Gimmick or Not; Silicone “Sponge”

Silicone Sponge

I may have shared with you guys my love for Youtube Makeup Gurus. Watching their talent is something I could do for hours on end. I have done it hours on end. Seeing them bring their ideas and inspirations to life is so incredible. In watching their videos, I find things I want to try or have to have. It DOES cause me to spend a lot of money but, That’s okay right? We’ll call it retail therapy. A few months ago the trend was the Silicone Sponge, aka Silisponge. I even saw youtubers partaking in challenges of using a silicone bra inserts to apply makeup too. Okay, it got a little bit out of hand but, I still wanted to give it a shot. I thought this might be a gimmick but at the same time I feel I may have thought that same thing over a $20 Beauty Blender when they first started becoming popular too. Granted, I wasn’t spending $20 on this silicone sponge applicator. I found and purchased one too.

Silicone Sponge First Impressions

Silicone SpongeFirst Thought: Impressed

Not going to lie, I was really, really impressed with the application. It looked smooth. At first, I felt it was a little bit bulky ( ironically ) compared to the beauty sponge. Being flat instead of rounded it took a second to adjust. I used my no makeup makeup routine.  The end result of the application was very pretty. Blending out concealer and foundation was super easy.

Lack of Control

I had watched the videos and they said they didn’t absorb product ( obviously ) like a beauty sponge did. It was really easy to apply the product to my face. However, the runnier products were harder to control than the thicker foundations I use. A few of my foundations are a little thicker in consistency than others and the thinner formulas seemed to slip in a sense.

Blending Cream Contour

I have always struggled using cream contour and highlights. I thought, why not try it out too? So, I attempted blending out the NYX WonderStick. Normally, I blend it with a beauty sponge and it becomes patchy. I’ve just quit using any cream contour because I don’t like the way it ends up looking. The silisponge allowed it to blend out so easily and beautifully. No harsh lines or patchy coloring. This is the way I have been applying cream contour since I bought this!


It is SUPER easy to clean which I love. I always rinse and wet my beauty sponge before I use it but this I can simply wipe off the product. It’s easily removed with a makeup wipe. After I apply my foundation, I wipe it off to apply my concealer and the same process before applying me contour. It’d be great to use on a busy day full of several makeup applications!

Final Thought

After about a week of using the Silisponge, I haven’t stopped using it. I reach for both my beauty sponge and my silisponge. I think the beauty sponge gives a smoother softer end result. Blending and application is easier ( to me ) with the silisponge. After I applied my full face, I looked at myself in a magnified mirror. The application wasn’t as beautiful and flawless as I had initially thought. However, I was able to take a damp beauty sponge and just dab it a little around my face to give the finish that a beauty sponge does. You know, the one everyone loves?

I will continue applying my makeup with the Beauty Sponge to soften my application but, I love the application of the silicone applicator. I think it is a great way to save product. It is always frustrating to me to think about how much cream product I waste. There’s a lot that is absorbed into my sponge that is just wasted. With the silicone sponge I avoid the absorption, I use was less product, and it’s super easy to apply. But, I have been going back in to “set down” my foundation and concealer with my beauty sponge too.

Have you tried the silisponge? What were your thoughts?

Everything You May Need at the Lake

Time seems to just stop and speed up when you’re at the Lake. It goes by so quickly but at the same time it passes so slowly. It’s a rush and a peace all in the same. It’s chaos and serenity all at once. There’s something about being beside a body of water, in any form, that makes you feel a flood of different emotions. In the summer, I live for that flood.

So, as you probably noticed I am an over packer. I will always be an over packer. I pack about 4 pairs of extra panties, an extra sweater, and two pair of extra pants. Just in case you know? Even though I know from experience, the extras I packed will not be worn, they end up tossed in my suitcase anyway. I’ve come to know that’s just the person I am; the over packer. And, I’m okay with that. I always ALWAYS worry I’m going to forget something or worry I will need something and not have it. Going to the Lake you almost have to take it all. Just like being at the beach, you’re not going to want to run to the store if you forgot something especially if you’ve already gotten settle. So, you gotta take it all. Once you’re out on the water you better have what you need.. or else. 🙂

Lake Necessities

You know, there’s that list of things you HAVE TO HAVE..

  1. Swimsuit or Two – Probably two. No one likes putting on a wet swimsuit. Last year, I left mine at home when we went. I’ve also linked some swimmies here.
  2. Sunglasses – Two pair of cheap sunnies. So, if you lose a pair you have a back up.
  3. Beach Blanket – a la Suite 41 Boutique.
  4. Beach Towel – Vera Bradley towels are my fave. The Easter Bunny ( my mom ) got my sister and I towels for Easter
  5. Hat / Head Band – Hair out of the way. Sun out of you face.
  6. Flippies – No need to ruin good shoes.
  7. Sunscreen – See –> this post. Physical Sunscreen.
  8. Jacket – I detest being cold. On the water, it’s extra chilly; even on the warmest night.
  9. Pony Tail Holders ( This would be number 2 right under swim suit if these were numbered in order  of importance. )
  10. Beach Bag – To keep all the items in one place. 🙂 I love a tote like it linked. Waterproof and sandproof + they hold a ton.
  11. Kimono / Swimsuit Cover up – I love a kimono for swim suit cover up.
  12. PFG Columbia – I almost always take mine. See Sunscreen post. They’re soft, light weight, and protect you from the sun
  13. Air Dry Cream – I don’t know about you but my hair is REAL cute when it air dries naturally. ( Not really )
  14. Chapstick – Burnt Lips. Chapped Lips. No thank you.

Other Lake Necessities

Then, there’s that list of things your have to have..

  1. Jean Shorts – They go with your jacket, your swimsuit, your tee shirt. Just take them you’ll need them
  2. Take Me to the Lake Tee – obviously. There’s 2 Styles. See also this one.
  3. Life Proof Case – Water + Cell Phone = expensive Life Proof = $100
  4. Polaroid Camera – Just for fun!
  5. Pizza Float ( or other #BASIC floaties ) – So, you can be cool
  6. Fun Cup – Because you need it
  7. Sour Patch Kids – because you should never go on a trip without them.
  8. Aloe Vera and ibuprofen – Sun Burn relief, ya know?
  9. Phone Charger – No one ever leaves without these
  10. Head Phones – because I take headphones everywhere
  11. Water Proof Mascara – Water + Mascara = Mess. Water + Water Proof Mascara = Pretty
  12. Makeup Wipes – Get that sunscreen off your face AND I always travel with makeup wipes
  13. Coconut Oil – Rehydrate your sun dried skin while you see
  14. Wet Brush – Lake Water hair is just unmanageable.
  15. Chrystal Light Packets – Stay hydrated with flavor

More Lake Necessities

Then, there’s this list.. The fun stuff, the cute stuff,

  1. Monogram Coozie – You need a cookie and you need it to have your monogram on it
  2. Cooler – nothing cooler. ( no pun intended )
  3. Bendy Straws – Just for fun
  4. Flash Tats – Just for more fun
  5. Cute PJs – Should I elaborate or..?
  6. Nail File / Top Coat – I have a hang nail and chipping nail polish. Somethings you just always have. These are two of mine
  7. Baggy T-shirt and Lose Shorts – for if (or when ) you get sun burnt
  8. GoPro – no commentary needed.
  9. Swimsuit bag – travel home with your wet shimmies and not worry about getting the rest of your clothes wet.
  10. Waterproof Watch – because I always wear a watch and feel lost without it.
  11. Cute Choker – More just for fun

Did I forget some things? Probably, let’s be honest here. I always forget something! But, I covered a lot of bases. So, next time you’re on the water. Remember to check out my list to make sure you’ve grabbed everything! Until next time.


Ultimate Sun Protection Guide


Hello, Summer! I know officially Summer isn’t until late June but here in Arkansas it’s in full swing. I think all school are out for summer in my area and it’s that time. Time to be water side. There are some summer essentials that I’ll list later. For the sake of this Guide, I’m going to keep it about skin protection.

For months my mom has been on me about wearing sunscreen on my face. She has always told me put on sun screen. But, with my complexion it wasn’t always required ( in my eyes ) because I wouldn’t usually burn. I will typically get one sun burn a year; like one really good sun burn. After that, I normally wouldn’t apply sun screen at all. A couple of months ago, I read an article that popped up on my snapchat that was all about sunscreen. What stood out the most to me was in part of the article it said you should apply sunscreen everyday and twice a day if you work by a window. I was floored. Who thinks about applying sunscreen every day? Let me be the first to admit I do not.

That is until lately. Like I said my mom has been on my sister and I for a while about wearing sunscreen on our faces everyday. To the point she bought us both face sunscreen to apply under our makeup. ( I have used it every day since ) In an effort to avoid sounding like your mom telling you to wear sun screen, I’m going to share with you a little research I have done in the form of this Guide.

What does SPF mean?

Suns Protection Factor. SPF Measures your sunscreens ability to protect your skin from the sun. SPF 15 means your skin is protected 15x longer than what your skin would be without it. Basically put, if your skin usually takes 10 minutes to burn without any protection, when you use SPF 15 you can stay in the sun for 150 minutes before burning. Or if you’re like one of my friends and you burn the instant the sun hits your skin, you can be out there 15 minutes. 😉

You’re at a higher risk if you have light hair, skin and eyes, so snag a higher SPF. You darker headed ladies, don’t skip the sunscreen just because you think you’re safe. Once again, let me be the first to admit something else. I had no clue what SPF meant. All I (thought I) knew is higher number = higher protection; which isn’t even the case. Higher number means longer protection!

How long should the sunscreen be on my skin before sun exposure?

It takes about 30 minutes for “chemical sunscreen ” to absorb and begin protecting your skin.  Physical Sunscreen begins protection as soon as it’s applied. I’ll elaborate more later on in the guide.

Well, I mean, my mom always said I had to wait until my sunscreen dried but, raise your hair if you actually did that. AND NO ONE better have thought about raising their hand because I bet you didn’t wait all 30 minutes.

How often should I reapply?

Every 2 hours and/or immediately after swimming and sweating. Water Resistant Formulas can usually withstand water or sweat for 40-80 minutes. This information should be stated somewhere on the bottle.

We had a pool growing up and my mom taught so she was like the local sitter for our friends. Logan and I, along with all our friends would swim all day in the summer when we were younger. I know my mom made us reapply our sunscreen ( it wasn’t a free for all and we weren’t neglected! ) but every two hours, we did not.


 What are UVA Rays?

UVA rays make up most of the UV ray exposure. 80% of UVA rays penetrate through the clouds. They penetrate deeper into the skin making this the main ray for tanning. “A tan results from injury to the skin’s DNA; the skin darkens in an imperfect attempt to prevent further DNA damage”, according to ( WHAT?!?! ) UVA rays can penetrate your skin year round. UVA rays cause premature aging, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and leathery skin.

What are UVB Rays?

UVB rays can burn you year round. They give more visible damage to skin. UVB rays are strongest from April – October and between 10am and 4pm. UVB rays cause – Sunburns, redness, and skin cancer.

First things first, broad spectrum sunscreen will protect you from both. Of course, I’m thinking, if I want tan skin but not leathery skin, I better be applying sunless tan because UVA makes it hard to have both! Plus, I’m already getting wrinkles on my forehead and I’m not about that. Basically put, ( if I’m understanding the correctly ) UVA gives us long term damage that isn’t immediately visible. While UVB rays give us more instant, visible damage.


Physical Sunscreen – Sunblock

Physical Sunscreen deflects and blocks rays from skin and reflect sun rays. This sunscreen sits on top of the skin and protects against UV rays. Physical Sunscreen usually leaves a white cast on your skin. Physical Sunscreens block UVA and UVB rays. Because of the ingredients children NEED this type of sunscreen. The ingredients are more gentle and safer for sensitive skin and acne prone skin. This sunscreen choice starts protecting the instant it’s applied.  And it has a longer shelf life than the alternative. When searching for Physical sunscreen look for ingredients Zinc Oxides  and Titanium Dioxides.

Chemical Sunscreen – Organic Sunscreen

Chemical Sunscreen absorbs rays to prevent penetration. The formula is thinner than Physical sunscreen so the application process is easier and easier to wear daily. You do have to let chemical sunscreen “dry” or absorb into your skin before sun exposure. Penetrates the skin and absorbs the rays. The higher the SPF the more irritating it can be for sensitive skin types.
Chemical Ingredients: Avobenzone, Octylcrylene, Octisalate, Helioplex, Oxybenzone, Uvinul, Homosalate, Mexoryl SX

Applying this Guide to my Real Life

After my mom telling me repeatedly to wear sunscreen on my face and finally buying me some, I caved into the pressure. She purchased me the equate brand from walmart. It’s a dupe for the CeraVe face sunscreen. Until I really started putting this post together, I only applied it on my face under my makeup and my hand ( to keep my wreck battle wound from scarring ). As I’m typing this portion of this Guide I’m also shopping for sunscreen to apply on my body daily. I’m going to purchase the Honest Beauty and the First Aid Beauty Sunscreens to try. When applying sunscreen, use the 1 oz. rule. One ounce should cover your whole body. Apply 1 oz daily, not just at the pool or beach.

On Your Face

Face sunscreen can be applies under your makeup primer or as your primer. It’s a must. Your sunscreen in your makeup isn’t enough to prevent sun damage! Isn’t that kind of deceiving? The Equate Sunscreen Face Lotion is great under my makeup. My skin has been extremely dry lately and this sunscreen has served as a great dose of extra moisture. Makeup applies easily over the top of this sunscreen and lasts all day long! When purchasing face sunscreen look for non-comedogenic. It won’t clog your pores and is great option for acne prone skin. Also, try to find and alcohol free formula to avoid drying. A Gel Sunscreen is another good option for acne prone skin too.

But, sunscreen is only one level of defense. A wide brimmed hat, sunglasses, and shirts with UV protection are also great options to grab when you’re heading out for a long day in the sun. With a wide brimmed hat you can protect your hair, your scalp, your ears, face, and the back of your neck. Sun damage is irreversible. I don’t know about you but, I need to start now protecting my skin because I have neglected sun protection in the past.

Luckily, floppy hats are in style, so go get you a floppy hat. Burn scalp and ears are the worst! As far as your shoulders, chest and arms, I love to wear a columbia PFG when I’m going to be in the sun for a long period of time. I’ve even worn it in the ocean when I was burnt. They are lightweight, cool, and dry quickly. Plus, they’re extremely soft and have protection in them! Lastly, please don’t forget your sunglasses. Your eyes can get damage from the sun too.

I have taken the time to write this guide for your guys to filter through some of the masses of information that come along with sunscreen and sun protection. In writing this guide I have left out a lot of information that could have made this guide way too long. I encourage you to look into it and do some rsearch yourself to discover some information about this topic. It can be overwhelming and I hope this guide has helped filter the confusion and answered some questions you had or even didn’t know you had!

Saturdays are for..


April and May are busy times 1000 in all aspects of life. An empty Saturday is hard to come by these days. Kids are finishing up school and getting ready to start Summer. Teens are having prom and finals. Parents are trying to get a schedule in place for summer all while chasing their kids to every practice, ball game, banquet, and awards day the school offers. Kudos, mommas.

Even, around the cosmetology world. It’s busy! Every Saturday since the first weekend in April I have had busy Saturdays at work. I’m talking all day long. I’m not complaining. I love doing updos for such important days. Through April it’s Prom season, banquets, and benefits. Not to mention wedding season is in full swing as well. I have not stopped on Saturdays for over a month. For the last 6 weeks, I have worked and worked and worked. Okay, thats a little dramatic but I mean..


Do you have a job you love but still need an occasional break from? Lynlee does! I knew going into beauty school that Saturdays would be for working. But, working on a Saturday come in waves for me. I work several Saturdays in a row and then, my client don’t even request an appointment on Saturdays for weeks. Spring is one of the waves of working Saturdays. Summer is a big wave of not working Saturdays because people love to spend time with their families, friends, and enjoying the weather. I’m embracing the off duty Saturday.

Hairstylist Hours of Operation

I laughed as I strolled Old Navy a couple weeks ago and stumbled upon this shirt. “Off Duty” it read. I’m certain it has some other meaning but to me, it was a funny play on words for my chosen profession. As a hairstylist you’re never off duty. I know there are lots of professions that have the same hours as me, all hours. There are no hours of operation. I am in the service industry. My schedule is flexible so that it fits YOUR schedule. That’s 1/2 the reason I love the job so much. My schedule is made by me.

Over the last weekend, Nate asked me to trim his neck at about 9:00 Sunday Night. If I’m getting ready with my mom, I want to help. If I’m doing my makeup with my friends I get asked to help or tips and tricks. As a hairstylist you’re never off work. So, obviously I had to snag this tank!

Being a hairstylist is the career of my dreams. I never feel like I work. For me, it’s never a job. With everything come the need to get away, get refreshed, and start again. I love helping my mom fix her hair. It brings me joy when my friends ask me tricks about doing their hair and makeup. To be asked to trim someones hair in my “of duty” time is one of those things that makes you feel like you’re doing the job of your calling. To me, it’s never work. I’m embracing the day of being “Off Duty” tomorrow.

Off Duty Saturday

I’ll be the girl wearing no makeup with unfixed hair. Nate and I love our Saturdays together. We love to do everything and nothing. Once, Nate said, “I think you have lost weight.” I said, “YEAH! because we never set still on the weekends.” But, I don’t mind it. Call me crazy but I love, love, love my job but I need a day to do absolutely nothing. I want to play around with no schedule no list of dos or time frames to meet. And, I want to spend the whole day with my dog and Nate. Every now and then you earn a day like that, ya know?

I look forward to getting up too early so Nate can have Eggs Benedict at Fat City. Come home to immediately start working on things. We are both most relaxed when we’re working on a project. Thats where we’ll be. You can find us projecting for our mom’s Mother’s DayGifts.  ( Fun Fact: Both our moms are named Donna. )

My Donna asked for a bed swing to go in her outdoor kitchen. She loves to swing and has ALWAYS had a swing in the back yard. My mom has been drooling over bed swings for years. We saw one on one of our annual beach trips to Seaside and has wanted one ever since. His Donna is getting a huge planter because she LOVES flowers. Both our moms love their outdoor spaces. His mom has a beautiful pavilion in her back yard surrounded by flowers and bird feeders. They already know what they’re getting so this isn’t blowing any surprises. I can’t wait to celebrate these moms.

Saturdays are for Relaxing

 Today, when I put away my products after my last client and turn off my blowdryer, I’ll be off duty. As much as I love my job, I am looking forward to it! How do you relax on your Off Duty Days? What’s on your mother’s day gift list? Let me know below! oh, and P.S. Old Navy is having 30% off until Sunday! ( your welcome )


Red, White and Dog

Red, White, and Dock
Red, White, & Blue

So, you may have seen this outfit in this post. But, I didn’t go into too much detail of the outfit because I wanted to tell you about it here! Denim and denim or denim and white is one of my favorite outfit pairings. Throw is a little red and I’m all about that outfit choice. It screams spring and summer to me.

First, let’s just talk about the elephant in this post. How cute does Dock look in these pictures? He was totally posing for us in between running off to go sniff out the birds that were trying to take part in this shoot. You know I love any excuse to share photos of Dock. He matched me. Nate even said, “Dock, you have to stay here,” as we were walking out the door. I slowly turned around  to say, “wait. he can go! We match!” So, in that moment I hired a second model to be featured on the blog! 😉

Memorial Day Festivities

I don’t know about you but I cannot wait until memorial day weekend. You get an extra day added to your weekend which means a shorter work week. Everyone packs in festivities of all sorts and you get to genuinely enjoy summer before you have to start worrying about it being SUPER hot. It’s like that final step to getting everyone on board and ready for summer! This outfit pairing is perfect for the events. If you’re not one of those over the top people in your red, white and blue or american flag bikini; Red, White, and Denim is a great alternative if you want to show your patriotism. I paired this chambray tank with white shorts and my favorite black sandals. Chambray is wonderful for summer because it’s light weight and so cool to wear in the heat of the southern summer. This Gap tank I actually scored for $8 at a store called Dirt Cheap. Although, I couldn’t find this exact tank top, I did find these.

White Chino Shorts you NEED in your closet for summer. They’re a summer staple. You can wear them with basically anything. Old Navy, Gap, and J. Crew have my favorite ones. They all wash up well and are comfy! If you watch you can get Old Navy’s on sale! (Old Navy is currently having 30% off) All these brands have their shorts in different lengths so, you can purchase based on your preference! I’m ready for memorial day, and lake, and patio dinners, and swimsuits, and all the summer fun. I hope you find some outfit inspiration for memorial day or just everyday!   Xo, Signature


Father’s Day is to show gratitude and appreciation to all the dad’s. In my opinion, a Mothers and Fathers Day gift requires the most thought and effort. For Christmas, you can get your dad socks and call it good. But, socks don’t really scream, “thanks for raising me to be the person I am today. Happy fathers days.” What gift correctly displays thanks that a father deserves? What gift tops all gifts? What gift is not just your average Father’s Day gift?

Nathaniel Jester is quite possibly the hardest person to buy for. He likes things like a new set of wedges to improve his golf game or once he asked for work boots. Um. No. I used to pride myself on my gift giving. But, this boy has given me a run for my money. I know what he likes; I know what he needs. But those aren’t thoughtful gifts.

For the first two years of our relationship we were long distance. And I mean really long distance. Nate was working for Kona Queen, a Queen Bee breeder in Kona, Hawaii. I was living and working in Little Rock at the time. Over the course of those two years, I learned a lot about Nate over FaceTime. Two things that have always stood out to me about this boy. One thing is his love for watches and the other his appreciation for phenomena of nature. Insert Jord Watches.

Knowing his love for watches and seeing his collection, buying a watch for him has always seemed like a huge undertaking. There’s a lot of pressure to pick out a cool watch for a watch connoisseur. A watch doesn’t just tell time; it tells you a lot about a person, who they are, and who they want to be. I’ve never gotten Nate a watch.. Until Jord.

Jord has a ton of men’s and women’s watches to choose from to celebrate any special day. This wood watch perfectly fits Nate’s personality. This watch speaks of who Nate is without using words. A wood watch isn’t just a watch. Jord has created a movement of time pieces that are rugged and rustic yet refined. Jord takes a little part of nature and slips it around your wrist. Nate is most relaxed and at peace when he is deeply submerge in nature. When he is far from the chaos of concrete and buildings Nate can truly be himself. Unable to venture that far into Nature on a daily basis Jord has given him the ability to have nature with him all the time. It is my hope that having this little slice of nature on his wrist he can find peace and relaxation no matter what chaos he finds himself.

A Father’s Day gift from your rescue pet isn’t a typical Father’s Day so, a typical gift just would not do. I can think of no better gift than this Jord Wood Watch. And they know how to give gifts. I was floored by the packaging and presentation. And if the packaging is that good the actual gift must be jaw dropping. As soon as I opened the beautifully packaged watch, I was completely blown away by the beauty of the watch. It was so much more than I had imagine. A great fathers Day gift from our four legged son.


This gift says so much more than socks. Nate’s wood watch says, “Thank you for seeing me when I was scared and alone. Thank you for feeding me when I was hungry, for rescuing me and making me yours. Thank you for choosing me and loving me. Happy Father’s Day!” Whether this gift is from your 4 legged child, your human child, or you; show your gracious heart with Jord. This gift isn’t just your typical thank you and the recipient isn’t just your typical dad.


You can enter for your chance to win $100 gift card for Jord! You have until May 28th at 11:59 pm to enter! Click the image above to enter or –>  this link here.

c/o Jord Watches


Accidental Weekend “Haul”


 Ever have an accidental haul? Where you don’t even realize until you get home and pull all the stuff out. That happened to me this past weekend. After wrecking my vehicle Friday morning I lost / misplaced a ton of my make up that I use when I apply makeup for clients. So, Saturday morning, in preparation for prom hair I had to grab some makeup. Then, after I got off work my parents and I ran to Little Rock to get my phone fixed at the Apple Store.

Conveniently, the Apple Store is dropped right in the middle of the cutest little shopping center Arkansas has ever seen. There’s TONS of good shopping and eating there which makes the hour you spend waiting for the Apple Geniuses go back extremely quickly. We ate at the big orange and while I sipped on a delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake we browsed.

Madewell Jeans

I’ll just say my mom and I have discovered Madewell and we are OBSESSED! I have followed Madewell on instagram forever but I didn’t really know much about them. They’re owned by the same company as J. Crew ( if I understood correctly ) but they are a little more casual. They’re known for their denim and I now know why. I picked up these Red High Rise Jeans. These jeans are great because one they’re comfy and two, they were $30!! Just go ahead and grab you a pair for that price because I promise you will not regret it! I’ve worn them already 3 times and I might just decide to wear them again! I am IN LOVE. They’re so soft and comfortable. Comfort in a pair of jeans is my FAVORITE thing to find. These things are like jammies; which I also love.

Charming Charlie’s

We also stopped in Charming Charlie’s. That store has ALWAYS been overwhelming to me. There’s just so much going on. I walk around in there with serious sensory overload because theres so many things catching my eye. I slowly wondered around while my mom looked for something she needed. As we were checking out I spied 3 things that I needed. 2 of which are these sun glasses. I love cheap plastic sunglasses. After losing 5 pairs of Raybans I decided cheap was my way to go.

These two pairs of sunglasses were 2 pair for $15! The Black Pair and The Pink Pair. Uh, you cannot beat that. I love these because they’re not your typical sunnies but also they don’t have rubber nose pieces to get caught in your hair. In the summer, when I’m poolside or at the lake  I hate when my hair is wet and my sunglasses rip my hair out. I cannot stand that. These are nose piece free and I am smitten over that blush pair. The other items I had to have was the pony tail bracelet that was floating around pinterest for a pretty penny. My mom found Logan and I both one for only $10! Just a couple of goodies you can never have too many of.

Flower Beauty Shimmer and Shade Eyeshadow Palette – Intense Natural
Let me preface this by saying, I have wanted this brush in this palette for, basically, ever. I wasn’t all around stunned with the colors of the palettes I just liked the brush. Secondly, I should have known by the title of the palette is was shimmery. With that being said, I wasn’t all around impressed with this palette and that really makes me sad. Last but not least, I do like the palette.
Small Rant:  It’s really hard to find eyeshadow palettes at the drugstore. I love a good palette that I can create multiple looks with plus, it makes traveling with makeup 100x easier.
Like I just said I do like this palette. The color are beautiful and they wear well throughout the day without getting creasing or moving around ( if you use Primer ). The pigment in the shadows is nice and there are a lot of great lid colors. But.. I can’t create a full eye look with this palette because all the shadows are shimmery. There are stunning colors in this. But, I have to dip into other palettes to make this one work for me. There isn’t a transition shade which makes blending difficult. This palette has a lot going for it. I can’t say I’d repurchase this knowing what I know now.
P.S. The brush though.. it’s a wonderful drugstore blending brush.
Real Techniques Beauty Sponge

ALLLLL the beauty bloggers I follow talk about how much they love this sponge. “It’s a dupe for the beauty blender,” they claim. I’m one of those people who repeats the things I like. I have sponged I like so when it’s time to repurchase I always buy the same ones. Well, it was that time again. So, when I went to pick up these other miscellaneous items I grabbed a pack of these sponges to give a test run. I love them. I’ve felt of them before and thought they were a little stiff. I don’t know if they have redesigned them or what but, oh, man!

I wash my sponge every morning before I put my makeup on. They work better damp and clean so it’s just a habit I have. They wash so nicely and apply my makeup even better! This sponge is so soft and easy to work with. one end is flat while the other is pointed. I use the flat side to apply my foundation all over my face and it works perfectly. Then, obviously the pointed end to apply concealer and such. I cannot believe I have waited so long to get on the bandwagon with these!

L’Oréal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream – Anti-redness
If you read mybare fair makeup post, you probably saw I recommended green primer and BB Cream. Both of those product, which I love, are not cheap. When buying two that is even harder on the budget, right? I stumbled upon this BB Cream and I am loving it. I struggle with redness in my cheeks and around nose. Almost all BB Creams require me to use a Concealer of some sort to hide the redness that peeps through the coverage.
This green primer goes on green to reduce redness but blends out and turns to a shade to help give coverage too. Funny Story: I was applying this at work one day. I just put it one with my fingers and was going in to add a little Concealer and I noticed when I touched my face it was changing colors. A coworker and I were mind blown until I discovered that it changed colors.. which took a few minutes to realize. Anyway, I thought it’d be something I could use to minimize redness in my cheeks and then I’d apply my makeup on top. The coverage is great for everyday. I am absolutely loving this product.
Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Oh, girl. I always try out new mascaras then go back to the ones I REALLY love once I get tired of trying out different ones. This mascara I used to use a LONG time ago. I was in a hurry and forgot so I just snatched this up while in the check out line. I always forget how much I love mascaras until something like this occurs. The brush is really fluffy brush. It gives GREAT volume and length. Colossal makes my lashes fat without taking away their length which is something I struggle to find. MY lashes are long but not super thick so I need something that will thicken them up but not shorten them too. This mascara.. if you decide you need anything from this haul.. let it be this one!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer : Shade – Fair
This is a repurchase for me. I love this concealer. It is said to be a dupe for NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.In my opinion: it’s much creamier and the consistency isn’t as thick as the NARS. Lately, I have been trying different concealers because the people request it and I want to deliver. All the concealers I’ve tried in recent months are great for different things but this is still one of my favorites. I love the consistency of this Concealer.
I have problems with concealers settling in my undereye area and between my forehead (because ya girl needs a little Botox) Fit Me Concealer doesn’t seem to get crepey in my fine lines under my eyes, it’s not drying, and it doesn’t settle or separate. This concealer is one of Maybelline’s Best Sellers. It has natural Coverage, is lightweight and Oil-free.  My undereyes look very hydrated rather that powdery and dry. You know the look I’m talking about. If not I can link ya some pictures of me looking a little dehydrated. The Fit Me Concealer is extremely light weight and the blendability is wonderful. If you don’t feel like your blending skills are that of King Kylie you should give this a go. The coverage is very nice without it totally giving away the fact that yes, actually, I have concealed my undereyes.
Wet N’ Wild Mega Glow Highlighter : Precious Petals 
If you’re like me and you prefer a softer highlight this is your girl. Mega Glo is a powder Highlight / blush that will give you a beautiful glow. It gives off enough of a sheen to let your skin glow but not too much. And I believe in too much highlight. Ya know? I have caught myself thinking, no one is fooled by all that glow on your face. But, for the most part, I like my makeup to be fairly natural. Natural might be a stretch of the word but I don’t like it to look overdone. You know what I’m saying. Mega Glo gives your skin a glow rather than full on holy cow highlight. It has a teensy bit of glitter that I noticed dusted off pretty quickly then your left with a beautiful shimmer. This is a great drugstore highlight.
I have been SEARCHING high and low for a good highlighter from the drug store none just awed me. The cream ones seem to separated and we’re extremely intimidating to apply on top of your dressing foundationed skin. While others didn’t do what I was hoping. This one did. Wet N Wild never lets me down. I apply it at the top of my blush, almost overlapping my blush at the apple of my cheek. And, of course, on the tip of my nose and Cupid’s bow because.. Kathleen Lights told me to. It looks beautiful whether I wear a lot of makeup or barely there makeup.
Maybelline BrowPrecise Micro Crayon : Dark Brown

Usually, I go for the L’oreal Brow Stylist. I picked this one up by accident and I have been pleasantly surprised. The consistency of this is very similar to the consistency of the Brow Stylist and really like the Anastasia Brow Wiz. I was let down by the Anastasia Brow Wiz. This Micro Crayon is so easy to apply and use. It’s a really creamy formula and applies so smoothly. Once my brows are filled in they stay all day. That was part of my let down with the Brow Wiz. It didn’t stay well and smeared easily. This one ( and the L’Oreal Brow Stylist ) last all day!

This is hardly a “haul” in comparison but I some newly purchased items I am liking and some I’m not. I have tried out several new items and I am continuously looking for new stores and brands to share with you guys. Even new styles I think you guys would like are always in search. I am loving most of the product especially the jeans! Have you tried anything new lately or are you loving something you’ve loved for a long time? Let me know!


Pineapple on Repeat

This jacket is probably saying, ” remember me!?” This Jacket is really showing out at this point. Yes, yes we do! So, Like is said in Perfection in Pineapple, I couldn’t style this outfit just one way. Honestly, You may see this Pineapple jacket in a 100 different insta posts throughout the summer. I’m sorry ( I’m not sorry ) I just can’t help it. I love this jacket.

For outfit two I paired it with lots of sneak peek clothing. They’re killing it just like BB Dakota, really. I know you’ve got to be sick and tired of hearing about how much I love Sneak Peek Jeans but you’re just going to have to try them for yourself or get over it. 😉 Because there’s no stopping me.



I put this outfit together and it was just missing SOMETHING! It was too plain and too simple for the mood I was in. Do you ever get that way? Some days, you want the most simple outfit pairing. Other days, simplicity just WILL NOT WORK FOR ME!! That mood sound familiar? This button up is such a feminine twist on your standard button up. Below you can see the cap sleeve detailing. It has a hi low hem line. Some people may be sick of that but I’m not just yet. So,  thank you, Sneak Peek. Thank you for not abandoning that just yet. I love anything that covers my tail. I know most women do. These Sofft shoes are great for errand running or if you’re planning on being on your feet all day. ( Plus, they go great with this outfit so, if you think you need one item you need them all! )

Pineapple Style Tip

The weight of this jacket makes it perfect to tie around your waist. It’s not thick or heavy ( which is why it’s so great for summer ) but it makes it great to tie around your waist without a bulky pineapple puff around your hips!

This may ( or may not ) be the last time you have to hear from me on this jacket. I’m still obsessing but it may be out of my system for now. If you missed my prior post, check it out –> here. You can get a little pineapple inso there. Maybe give you jacket fever. Stop by YAYA Clothing boutique to shop this whole outfit and the outfit from my previous post!


Perfection in Pineapple

I hear daily almost, “If I worked here, I’d be broke!” Usually, I have some pretty good self control when it comes to shopping at the salon. Usually is the key word there! As soon as this Pineapple Jacket was pulled from the box I knew it’d be something I would have to have! Self control, gone. This jacket would be mine! Jack by BB Dakota has mastered trendy fun pieces that aren’t typical fashion stapled. They give people like me a little something different to love.

Pineapple Perfection

The Jacket

This pineapple jacket is perfect for the current weather. It’d even look cute over my black and white outfit post! The color of this Pineapple Perfection makes it so versatile. You can see I paired it with these blush pants and the PREACH graphic tee ( remember this from my YAYA’s wish list post? ) I love to put prints on prints. I can’t wait to style this differently with a busier look to compliment so many peoples busy lives.


This lightweight jacket is so comfy and fun. It’s great right now for the cool mornings and evenings but transition this into fall by wearing it over a striped long-sleeved shirt or graphic tee! Through the summer it can be worn with shorts or cutely tied around your waist just to give a little added something to your already cute outfit. I just can’t get over the perfection of this jacket.

The versatility of this jacket will really begin to show when you start pairing this with things you already have in your closet. Old Navy has some great shorts to pair with it. Also, throwing this on over a cute swing dress before a dinner date just to name a few.

The Rest of the Outfit

I paired this jacket with this adorable Preach muscle tank and these sneak peek blush jeans. Muscle tanks are my favorite type of tank top. You don’t have to wear a special bra to wear these tanks. You’re not having to hide straps or show off your back. Also, I love these jeans for the comfort. I’ve said a million times, “I love sneak peek denim.” These jeans are no different. They’re structured enough to hold their shape but comfy enough I can move and dance.. you know, if the mood strikes. These sandals are a target score. You’ve seen them before in several of my posts and I’m not ashamed that I continue wearing them. SO, there.

Stay tuned this week to see another way I styled this Perfect jacket. I couldn’t stop with just one outfit! It was impossible to do just one look with this. That’s how much I love it! If you love it you can snag it by coming by YAYA’s Clothing Boutique or messaging us on Facebook or Instagram! How would you style this jacket? Let me know in the comments below!


Top 5 T Shirt Dresses

T Shirt Dress
Year round I am hot. I am hot natured. A perfect summer dress is a constant go to. Sweaters are so cute and possibly my favorite winter style. They’re so cozy and comfy. I’m just going to say, “LoL” because unless I’m sitting very still I’ll be burning up in one. AND that’s when the outside temperature is less than my body temperature. If it’s below, let’s say, 50 to be generous I will be sweating. But, we’re not here to talk about sweaters. We’re here to discuss Dresses.
Knowing that I’m hot natured, imagine how miserable it is to wear jeans in this southern heat and arkansas humidity. Nearly impossible to bare. You can almost feel your jeans tighten against your body when you step outside on a hot summer day. For some reason, shorts aren’t acceptable all the time. *eyeroll* just kidding, but really, you can’t wear shorts everywhere. Insert Summer Dress. There’s nothing around your waist and almost nothing even touching the majority of your body. You can move, you can dance and you won’t sweat.
A couple of years ago, Nate and I went to a St. Louis Cardinals game for Memorial Day. I knew it was going to be hot. And I now know you’re basically sitting in a bowl and no air moves around the stadium. I wanted to wear a t-shirt dress. Nate did not understand why I would want to wear a dress to a baseball game. That was kind blowing to him. The revelation of a dress’ comfort and ultimately coolness rocked his world. After not being able to find a dress like I had in mind, I opted for a cardinals tank instead. It was miserably hot. I wished the whole time I’d searched harder and longer for a dress instead.
3 reasons I love a tshirt dress:
// They’re Comfy // They’re Cute // They’re Cool //
Dresses are something I can always get down with. They’re just easy. I always am up to purchase a new dress. But, I have my favorites. Being a dress connoisseur of sorts I’ve created a list of my top 5 t-shirt dresses. This list was cut down from a much longer list of dresses. I had to weed some out. 🙂 All the dresses that made the list are light weight, comfy, and wash great!

My Top 5 TShirt Dresses

1. Old Navy 2. Bobi  3. BB Dakota (Featured) 4. American Eagle 5. ASOS 
All 5 of these dress brands are different styles to cover all the bases. Plus, the J. Crew one from my Summer Resource Guide and favorites, According to Lynlee. There’s simple and classy to a little bit more edgy. You can style them however your heart desires too. They’re great for those of us who changes styles often. Sometimes, I want more rocker style and others I like more simple classic style. This is the perfect layering item to be able to change it up. These dresses are great for rainy summer days to pull on your rain boots and run out the door. Their versatility makes them worth their weight in gold.
Alothough, t-shirt dresses can’t be worn all day everyday, they can be worn often and to a lot of events. They’re dressy enough to wear to dinner or a concert but still casual enough to wear to a ball game or run errand on Saturday afternoon! What are your favorite Casual Summer Dresses? Let me know in the comments below!