From the moment I put them on I knew I wouldn’t want to own another pair. These jeans are sneak peek. They’re carried in boutiques. The salon I work at carries them, thats actually where these came from. Shocker, I know. We have several different styles. Some new ones just arrived a couple weeks ago! They’re reasonably priced and worth every single penny. Even if there weren’t many pennies. The wash is perfect and the slight distressing make them even cuter.


I’m a free people lover but I can’t justify spending the money on it because most often I get color on it and ruin it. This jacket is free people. I didn’t pay full price & I don’t regret the purchase. It’s a couple of seasons old but, it’s just as cute now as the day I bought it. I love the style and the material. It’s not structured at all. The slouchy look is one of my go-to styles and this jacket goes right along with that feel. The blush color is so in for the spring season and it pairs nicely with this powder blue lettering! Go find you a blush jacket. It’s going to be EVERYWHERE this spring, I’m already seeing it. I love how the color compliments skin tones. You need one. Everyone needs one.

Here are a few that are the closest I could find.. Here’s one and here’s another.

Booties and Purse

If you’ve seen them once you’ve seen them 500 times. Seychelle Booties and Fossil Purse. My loves. Closet Must haves: A Good pair of low heal ankle booties and a camel leather purse. They go with everything and you can wear them year round. I posted links to similar items in last weeks post. You can find that post –> Here!

This outfit is such an easy outfit to throw together. T-shirt, jeans, jacket, and booties. I wore a necklace from dogeared and choker. That’s it. I felt cute in it and comfy too! Outfit pairings like that are put together with items in everyone’s closet maybe not a blush jacket but a jacket no less. You have jeans and I know you have a favorite tee!

I hope this post finds your week well. Slow down, feel comfy and enjoy your weekend. Celebrate each day! Be fashionably lazy.


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Spring Fashion

I am dying for summer. If you’re anything like me, you have been dying for summer to return since it first started getting dark earlier. Spring Fashion is such a welcomed bright after such a dreary winter. I’m ready to start seeing it! I love the warmer weather, the longer days, spending time by the water.. I could go on and on about why I love summer. And, I want it back right now. I’m beyond ready for shorts, dresses, skirts, tank tops, and tan lines! I cannot stand it any longer. Yes, I am aware I have some time to go before its warm enough to wear those things.

In the mean time, I’m dreaming! Over the weekend we had phenomenal weather! So, I took the opportunity to pull out one of my favorite dresses; a chambray dress from none other than old navy!

Spring Fashion – Denim & Camo


I love this dress. I actually got it last year. It’s really lose fit (which I love) and the perfect length. I’m by no means tall but at my age, I’ve come to be particular about the length of my dresses.

I love it for spring and summer because it’s light and breathable. The humidity in Arkansas demands you wear something light in the summer if you don’t want to be miserable.

Denim Dresses are such a simple staple. You can wear them with sandals or boots layered or not. They’re cool in the summer on a hot day and so comfy if you find the right fit. They also are so easy to layer over. You can pair it with anything and it’s still cute.

I couldn’t find this exact dress because it’s last season.

Here’s a Dress with similar fit and here’s another oh, and heres another.


I won’t bore you with a bunch of nonsense about my favorite jacket. I wrote about my winter wardrobe staple, some of you may already recognize it! You can read about it —> here. Just the high points. It’s so comfy. A great fit to layer over things. This jacket doesn’t make me feel like a can’t move and I can literally wear it with anything. (except this pair of green jeans I have, I can’t make it work.)

Although, I believe Leopard to be a solid came could be called that too. With the mix of colors I wear this with everything. It practically stays in my jeep to be thrown over whatever outfit I wear for the day. I love this jacket! You can find similar jacket to mine in the link above.  but, to save you a little trouble here’s a similar one not linked in the previous post!


I’m a ankle bootie girl! Standing on my feet all day, I love having a low heal that is still fashionable. I have shared with you guys before how much I love them. This pair is Seychelle. They’re ridiculously comfortable and distressed. So, even though I’ve worn them nonstop sense I got them about a month ago, you can’t tell.

I love a bootie not only for comfort but flexibility. Things I can wear multiple ways speak to me. I don’t want to buy things I can only wear one way and the rest of the time it sits in my closet unworn and wasting my money. These boots have been worn with everything from a baggy sweatshirt to a denim dress. ha. On the weekends, when I go to visit my boyfriend, they are always packed, if not on my feet.

This pair, though not identical is similar. This pair is also very similar. I can speak for it’s comfort, my mom has these and my sister and they wear them all the time.


Spring Fashion

Once I buy something unless I decide later it’s ugly, I keep it FOREVER. This lucky purse has been going strong since my beauty school days. It’s the perfect size and I love that I can wear it over my shoulder or across my body. Let me tell you, it’s the perfect bag when your doing activities. Shopping, out with your friends, walking the dog. Your hands are free and it holds all the things you need. That’s all we want in a purse, right? I love the color because it goes with everything as well. This is like my dream bag.

A similar one & Another similar one

My hat, from walmart, is so fun to cover up bad hair days. It’s even fun to wear over a good hair day. It compliments outfits and makes them not just a run of the mill outfit. I love to throw on a hat on lazy days or if my hair is getting a little dirty. And for more practical purposes keeps the sun off your face. Keeping us more youthful and young.

A Hat like mine. I can’t find the on but look in the store!

I hope you’ve found some early “spring” fashion inspiration in this outfit and go pull out your denim dress to wear. This lazy outfit is a perfect example of fashionably lazy when you still look cute! Be Fashionably Lazy and look cute too!


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Blonde Hair Club

Blonde Hair Club

So, I recently did a little thing to my hair; I joined the blonde hair club! My hair has been dark my whole life. Even in beauty school I never got the urge to try my luck as a blonde. I just have always preferred my hair dark. MY family can’t seem to get used to it an my boyfriend, Nate, isn’t convinced yet. Even they prefer my hair dark. 🙂 And yet, here I am blonde. I’m not captain of the blonde hair club, but I’m a member.

A few month back I posted about my hair routine. It was 8 products I can’t live without. Some of those product I still can’t live without. Others though, must be exchanged for new products because of my new hair. Since I have lightened my hair (twice) its not in the same healthy condition it once was. My hair prior to lightening was virgin hair so it was silky and soft. To give myself extra texture and body I used specific products now, I have texture ( aka damage ) and more body. Some of the products I was using are no longer necessary for me!

Blonde Hair Club Needs

Unfortunately, things have to change when we color our hair. Even the pros have to change up their products. I’ll be keeping some of the products I mention in 8 Products I can’t live without but, I’ll also be exchanging and adding a few products to my routine as well! Here’s an updated list!

  1. Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo

    Blonde Hair Club

    This is a blue based shampoo to keep my hair from turning brassy, or as I hear sometimes, “my hair has just started looking so orange.” For the technical side of why colored shampoo works.. Blue and orange are complimentary colors, Purple and yellow as well. Taking you back to elementary art when you mix complimentary colors you get a neutral. That’s why I always recommend purple shampoo to my blondes.

This product is specifically designed with brunettes who have lighten their hair. ( ME! ) Often, when dark hair is lighten it will turn to a brassy color. It’s part of your hair’s makeup. I’ll be keeping my hair a neutral color by using this shampoo. No blonde wants to be yellow. Including me, so I’m grabbing the blue shampoo in exchange for my current shampoo.

2. Matrix Total Results So Long Damage Conditioner

Blonde Hair Club

I’m not even going to pretend like I don’t normally use Shampoos and Conditioners as a set. Because I do. Almost Always. But, since I switched to the light side, I’m going to be using this So Long Damage Conditioner. It’s not super heavy and give my hair such softness. I will say that before I lightened my hair it was a little too much moisture for my hair and it would make it oily by the second day. But, now! I’m on day two with this conditioner and I have no signs of oily hair anywhere!

My  hair after using this was so soft and easy to brush out. I put of lot of stress on my hair and it took on some serious damage. I was kind of nervous to wash it and style it because i didn’t know what to expect. This conditioner made the process so easy! Concerned my hair would feel like straw I used an excessive amount. (I’ll know better for next time!) This conditioner wasn’t too heavy that I couldn’t style my hair and it didn’t weigh down my hair and remove all the body. My hair was still full of life! That’s what I need in a conditioner; softness and liveliness.

3. Alterna Caviar RX Fill & Fix Treatment

Blonde Hair ClubI’d be lying if I said I didn’t need a conditioning treatment now! I didn’t have to use one before because my hair was virgin hair. I used heat protectants and proper styling products to keep my hair healthy. Then, I lightened it. I am in desperate need of a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning treatments help to replenish moisture, protein, and minerals back into your hair. All this plus some goes into the health of your hair. They also help with softness, shine, manageability, and some even help repair the damage. Like this on for instant, and you can’t go wrong with Caviar.

Protein in my hair right now is extremely important. Protein is the biggest part of your hair’s makeup. And I have done some stuff to mine! This helps replenish protein in a heavy dose! It evens out my hair health and makes my hair more nourished and soft.

A deep conditioning treatment can be done once a week sometimes twice if needed. Also, Professional Deep Conditioning Treatments can be done in the salon. We put on the treatment and set you under the dryer for a certain time. The Professional Deep Conditioning Treatments help repair and replenish your hair like no at home treatment can do.

When applying I focus on my ends first then work up toward my face and scalp. Around my face sees a lot of heat damage. I let this set on my hair for about 15-20 minutes depending on how distracted I get and then rinse.

4. Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair

Blonde Hair Club

This stuff is a dream. It can be used even if you don’t have blonde hair. I’d recommend it for anyone. It’s great for brushing out tangles and giving your hair some added softness while styling. It helps ease the process. You know I swear by Leave in Treatments. My hair is no different. I spray a leave in treatment on it EVERY SINGLE TIME I wash my hair. It takes on some much damage from the environment, styling, pony tails.. ect. The least I can do is add a little spray into my hair to combat a little of the damage I’m doing to it.

This is specifically designed for blondes. As a professional, I know being blonde comes at a price. No matter how light your hair is bleach just damages your hair. This helps to repair some damage by adding protein into your hair. Adding protein helps strengthen your hair and keep it from breaking. This is a lightweight formula that allows styling like it isn’t even there. It doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it feel oily.

When Applying I focus on my ends and excessively blonde areas. Brush through my hair and style as normal.

5. Alterna Caviar CC Cream

Blonde Hair ClubLike I said earlier, you can’t go wrong with Caviar. Alterna’s Caviar CC Cream is the Blonde Hair Club MVP. It stole my heart when my hair was long. My hair was damaged on the ends from heat, color, and messy buns. The ends were so dry and brittle. I was recommended this product to help! and it totally did. It’s extremely light weight. Honestly, I cannot even feel it so I usually use another cream with it. It’s a 10-in-1 Cream product.

This CC Cream helps with moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, UV protection, manageability, strength, anti-breakage, heat protection and light hold. This is a GREAT Summer product because it has UV Protection. If we’re protecting our skin we should protect our hair. Also, This makes one less product I have to worry about, Heat Protection. It has that to! The CC Cream is the styling product form of a miracle. Right now, my hair needs all these things. If you’ve lightened your hair you know you’ve needed it too!

When applying I dispense one pump into my hair, apply to damp hair. Starting on my ends I work my way up to my scalp. Style as normal. I also apply one pump to dry hair starting on my ends and work it up if I need a little extra softness!

The Blonde hair club has required me to only slightly alter my routine. I will no longer be needed heavy salt sprays to give me texture. I also will be dropping the mousse for now. All the other products are still very present and very needed in my routine. I can’t make it without Jet Lag. Honestly, I don’t want to. Don’t forget when changing your hair as in doing the Blonde Hair Club you may have to change your hair routine too! There’s nothing wrong with your old products not working for you anymore. If you decide to join the blonde hair club try out some of these products and let me know what your love!

What are some of your favorite healthy hair products and why? Let me know in the comments below


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My Winter Wardrobe Staple

You know that one item in your wardrobe you just automatically go to without thought? You think people are probably so sick of seeing me in this. Then, again it just goes with everything. In the morning after you’ve noticed you wear it all the time you purposefully try to find an outfit you can’t wear it with but still end up putting it on anyway. That item is called a Wardrobe Staple! We all have them. We all love them!

Wardrobe Staple
Insert Camo Jacket

Winter Wardrobe Staple
Winter Wardrobe Staple

This camouflage jacket is an item of perfection. All the heart eyes in the world over this jacket.

This jacket is what my dreams are made of. The color combination allows me to wear it with everything! I am able to style it up or down and I can easily toss it over any outfit pairing and it look cute. With a Statement jacket you can change up any outfit! (I’ve been planning a post about easily changing outfits. Stay tuned!) This jacket is not necessarily a statement jacket, to all of you more reserved. It’s enough statement to say, of thats cute without being loud and in your face. This jacket is bold enough to say that’s a different twist on traditional without being too far out of the box. It’s not overstated; but it’s far from understated.

Personally, everyone should have a piece of clothing in their wardrobe they just love. This jacket is mine!


I can easily throw this on over dress or tees. I love to wear this over neutral dresses to make them less boring. Also, grabbing this jacket on the way out the door to toss over my favorite tee is an option. It’s light weight AND hooded! I’m super hot natured so this jacket is GREAT to throw on over sweaters, long sleeve, everything! Literally EVERYTHING!! The washed and worn look is so fun to add to something more polished to change up a little bit and get off the beaten path of your wardrobe.


I am ALWAYS wanting comfort. In my younger years I was fashion over function but as I age I have totally switched! I want comfort. How do I cute but be comfortable? This jacket gives that to me! Its hooded and so comfy even over a sweater. There’s room for movement! Like I said, function over fashion. My Wardrobe Staple gives me both! In my profession I have to be able to move around! This jacket has a great fit that allows me to have full range of motion.

Other Things I Love

I can put my hands in my pockets comfortably. The pockets are large enough my phone, keys, and hands fit into them! There’s a hood! Getting caught in a rain storm unprepared is the worst. With this hooded jacket at least my hair is safe! It’s high low. What a cute twist to a typical utility jacket? I just love that!! Basically, everything. I just love this jacket. period.

My Jacket

My Exact Jacket | Similar from Forever 21 | Another one from Free People

Think about what your Winter Wardrobe Staple is this year. What’s your go to? Your ride or die clothing item. Now, Let’s do a challenge. Step out of your box and try to style this item with something you wouldn’t normally put it with! Post on instagram with the hashtag #accordingtolynleeoutfitchallenge!

XO, Lynlee*

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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How To

Our makeup brushes get so dirty. We expose them to so much bacteria and germs. Cleaning brushes can seem like such a hassle. I have found a quick easy ‘how to’ that’ll take away the dread of cleaning your brushes and sponges!

Who is guilty of this thought? *begins applying makeup* “Oh, my goodness! My makeup brushes are gross! I need to clean them!” Applies makeup. *proceeds to forget the need to clean makeup brushes until next morning* //repeat//

*slowly raises hand* I’m SO BAD about this! I’m so bad it’s almost embarrassing. You know it’s past time when you consider throwing your Beauty Blender away instead of trying to wash it. I’ve been there. If I’m being honest that’s what sparked me writing this post.

So, Why do it?

I’m sure you’ve all wondered why it’s important.

Makeup Brushes are an Investment

A huge investment. I’m embarrassed at how much money I have spent on makeup brushes. Your brushes will last you so much longer when they’re properly cleaned.


Enough said? No. Our skin is fairly sensitive so if we’re constantly exposing it to dirty bacteria filled brushes we’re asking for breakouts. Your makeup brushes touch your makeup, the inside of your makeup bag, your counter top, your friends hands, the list is endless. They can accumulate a lot of germs. This could be causing your face to break out.

Yesterday’s Makeup

Or the past month’s makeup. Your makeup goes on much better when your brushes are clean. You don’t have blue eye shadow peaking out of your brush from three days ago as you’re trying to blend out your Nude, barely their eye shadow.

Your brushes do their job best when they’re clean. Is your fluffy powder brush now stiff? How is that contour going to be buffed out if the bristles on the brush don’t move? Clean your brushes. Your brushes, like your hair, needs cleaned because they’re dirty. There’s product built up, oils, and bacteria. Especially on your beauty sponge, foundation brushes, etc. Your makeup is building up on your brushes.

Convinced yet?

How do I do it?!

So, this is the easy part. It’s also a great opportunity to reshape your brushes. Here’s two ways I’ve found works for me.

Okay, truly there’s a million ways. Here’s one of the NEW ways I recently discovered this by accident. It works WONDERS on my beauty sponge too.

How To Clean Your Brushes && Sponges

What you need:
1. Dove Beauty Bar
2. Dirty Brushes
3. Warm Water
(Optional) Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum


Wet brushes and the bar of soap with warm water

I hold the bar of soap with the dove in my palm. The bar dips a bit and creates the perfect place to clean your brushes.

Rub the brush on the bar of soap.

Massage Soap into brush. Completely saturate your brushes with soap. Rinse and repeat until water runs clean. It’s amazing to see all that product break down and rinse away.

Reshape brush to its original shape and lay them out to dry.

Laying your brushes out in a well ventilated area allows them time to dry. I usually try to do them after I use them in the morning so they have almost 24 hours to dry.

Optional Step:

Put small amount of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum on your brushes. Massage into Brushes and reshape. Lay at angle to dry.

//Beauty Sponge//

Completely saturate sponge with warm water.

Saturate the sponge like you’re planning on applying your makeup. You want to use warm water to allow the product to be broken down most easily.

Rub sponge on bar of soap to absorb soap into sponge.

Be gentle with this process. Gently rub soap in the dip of the Beauty Bar. This process takes several times to completely rinse the product from your sponge. I clean my beauty sponge a couple of times a week and it still takes me a few rinses to get mine clean.

Squeeze sponge under running water.

After you have gotten the soap out of your sponge, saturate with water and rinse once more.

Repeat until all product is gone and water runs clear.

Let me know if you try this and what you love or didn’t love about this method! How do you clean your brushes? What do you use? I’d love to try some of  your recommendations!

XO, Lynlee

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5 Products you need for Fine Hair

Fine Hair

Fine hair is great for sleek, smooth looks. But, when the trends turn and you need more texture and body how do you achieve that? Absolutely! Fine hair is tricky because it can easily be weighed down or too much product can make it look dirty. Hair products can be determined by the texture of your hair. People with fine hair don’t need the same products as someone with coarse hair. 

With that in mind I’ve compiled 5 product you need for fine hair. 

Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner 

Fine HairSome Volumizing Shampoos & Conditioners have a tendency to dry out your hair. Insert Thickening Products. Thickening Products help plump your individual strands to allow your hair to be more full and actually appear thicker.

After using this type of shampoo and conditioner you get a fuller, longer lasting look. Your style holds longer and stays thicker looking. Thickening Shampoos and conditioners don’t seem ( to me ) as drying as most volumizing products. We want volume but not at the cost of soft hair!

// Matrix Full Density Shampoo & Conditioner // 

I love this Shampoo and Conditioner Duo together! It makes my hair feel noticeably thicker. That’s so crazy to me because honestly, I was skeptical at first. I can’t even lie about it! It isn’t drying to my hair at all. That’s why I generally stay away from this type of shampoo and conditioner. The Full Density Shampoo and Conditioner make a liar out of me.


Fine Hair

You have to be careful with this one because mousse can make you hair appear dull and weighted down. There’s a fine ( no pun intended ) line. Too heavy of a product or too much of a product can make your hair too heavy. Then, you can’t get any volume. This causes your locks to be stuck on your head and can potentially make your hair look dirty.

Don’t let that scar you! A little goes a long way and you can always add more to your hair if you can tell it’s not enough. After a couple days you’ll instantly know how much you need!

// Matrix Airy Builder // 

Well. no new news here. I love this Mousse. You already know. It’s super light weight and great for all hair types but specifically fine hair. It isn’t heavy at all. It makes my hair airy, voluminous, and thicker.

Dry Shampoo

Fine Hair

Even if you wash your hair every day dry shampoo needs to be a product in your cabinet. Dry shampoo adds volume and weightless texture. It makes your hair airy in a sense and gives you movement. Plus, it almost acts as an eraser if you put too much product in your hair. 

Dry Shampoo can give you an extra dose of volume and body that other products can’t. It also adds just the right amount of texture so you can keep your s typing lasting all day!

// Batiste Original //

Okay, Jet Lag is my ride or die dry shampoo but, I am loving this one and it is cheap! It does leave a gray cast at first but once you brush it or massage it into your hair. It gives great texture and wonderful volume. I am loving this dry shampoo. For the price I dare say that Batiste is my new fave.

Lightweight Hairspray

Lightweight hairspray keeps life in your hair but doesn’t make it crunchy. We WANT life and  we WANT movement. What we don’t want is helmet hair. Think 90s updo crunch. Even the lightest hairsprays can weigh down fine hair. 

Lightweight hairspray is my jam. It’d be a lie if I said I wasn’t the master of lightweight hairsprays. I dislike hair spray so much (for myself) Often, I don’t use any hairspray at all. I have discovered all my favorite brands light sprays.

// Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light //

I’d actually forgotten about this hairspray. When I was in beauty school this was my hairspray. I used this all the time! It’s super light and it isn’t wet when you spray it. It’s holds so well for a light hairspray. Also, it doesn’t leave a lot of residue and buildup. Super Clean Light gives you nice touchable style that can’t be beat. I’m so glad I rediscovered it.

Hair Pick

Fine Hair

Fine hair is much more fragile than more coarse hair. Therefore, teasing it with a vengeance is recipe for breakage. Using a pick you can lightly “back comb” your hair to give you volume. The good thing about fine hair is a light tease will give you great volume.

// Hair Pick // 

We always want what we don’t have. People with coarse hair want more fine hair and people with fine hair want more coarse hair. There’s pros and cons of both.

With fine hair are you able to achieve every style? No. But, I could say that exact thing to someone with coarse hair. There’s perks to all different hair types. Fine hair has to be babied a little more than more coarse hair but with that coarse hair takes TLC too.



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Make Me Blush

Make Me Blush

Blush is everywhere for the spring season. I am being taken back to my younger years of mauve bedroom walls and favoring pink  as my color of choice. I read at the end of the year that blush was going to be the color of spring but I kind of blew it off. Now, as the spring clothing is gracing the boutiques in my area (giving me severe summer fever) I am seeing blushes and mauves EVERYWHERE. 

Blush Outfit

BlushMy skin being the same color as the denim was a concern momentarily. That thought subsided when I realized how cute this outfit is all put together. I love the shades mixed together. The outfit came together effortlessly.

This dusty rose tee is a closet basic. You know where I stand on basics. Plus, it’s a twist to your standard basic. It’s hi low gem line makes it versatile and will be so cute this summer with shorts and a tan. The neck line gives you a little extra sass compared to your typical scoop neck. 

I will forever be an advocate of colored Denim. Sue me. Any color, I love them. These KUT Jeans are cute and comfy. I am always choosing comfort. The fit of these adds extra comfort too. Put them on and you will never want to take them off. The muted pink is going to be everywhere. 

You heard it here first. And I heard it from vogue. 

This monochromatic outfit will be cute through spring but here in Arkansas it’s a bit chilly for short sleeves. I tossed this shaw over this outfit to break up the color a little and add a bit of warmth to this outfit choice. 

And these booties! Ankle booties, in my opinion, are a closet staple. I think that should be an item on everyone’s closet. I know you didn’t ask but that’s what I think. These Dolce Vita booties.. Wear these booties with dresses, skirts, jeans, or shorts. They can (and should) be worn through summer and are SO comfy. So, So comfy. 

Make Me Blush

I love this outfit for its wearability. It’s not just an outfit you wear to a high school basketball game. You can wear this for date night, dinner, that basketball game, or church on Wednesday night. If you don’t have a jean rule you can wear it to work!

P.S. This entire outfit came from YAYA Boutique & Salon in Searcy! 

Xo, Lynlee

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Wet N Wild Product Review

First Impressions.. They’re a little uhh.. scary sometimes.. But, Wet N Wild is a really cheap brand for what you get and their products are almost always great quality. They just recently launched some new products I wanted to test them out and do a product review for you all! Also, I just learned they’re cruelty free. You know I’m an animal lover. Them being Cruelty Free just adds to my love refund love for Wet N Wild Products. Not all the products I tried are new but, they were all new to me! This is the honest truths about what I thought about them.


1// Wet N Wild Come Correct Celebrity Concealer

Rated: 2 Stars. That’s being a little forgiving too.

I’ll start with the bad: This is a very thick, dry feeling concealer. It was troublesome to blend out. This concealer did blend into the rest of my foundation.. eventually. It took a little extra work. It feels a bit heavy and dry under my eyes. I didn’t bake my foundation because I thought that was a little out of the question.  For someone who doesn’t consider themself “good at makeup” I would highly suggest you try something else.
The Good: It is a very full coverage concealer. It did blend out nicely into my foundation. Even though this concealer has a thick base it’s not cakey looking. It covers well and doesn’t look dry! It’s just really thick and very full coverage. With that being said.. I have dark eye lids and the darkness comes down around the outside corner of my eye so I need a little extra coverage in my shadow primer. As a shadow primer, Blended into the skin with a very damp beauty sponge so nicely. I set it with a little powder before applying my eyeshadow and I wasn’t disappointed. My discoloration in my eyelids was completely masked. My shadow didn’t crease or fade and the pigments were great. If you’re looking for a shadow primer and don’t like using your normal concealer this is a good, cheap alternative.

Application: I don’r recommend for concealer. Shadow Primer: Apply small amount onto each lid buff in with damp (very damp) beauty sponge. Set with powder brush. I use a powder brush that I used the day before. There’s still enough product on the brush to set my concealer without changing the color. Then, I proceed to apply my eyeshadow.

2// Wet N Wild photofocus Foundation

Product ReviewRated: 4.5 Stars

Shade: Buff Bisque
This is a lightweight, medium coverage foundation. Its $5.99! The Coverage it gives is amazing. For me, it’s not too much coverage but it’s just enough to notice I have evened out my skin tone and smoothed out my complexion. It really light weight and super comfortable on my skin. It doesn’t feel tacky at all. As a matter of fact once it settled it feels so soft and natural on! It dispenses so easily!

Most drugstore foundations have to be poured or squeezed. This has an applicator that you can dip into the product and apply directly to your face, brush or sponge. A couple reviews said that they felt it dried quickly. I didn’t experience the product drying too quickly to properly blend it in.and its supposed to eliminate the appearance of your foundation being WAY too light for you when you take a picture sometimes, ya know what I’m talking about? We all hate that so, if this works like it says that alone is worth it!

Application: I have used a sponge and plan on using a brush also. I almost always apply my foundation with a sponge so that was how I tried it first. It’s probably my favorite way.

3// Wet N Wild photofocus Concealer

Product ReviewRated: 4.5 Stars

Shade: Light Ivory
I am loving this concealer too! I haven’t baked it yet but I did find it settled ever so slightly into my fine lines. Almost all concealers do this to me so, that isn’t enough reason for me to downplay the greatness of this concealer. It was super easy to blend and not at all heavy like the Come Correct Concealer. This concealer was comfortable to wear and didn’t make my under eyes too bright. It, too, was tested under 7 different lights. Concealer gives you those raccoon eyes? Testing this under those lights helps prevent that “flashback.” Can’t hate that!

Application: Like always, I applied to under eyes, nose and chin and blended out with my damp beauty sponge.

4// Wet N Wild Coloricon Brow Pencil

Product ReviewRated: 3.5 Stars

Shade: Brunette’s Do It Better
I, like every one else, am a brow girl. I was late to the wagon but, I’m still here and very present. My brows aren’t as killer as some. I’m not as good at filling them in as others BUT, I try. I’ve tried lots of different products. Loved some; hated others. This product goes on so smooth. Whether you have tot draw them on or fill them in this product gives you a great brow look. The formula isn’t waxy so it doesn’t drag or pull. It’s super smooth. Being super smooth can be a good or a bad thing. Since it is so smooth you have to watch how heavy handed you get or you’ll make them too dark. There’s a spooky on the end to help diffuse those over powered brows and make them more natural.

5// Wet N Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner

Product Review

Rate: 4 Stars

Shade: Never Petal Down
The Consistency is really, really soft! It’s not waxy and doesn’t drag at all. When I first started to apply it the formula made me second guess it’s longevity. But it lasted through lunch and two bottles of water without fading.It’s VERY soft and feels so nice on. It’s extremely wearable and not at all drying. The pigment is really nice too. I chose a light pink shade. On the lips it held its shade. The color didn’t deepen once I applied it! I like to wear lipliner sometimes instead of lipstick. This liner is so soft and not drying to wear all day. However, it did settle into the cracks in my lips because they’re really dry.

Application: Apply Moisturizer before. Line lips like usual.

6// Wet N Wild Pout & Shock Lip Balm

Product Review

Rate: 3 Stars

Shade: Shock
Let me start by saying, Lippie are hard for me to love. I have a certain number of brands I love. I’m low maintenance with lippies and I don’t want to have to reapply over and over; thats too much effort to me. I don’t want to have to worry about bleeding or smudging. The consistency of this lip balm is very soft and hydrating. The color is a little bit deceiving because they’re not actually that pigment. I thought it was. *frown* For a lip balm it’s so nice. I love having a little color in a lip balm. Especially right now when we’re all battling dry lips. I am loving this!

7// Wet N Wild Color Icon Ombre Blush

Product ReviewRate: 4 Stars

Shade: The Princess Daiquiris

This is great if you want a very subtle highlight. It’s not super pigmented but it gives a nice light sheen. Ombre Blush’s shimmer in the blush is nice to give you a little extra in your blush. I use this over my blush to add an extra pop!

Wet N Wild is making a comeback. If you haven’t tried their Liquid Lipsticks you should try them too! I wrote a post about them. You can find it H E R E ! I’ve been using these Wet N Wild Products for a while now and I am loving them!

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Top 5 E.L.F Products – According to Lynlee

e.l.f. Cosmestics

E.L.F. Cosmetics are such a steal for their quality. Their prices are so cheap! I think they’re forgotten about. The products range from primers and skin care to eyelashes. They’re so nice and fun to use. I love grabbing E.L.F. products to try. They’re priced so affordably it’s easy to test out new products in their line. And it’s guilt free if you don’t like them. I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 + 1 favorite E.L.F. products.

This was super hard only picking 5 products. So hard I had to add one more! haha. I think so many of their products are so great! But, here’s the list. 5 products plus a bonus 1!

1. E.L.F. Brushes

E.L.F. Cosmetics

Does this count as just one? I love their brushes. Especially for the price. Many brands are represented in my brush collection. E.L.F. Brushes rank up there with some of the best.

Normally, I pretreat them by washing and conditioning them prior to use. Some of my brushes I’ve had for YEARS! Washing your brushes regularly will help their lifespan.

I have these brushes just to name a few. I think I have a full collection of E.L.F brushes.. that’s neither here nor there.

Small Angled Brush – $3.00 | E.L.F. Blending Brush – $3.00 | Powder Brush – $4.00 |
EyeShadow ‘C’ Brush – $4.00 | Beautifully Precise Sculpting Brush – $10.00 |

2. E.L.F. Makeup Mist & SetE.L.F. Cosmetics $3.00

E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set is a hidden gem. Through the winter I don’t have to set my makeup but I do still want some extra pop in my eyeshadow. This is the key!

I spray my brush with this E.L.F. hidden gem before dipping into my shadow. It gives the color an extra pigmented pop. I also find myself Spray my beauty Sponge to keep it moist through my entire makeup application.

Since I don’t use Setting Spray on my whole face all the time it’s hard for me to spend a lot of money on a high end setting Spray. With the E.L.F. Setting Spray price tag at $3.00 I really can’t pass that up.

3. E.L.F. Brow Kit $3.00
E.L.F. Cosmetics

I’m particular about my brows. The E.L.F. Brow Kit is killer. My brows don’t get too harsh. It’s a pomade and powder to set the brows. You apply it with a brush. I feel this gives me a more natural brow than some of my other brow products.

This product doesn’t slide around on my face. That may make many of you laugh but you know what I’m talking about. When your eyebrow product doesn’t stay sharp as a makeup guru on Instagram’s brows.. you know!

If you just follow the natural shape of your brow and simply fill them in this style product is SO easy for you to use.

4. E.L.F. Powder Blush Palette – $6.00

E.L.F. Cosmetics

Heart. Eyes. Guys, this palette is so good. You get 4 blush colors. They’re beautifully pigmented and so easy to blend out. They’re more powdery than soft, creamy consistency. They look so beautiful on the skin and searched.

I chose this palette because I was stuck in a rut. I always use the same blush. All the time. A 2017 trend is bold cheeks. So, instead of using my traditional colors I purchased this palette.

There’s 4 different shades giving you a wide spectrum of options. Depending on your look you can go for bold and rosy or a little more muted.

5. E.L.F Cream Eyeliner – $3.00
E.L.F. Cosmetics

I love gel liner. The harsh, clean cut, bold line gel liner gives is beautiful. I love the drama of it. This Liner is no different.The E.L.F. Liner does not budge. It easy to apply. This Liner doesn’t drag on your lid. It’s easy to get a smooth, dark line. This liner didn’t irritate my eye when I applied it to my water line and stayed all day.

I use an E.L.F. Angled brush to apply this liner.

5+1 E.L.F Mad for Matte 2 Eyeshadow Palette – $10.00

E.L.F. Cosmetics

This is a freebie. The going youtube trend is warm tones for eyeshadow. This matte palette is glorious. It’s so pretty and pigmented. I find a lot of times drugstore palettes don’t blend well or they get muddy really easily. This didn’t seem to do that. It went on well and blended nicely. I was able to create a beautiful look with this palette.

The shadows in this palette are nice to add to your travel bag because you can get several different looks with one palette. These shadows aren’t necessarily a “daily look” for everyone. But, they’re great for nights out or if your feeling shifty. Grab this while you’re looking!

E.L.F. Cosmetics are often forgotten about in my area! Our walmart just recently started carrying the line again. Also, Target recently started carrying way more too! So far these are the products that are my top faves. I’m looking forward to trying more and testing out some more!

Their website is full of products I haven’t seen! Plus, you get free shipping on online orders over $25.00. Do you KNOW how much makeup you get for $25!?! Winner!

What are your favorite E.L.F. products? Have you tried any of these? Let me know what products your recommend!



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January Update & Thank you!

Thank You

First, and foremost, thank you to EVERYONE who stopped in to read what I have to say. I have been pleasantly surprised at how many of you read my blog! I didn’t know what to expect going into this. Putting yourself out there in this way can be extremely nerve racking. Honestly, I expected a small handful of people to actually listen to me ramble. So, thank you! Thank you so much for engaging, commenting, and sharing what I have had to say. 

Beauty is a passion of mine. I love trying new things and sharing with people what I have learned. Being able to have an outlet to share what I love about things, what products were disappointing, and different ways to inspire you in your wardrobe is so much fun to me! Thank you for encouraging me to continue. 

Blogging Learning Curve

I have learned SO much! Being a new blogger I went into this COMPLETELY blind. I had no idea what to expect. Even what I did expect was far from reality. Setting goals and planning was such a challenge! 

I learned I feel awkward in front of a camera. I’m not a model, period. This is a huge discomfort for me. You would think of all the photos my mom took of me in my younger years I’d feel comfortable in front of a camera. I don’t. I’m like Ricky Bobby. I don’t know what to do with my hands. Modeling was not my calling.

Some thoughts that have gone through my head.. I don’t know what to do with my hands.. why am I making that ugly fave.. is my posture really that bad.. why do I look so angry.. 

There’s such a steep learning curve. I’ve felt so many emotions. Every emotion..  overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed, anxious, nervous, giddy, happy, content. 

Hair – According to Lynlee

Fashion and makeup is easy for me to write about. The hair part, on the other hand, is hard!! It’s so hard for me to write about. Nate said it’s because I think too much into it. I’m still trying to figure out hair tutorials and more hair posts. 

Thank you again!

I just wanted to stop in and thank you guys for baring with me through this journey. 

Please continue to stick with me. I have big plans for February and further into 2017! 

I’d really like to hear from you guys on things you’d like to read about. More high end makeup, fashion, hair tutorials.. please comment and let me know things YOU want to read about! 

Thanks again! That doesn’t begin to cover the gratitude. 



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